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  1. When is the Draft...the only thing we can pray for is the Saints not winning a superbowl in Atlanta
  2. Yeah you are right, it just still looked so bad on replay, if he cant catch an INT at least tackle.
  3. I hope he can play, just get Duke Riley off the field please!
  4. Good question, but i would put Paulsan back there if we need it.
  5. Can we just draft all defense next time, All from SEC except no more LB's from LSU ( Duke Riley)
  6. Could have used one this past week near the goal line, but i think Ricky Ortiz was injured i think.?
  7. Saw the replay on the Nick Chubb run where Trufant...pretty much ran away form Chubb and not attack, I know he should not have made it that far to the DB level but i think he is still worried about getting injuried.
  8. He hasn't been the same since his injury