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  1. Richmond is rough too.. and he was a Juco transfer, he definitely has work ethic. I trust Dan Quinn made the right choice with this pick.. Don't like giving up a 3rd rounder for it, but if this kid pans out like Neal did last year, I'll forget about that trade up we did.
  2. Kind of conditioned to heart break being a Falcons fan.. No biggie for me.. after all we did better than 30 other teams around the league that year..
  3. Would be very happy with the Eddie Jackson selection in the 4th. Don't know if he will drop that low in the draft though.. I hope so!
  4. so if we win the superbowl next year then there will be a movie based on our big comeback? I want Tom Cruise to play Matt Ryan..
  5. I disagree with this.. Yeah it really sucks we lost the superbowl. But what Belichick and Brady have done in their careers is remarkable and we probably won't see anything like this in our lifetime. For me being a football fan I admire what Brady and Belichick have accomplished and put them in a league of their own.. People grow envious and claimed they cheated.. But these same people were the ones rooting for them in 2001.. Me being a Yankee fan I can attest that the general public will try to discredit you when you are the dominant team that wins a ton.. Now the other side of me
  6. Yup this is the same approach I take on all my sports games too! Good to see Demitrioff and Quinn are finally copying what I do on Madden
  7. I'm already in Honolulu just getting out of the Hotel. Can't wait!!
  8. Julio Jones, Matt Ryan and Keanue Neal.. Neal Because he doesn't say much, just tough and lays the wood on people..
  9. Rico Allen by a long shot. Berry is a ton of cap space we could use else where.. let's remember we will eventually have to resign Neal, D. Jones, Beasley Jarrett etc. Plus Rico Allen is still developing.. No he probably won't ever be an Eric Berry but I'd much rather have more good players then the cost of one superstar player..
  10. No Dimarco? . He was one of my favorite players this season..
  11. Thank god I have Hockey to fall back on.. Although my hockey team is driving me nuts at the moment.. Yup, break from football until free agency/draft.. No sports news or anything till then..
  12. I'm fine, actually motivated.. the Falcons should be more motivated than ever after what happened.. And for some reason I am to
  13. Haha you know what I say it to my friends I would have preferred a blow out lost then the one we had to deal with... It's like the Kansas City game times a Million...
  14. It was kind of a bit of everything.. But I voted the Freeman missed block because it replays in my head over and over and over again..
  15. the guys should be fired up about this.. Sitting around pouting about a loss wont get you anywhere.. We'll be back in the big game soon enough.. This isn't like the 89 squad..
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