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  1. Ok first and foremost, I loathe this troll of an 'analyst' Heath Evans. He can't separate his hatred for the falcons and be at-least remotely impartial. Which, I feel, is unprofessional of him and devalues any opinion he gives on the birds. Having said that, he's REALLY scrapping the bottom of the barrel for negative points against us. Saying that it 'rubbed' him the wrong way that JU was out on a 3rd down on the FIRST series? Dude really? If it was the 4th quarter on the final drive in a tight game? Ok, you'd have a little wiggle room there. But the first drive of the first series of the
  2. After watching game film on us I'm sure Belichick will want to get the ball first to try and set the tempo / tone of the 1st quarter. As mentioned previously, we've scored on 9 straight opening drives. That's not a fluke in any way so, it would make no sense to potentially put his offense behind out of the gate. We all know its not about how you start but how you finish the game. We've shown the ability to drop 21 on a team in any given quarter. They are not built for major offensive comebacks like that so, I'd think they want to score first if given the option.
  3. Totally agree, this type of information is for this sole purpose of fueling conversations like these between media and fans. Has little to no baring on Beasley ability to whip their RT and dislodge Brady from the ball. Having said that, I still feel that we are the better team. All of that 'super bowl experience' the pats have will go out of the window after the ball is kicked off.
  4. Yes......we know his PC's are usually pretty bland. He'll over compliment his opponent to not give the media any angles to run with. But this time, yes, I caught that tone. When he was talking about our defensive team speed it was evident. Commenting on how we have speed at 10/11 positions. Even mentioned Jarrett by name, stating that when we pull him we can have speed at all 11 spots. Sounds to me like alot of Blount running and quick passing from that crew all day sunday.
  5. LOL....its too late now! They can study all the film they want. I think it'll be close early / first half. Then we'll pull away from them in the 2nd half!
  6. Finally, someone stating facts about the falcons vs the media providing "falcon facts through a patriots prism". Its a nice 3 minute listen..... Link to clip
  7. Good read. If they have to come up with some gimmick 2-5-4 defense to try and match our speed? We'll set a record for scoring on them. Their base defense is a bad match-up aginst us. All 3 of their linebacker are between 250-260 and aren't good in space. If they go nickel or dime to try and match speed, we'll run right at them. Oh, and they are pours at rushing the passer. My guess is they'll just try to play 'keep-a-way' all game long and pray for a few defensive stops.
  8. Its not irrelevant in that they couldn't "stop" TO. So for those in the media, saying that they will devise a plan to stop JU? I'm calling BS, using what TO did to them as a comparison. They couldn't stop a one man show in TO, they'll **** sure not stop JU & the rest of the gang.
  9. Neal laid 'hands' upon #88 for the packers. He left the game never to be seen or heard from again. I hope 22 decimates one or both of those option route running midgets.
  10. I think this will more than likely happen. From what I've read they doubled Antonio Brown all game and he 'only' had 7 for 77. With no Bell and Brown doubled Pittsburgh didn't have any real offensive weapons to turn to. If they want to assign a safety to Julio all game so be it. He'll still beat the double if need be. But more importantly everyone else will be singled up and we'll destroy it. At the end of the day it comes down to protection. If Matt has time, they dont have bodies to stop us. No real pass rusher to speak of (Long is more hustle than substance at this point). So, If Matt s
  11. In reference to the original posters comments. It stands to reason that the pats defense had some cup cake opponents that helped their stats. Some could say the same thing about our offense when we smoked a hapless 49ners, rams, and panthers (2nd time we played) team. However, when we played the top tier defenses (Oakland, denver, seattle, carolina (1st time we played), arizona, KC, etc)? We dropped between 20-30 on them. When we played cupcake teams our defense feasted on them as great teams should. So in an apples to apples world? New England is good THIS year but not as impressive as
  12. Your a fan of your team and I respect that. I'd also venture a guess that you've seen few if any falcon games save espn highlights. Again, no fault of your own as you have your own team to follow. However, Julio jones plays hurt all the time. Nothing will stop that man from playing in this game. As an example of this guys toughness. Several years ago, he smoked (a still productive) Antonio Cromartie on a deep route. The pass wound up going incomplete. Cromartie decided to talk trash to Mr. Jones as he believe to have stopped him (bad throw actually). Unbeknownst to everyone, except Julio
  13. Exactly my point. Thus, I'm not buying this 'belichick will stop julio' nonsense. Even if he could, which he can't, he'd have to compromise everyone else on the defense. We've proven all year long that we can win with JU going for 300 or for 29. Pick your poison uncle bill. Pats fans and the media are cocky based on past success by the franchise. Fuled even further by their complete lack of knowledge on the 2016-2017 falcons. Which will annoyed the **** out of our fanbase for the next 13 days. However, come kick off? With Ryan is in the gun, with Julio / Sanu / Gabriel / Hooper / Free spre
  14. See, I just still don’t ‘get’ the taking away of Juilo thing. I say that because he plays all 3 WR positions and we move him around so much in Kyles system. I mean, feel free to try and all. As I said earlier, to truly restrict or eliminate Ju? You have to compromise your defense to keep him under wraps. In doing that you now have Sanu / Gabriel / Free / Coleman / Hooper / etc in man 2 man. Ryan will cut that up all day. ****, what do I know, I’m just a fan. But I can’t see uncle Bill doing that…..well, not for long stretches anyway. I’m 100% with you about the defense. I’m hoping and
  15. Now if you'd like to debate historic facts? Go right ahead, facts are facts and nobody is arguing that. The baseline of my comparison is simply between your coverage of TO vs our easily comparable Julio. Speaking in the now however I must point these stats out to you: QB comparison, 2017 playoffs... Matt Ryan: 365 yards/game, 7 TD, 0 INT, 132.6 QBR Tom Brady: 336 yards/game, 5 TD, 2 INT, 99.5 QBR Obviously we'll see who blinks first in terms of turnovers in 13 days.
  16. Yes they are a 3-4 team. I thought the packers were also but, dont quote me there. The chargers and raiders I believe were as well.
  17. No I didn't forget that part. Instead I mentioned that we have more offensive weapons than they did . Other than TO, off the top of my head, what did they have? Freddie some scrub or another at WR. Duce Staley at RB. Oh, and Mr. Vomit in the huddle McNabb at QB. Yea, I like my odds over the production of that group on the big stage.
  18. He had 9 for 122 coming off of a broken leg. Julio should be 100% healthy and in his prime when the game kicks off. It can be argued that that pats defense was better then (at least more name recognition) than the current roster. I would think Ty Law at that time is better than Malcom Butler is today. So I’m calling BS with all of this talking about Belichick “genius” in somehow taking Julio away. This year we’ve witnessed top 10 defenses double and triple Julio. Sometimes he’d still light them up. While other times we’ve gone away from him and still won. Personally, I’d doubt uncle Bi
  19. In the first half of the game, the blitzed us like crazy. So the backs had to stay in to help keep Matt alive in the pocket. That attributed to the lack of RB numbers. I'm sure we'll have a plan for more screen or quick passes to the flat to slow down there blitz package & get them more involved this go around.
  20. Its just so FRUSTRATING to see a 3rd and 15.....our corners playing 7-10 yards off the ball. Receivers get a free release, catch the ball in stride in open space. Our defender takes a bad angle or just misses the tackle. BOOM...gain of 17 yards and a first down. This happens over and over again. How is allowing receivers to roam free in your secondary a good defensive 'scheme'? If the QB doesn't make a bad throw or receiver drop the ball? Its basically pitch and catch all the way into the endzone. **** 80% of the time a team reaches the redzone on us, we're getting scored on. 3 home grown
  21. Goodwin - I agree, I mean he's a 'project'. But so far Quinn has thrown him into the fire and the guy hasn't embarrassed himself. Being a FAN I want him to make an impact now but, realistically IF he pans out it probably wont be until next year. Collins - Was horrible last year. Did well in the preseason and in training camp from all accounts. He has that 6'2 size and speed coach wants. 2nd round pick that we still dont know much about. I still say if they're playing? Throw them into the fire and let him use his size and body up receivers Neal - Besides a few 'rookie' hiccups here and
  22. Exactly......remember the 4th & 2 against the chargers? Jones standing like 5-7 yards off Gates. They snap the ball, he takes 2 steps and turns around. TADAAAA 1st down. How the **** is that playing defense when you just LET the offense do whatever they want with out disruption. Had he gotten in his face off the line, Rivers would've had to hold the ball and maybe the Dline gets to him. I dont get what were doing out there.
  23. I can see how Allen's lack of size and range is a concern. Surely it'll be remedied in the off-season. As far as jamming the receivers, it make no sense to not want to knock off the timing of the offense. I mean, you can jam the receiver and still drop into your zone. Any kind of disruption of the receivers release messes up the timing of routes thereby making the QB hold the ball a second or two longer. Giving Beasley and the boys that extra tick to get to the QB. Tru is near 6", Collins is over 6" , Goodwin is over 6", Neil is over 6". We have guys with height and length but we dont u
  24. Watching the Seattle game or well, should I say almost ANY other game. I see corners playing bump and run/ press coverage regardless if there is zone or man. Using the Seattle game as an example, since we’re supposed to be patterned after them. They jam and redirect receivers all the time causing timing issues with the offense. Thus forcing the QB to hold onto the ball long enough for the rush to get to him. For some reason we just let receivers run scot-free off the line regardless of what coverage we’re in. For the life of me I don’t understand why our ‘fast and physical’ mantra isn’
  25. Yes, they always use him as a 'decoy' when we get into the redzone. It makes no sense at all. He's 6'3 and can jump 'out of the gym'. He should be getting jump balls left and right in the endzone. His TD numbers should be through the roof along with this receiving yards. But alas, since we drafted him, no OC has ever used him properly in the redzone.
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