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  1. Right now it’s looking more like: The Falcons once again break the spirit and hearts of the Fans---the Falcons had several chances to actually win the game but in the end they fall short, lose and dont get in the playoffs - fans leave Mercedes Benz stadium with their spirit CRUSHED
  2. Sunday Dec 31, 2017 - A must win game at home against the Panthers - VOTE on what you think will happen
  3. Based on how the Falcons usually operate I would say100% he will be back. If he wasn’t back though who exactly are the top 3 available OC’s to pick from to replace?
  4. We definitely need to bring up Perkins if Toilolo can’t play
  5. Can you imagine what this board would be like 50 years from now if we have 50 more years of Falcons football with no Super Bowl
  6. Ahhh in fantasy land if only there was only an insider NFL whistle blower who could step up to expose the alleged ratings and game rigging scandal perhaps we would see ”Confessions of an NFL Referee” A best selling book by Pete Morelli — one of several former NFL referees now serving time in Lewisburgh Federal Detention Center after being convicted of throwing games in the NFL for cash
  7. Ahhh in fantasy land if only there was only an insider NFL whistle blower who could step up to expose the alleged ratings and game rigging scandal perhaps we would see ”Confessions of an NFL Referee” A best selling book by Pete Morelli — one of several former NFL referees now serving time in Lewisburgh Federal Detention Center after being convicted of throwing games in the NFL for cash
  8. The NFL is not “rigged” as in they can rig the final score with certainty but games appear to be intentionally “nudged” in a certain direction by the NFL to try to get a final outcome they would prefer it wasn’t like this until the last 10 years or so
  9. I thought when I read the thread headline “I think its time for a reunion with an old friend” After our bad performance against the Saints I thought that you were going say: I think its time for a reunion with an old friend...A bottle of Jack Daniels
  10. The embarrassing loss against the Saints —should— set the Falcons ablaze like the article if it doesn’t and the Falcons have a lackluster performance—at home— in a final win and your in or lose and your out game then this team has a lot more problems that need to be corrected than we thought
  11. It’s now or never. Everything we need to know about the real state of the current Falcons team we will find out in a win and your in last chance final game in from of their home fans. If if they can’t pull it together to win this game then this franchise is in serious trouble and we can’t just take it for granted that it will all be magically “fixed” in year 2 of Sark/Ryan
  12. The Defense has ramped up this year like I thought they would. I didn’t think the offense would be such a train wreck
  13. The refs had the “fix” in but the Falcons.... despite that... still could have won this game if they had executed better I don’t think we are going to win against Carolina next week but, if we do indeed find our offense and end up winning next week and get into the playoffs and get to play the Aints at their house 1 more time, I think you will see a completely different Falcons team and we will actually win
  14. If Shannahan didn’t leave and we still had him as OC then yes I think the Falcons would have returned to SB at least 1 more time and finally would have won one.
  15. Of course ..... just when the Falcons hit their stride with Shannahan and it looked like we could build a dynasty he leaves and the door of opportunity slams shut on the Falcons.
  16. Yeah but unfortunately it’s Da Truth the Falcons are not going to miraculously turn this offense around in 1 week and they are going to lose
  17. If the Saints were playing in the same scenario as the Falcons next week - at home on New Years Eve Night— win or your out—the Saints stadium would be packed to the brim and noisy as **** you and I both know that the Falcons stadium —even in this win and your in or lose and your out—situation is going to have only a lackluster showing on New Years Eve night
  18. I’m sorry but I don’t see this team’s offense somehow miraculously turning things around 1 week from now against Carolina. Unfortunately it was just the Falcons bad luck that the year we finally got our Shi-t together and had a monster offense our OC packs up and leaves and our offense that briefly rose to historic heights last year has since then has fizzled out and has come crashing back to earth and can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other. Yeah we got jobbed badly by the refs today but we have the ball inside the 5 multiple times and could not deliver. Ryan has regressed quite a bit this year and seems like a deer in the headlights in many games. One thing is clear.... No matter what the “real” problem is with the offense.... it doesn’t pass the eye test and ‘it ain’t workin’ The Falcons are going to lose against the Panthers and will miss the playoffs with a loss at home - Happy New Year from Quinn, Ryan and Sark—-you and I are stuck with em
  19. Very important draft and FA this offseason if Quinn gets this one right we could finally have the dominant pass rush and D we have been waiting for
  20. True but they had already won 3 Super Bowls prior to this so this would be more relevant to the Falcons current dilemma if it had happened before the Patriots won their 1st SB
  21. http://atlantafalcons.blog.ajc.com/2017/02/10/falcons-had-a-penchant-for-blowing-fourth-quarter-leads-in-2016/ No one should be surprised by the SuperBowl collapse - it was already in the tea leaves. It's happened so often that it seems to be built into the Falcons DNA no matter what players are on the roster or what coaches are steering the ship--- it happens so often and so predictably some Falcons Fans call the team "cursed". The Falcons have been blowing leads in big games for at least 36 years all the way back to knocking out the Cowboys starting QB in the Jan 4 1981 loss after being up big only to lose to their backup http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboysheadlines/2011/05/24/archive-cowboys-beat-falcons-in-80-playoffs-with-last-minute-touchdown and who can forget the epic collapse in the 2nd half after being up big by Mike Smith and Matt Ryan in the NFC championship in 2012 http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/2012/matchup/_/teams/49ers-falcons Falcons had a penchant for blowing fourth-quarter leads in 2016 February 10, 2017 February 5, 2017 Houston, TX – Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) instructs in the second half at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX, on Sunday, February 5, 2017. The Patriots beat the Falcons in OT 34-28. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM FLOWERY BRANCH — After the Falcons blew their fourth fourth-quarter lead in a loss to Kansas City, coach Dan Quinn was at a loss for words. “I don’t have a reason behind that,” Quinn said after the 29-28 loss on Dec. 4. “Those are the lessons that we’re learning.” Apparently, the Falcons didn’t get the lesson as they blew a fifth fourth-quarter lead in the Super Bowl, coughing up a 25-point lead in traumatic fashion. They tossed away a 17-point lead earlier in the season to San Diego. There’s no need to review the Super Bowl, that’s still fresh in everyone’s memory. But let’s take a look back the four blown leads which reveals a variety of ways to botch leads with one common denominator: a Matt Ryan interception in all four losses. Ryan didn’t have an interception in the Super Bowl, but he was credited with a turnover when running back Devonta Freeman whiffed on a blitz pickup. In Ryan’s MVP season, four of his seven interceptions were in the fourth quarter of games in which the team has blown a lead. Ryan didn’t speak to the local media on Tuesday during the final session, but he did address the fans on Twitter. Here’s a review of how the Falcons blew four fourth-quarter leads during the regular season, perhaps foreshadowing what was to happen at NRG Stadium in Super Bowl LI: Seattle 26, Atlanta 24: On Oct. 16, the Falcons took a 24-17 lead into the fourth quarter and maintained that lead by a point when Ra’Shede Hagemen blocked an extra point after a Christine Michael touchdown run. Taking possession with 4:43 to play, a power running game should have been able to run out the clock. But instead of pounding the ball into Seattle’s eight-man front, the Falcons passed to Pat DiMarco (3 yards) and Devonta Freeman (11 yards) to pick up a first down. But an first-and-10 from the Falcons’ 29, Ryan’s pass for Julio Jones was intercepted by Seattle safety Earl Thomas. Both Ryan and Jones tried to take blame, but the ball hit Jones in the hands. The Seahawks won it on a 44-yard field goal. The Falcons’ last-ditch drive was stymied by a non-call on a rather obvious pass interference committed by Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman. San Diego 33, Atlanta 30 (OT): On Oct. 23, the Falcons blew a 17-point lead but still led 30-20 with 13:23 to play in the fourth quarter. After Chargers running back Melvin Gordon scored to make it 30-27, Ryan attempted to fit a pass into a closely defended Jones and was intercepted Chargers linebacker Denzel Perryman with 3:41 left. The Chargers tied the game on a field goal and the game went to overtime after Matt Bryant’s 58-yard attempt hit the left upright. In overtime, Perryman stuffed Freeman on a fourth-and-1 from Atlanta’s 45. Five plays later, Josh Lambo made a 42-yard field goal for the victory. Philadelphia 24, Atlanta 15: On Nov. 13, the Falcons took the lead 15-13 after Ryan connected with Taylor Gabriel on a 76-yard touchdown with 13:15 left to play. But while the Falcons were being stopped over their next three possessions, the Eagles added a touchdown, a two-point conversation and a field goal for a 24-15 lead. Needing two scores, Ryan was intercepted by Leodis McKelvin with 1:55 to play. Kansas City 29, Atlanta 28: On Sunday, the Falcons scrambled back to take a short-lived 28-27 lead on a 1-yard touchdown run by Freeman with 4:32 to play. The Falcons went for the two-point conversion, but Kansas City safety Eric Berry baited Ryan into throwing to tight end Austin Hooper. Berry circled back in front of Hooper, took away the ball and ran 100 yards for a pick-2. “I saw man coverage in front of me, I beat my man and I just looked, knowing I was the primary target,” Hooper said. “I am running and running, I am seeing the ball and I am going up to get it. Then the safety was just sitting in that part of the zone and just jumped it.”
  22. Dan Quinn is the major one at fault here yes the defense played their guts out for 3 quarters but due to Dan Quinn not recognizing something that everyone else watching could see: that the Defense was EXHAUSTED and Spent...... Dan Quinn FAILED to get on the headset to his Offensive Coordinator to Mandate to him and the others that we need to start running the ball and control the clock to give his Spent Exhausted defense a g dam-n break so yes the defense falling apart is the main reason we lost because they allowed 25 points in the last 17 minutes of regulation but that was all due to Dan Quinn's play calling on the D as well as his inability to mandate to the OC to change the approach on offense to give them some rest We'll see in the coming years if Dan Quinn has learned to correct his mistakes from this process or not
  23. The offense still had us up by 25 with 17 minutes to play. Yes if the offense had scored 1 more time we would have won.....BUT the defense did let the Patriots score 25 points in the last 17 minutes and according to what the media said--Dan Quinn him--not the D.C. Smith called the defense plays in the SB
  24. But will Dan Quinn still be calling the defense plays or will the new D.C. Be calling them? Dan Quinn called all the Defensive plays that allowed the Patriots to score 25 points in the last 17 min of the game
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