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  1. You are either REALLY bored or you have way to many emotions tied into this team.
  2. No, he's just trying to respond to you in a similar manner relating to your posts.
  3. Wow, and you've figured this out after watching just one game, the first game of the season. Kudos.
  4. To tell you the truth, I never quite understood what it meant to be a "true fan" of a team. I used to always think, "How can somebody like a Team if they aren't winning?" Today's game showed me what it meant to be a TRUE Fan of a team. Today's team performance was pretty magnificent. In spite of the HUGE odds against the Falcons, In spite of the 13-0 opposing them, the curse of no back-to-back, the play-off implications, that this is a Division game AND they are playing without many Key players, The Falcons kept it close, punished the opposing team, made the Saints claw and sweat for that W and ultimately end the end, put up a "winning" performance. When someone can forget about the total W & L of the season (though it is very fun when there are more W than L i that season), to get the pleasure of seeing a team come together and face the odds and proclaim that they aren't going down without a fight... no matter what anybody says... is uplifting and almost spiritual and is something I think if one doesn't have a team and doesn't understand what it means to "Be a Fan", won't ever let themselves feel. In spite of the loss, today was a Great game and more importantly I finally understand.
  5. As we've seen in our Current NFL, the equation to a good NFL Franchise is a solid Front Office and consistency in Coaching. How long did it take Dungy and Cowher to get a Superbowl? Reid has only had 1 superbowl appearance with the Eagles but they've always been consistent. Payton last year had an 8-8 season I believe but look at the year before and look at this year. Everybody is in their 2nd year (in terms of System and Development) on this team from GM all the way down. Knee Jerk is making decisions in the NFL after only 2 (not even complete ) years! I'm not saying Mularky and VG are the definite answers, but let's see, at least 1 more season, with a more Seasoned Ryan and another Draft exactly where this team (as whole including the Coordinators) are at. If we go 9 and 7 this year, it will be an improvement in terms of overall team development and if that's the case, there is no reason to get rid of these coordinators.
  6. Jesus christ. Have you ever fought for anything in life? At all? A job? A career? A woman? Anything?? IF you have, you'd understand the significance of 9-7 and why it's SO important to fight till the end. You're right. It's not REALLY about the 9-7 and the "winning" record but it's the feeling that you gave your all and you didn't back down. Sometimes in life, we give our all and we still lose but it's okay because at least we don't have that feeling of "what if..." What if I would've done this, or what if this or that happened... We are dealt our cards in life and we do the best we can with them and we go down fighting till the bitter, hateful, spiteful end and afterwards, even after everything crumbled around us, we are stronger, more solid and happier and we especially don't have that "What if..." notion crawling through the back of our head. We need to go down clawing and fighting for every last breath. Even if we go 7-9 at least we know what we are made of and exactly what to fix. And we feel better about ourselves. And that's really what's most important, feeling like a winner... because it's that winning attitude that can't be bought, sold or traded; you have to fight for it and hopefully, you (as a man) have learned to fight for something in your life.
  7. Haha... the Cowboys should lose just on principle only because it makes some guy at work named Alex SUPER sad and SUPER Depressed and it is SUPER funny how he mope around the office detested!! Too bad it's only the Chargers though because a lot of people chose the Chargers to win so he might already be a little emotionally prepared. Week 17 Eagles vs Cowboys... oh man if the Eagles win that, it'll be like a Carnival at work for FIVE days!
  8. Well ****, I take offense to you taking offense! The only "person" lumping you in is you and if you didn't mention it in the first place, nobody would've even thought of it but since you now mention it... let us all make it a point to note that: FalcFaSinceSix is one of the Bipolar fans of this board! Everybody take note!
  9. For many forum members here (not all), post count is a good way to judge which people truly enjoy (falcons) football and which people are masochists and hence the bipolar. haha...
  10. Dude, it was a fun play call. It was unexpected. The execution wasn't all that great so of course it didn't quite work but why not? First down, The saints have EVERYTHING to lose and we pretty much have NOTHING to lose. I liked it... and oh, did I forget that it was FUN? Man, have you guys forgotten that the whole point of NFL Sundays is FUN?? Some you guys take this stuff WAY too seriously.
  11. Seriously, Knee Jerk and Reactionary. If anything, this game PROVES these 2 coordinators should STAY.
  12. I can assure you, if this team plays like this next season every week, we will have VERY FEW losing seasons. This game was super promising and very hopeful.
  13. It's because we all thought we could win this game and almost did pull it off that made this game so great and it makes you stupid for not being able to see that a GREAT football game isn't always about W & Ls. I thoroughly enjoyed the Falcon's performance today and that's all we as fans (and players) should really want; just to go out there, and play your Hearts out. In the end, that's what truly matters... knowing you left everything on the field even if you lose... because then you know you made them beat you, that it wasn't a cakewalk for them.
  14. How can you think this game sucked? Just because it was a loss? A backup QB came in, a busted Defense was able to keep us in the game, we lost by 1 score. I'm quite happy!
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