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  1. Freshman Emory Jones with more reps than Fields. smh No faith in Kirby No faith in Chaney Give us Fields!
  2. "The plan is... there is no plan" Kirby needs to pull his head out of his *** and play Fields!
  3. Kirby, time to stop acting like a little punk and play Fields! It's TIME!!!
  4. Kirby, act like a head coach and put Fields in to start the 2nd half!
  5. Put in Justin Fields to give the offense a spark! Let him play Kirby!
  6. Honest Questions: How does the nation and military actively conspire to enslave and oppress you? Who are the conspirators? What groups? Is it all races conspiring against blacks? What do you think is the purpose of this conspiracy? How do the conspirators benefit?
  7. Mark my words, the Falcons will be standing. Grady can stay in the locker room if he wants, we already let the other kneeler walk.
  8. LOL A friend spotted Hoo and Roddy at the Vegas airport. He was too chicken to tell him to get to OTAs.
  9. I don't even think LEOs "assume the worst of people", they merely follow procedures and safety protocol. Why? So they don't get assaulted or killed. Why not apologize, follow the officer's instructions, politely answer their questions, let them verify your identity, then go on your merry way? Probably wouldn't of even received a ticket.
  10. You have most of the details wrong. This wasn't even a traffic stop, Sterling was coming out of the store and the police were waiting for him. It's 2am, the police don't know if you are on drugs, have weapons, have warrants ect... Also, it's standard procedure to call back-up in this situation. Again, when a LEO asks to see your hands and you tell him "No", it is standard procedure to take you down and cuff you. While its hard to tell from the bodycam, it appears the officers had him restrained and zapped him anyway, but its questionable.
  11. That was my favorite Smitty moment! MeAngelo also said he lived in Atlanta in the off season if Smitty wanted to mix it up again. LOL D-Fall is easily one my most hated Falcons of all-time.
  12. In no way am I saying that excessive force doesn't ever happen because it obviously does. However, the overwhelming majority of these physical encounters with LEOs could easily be avoided if people would just simply follow their instructions. Again, if you don't want get roughed up, do one of the following: 1. Don't commit a crime 2. If you do commit a crime or infraction, follow the officer's instructions when they attempt to detain you for your safety and theirs. As far as the Sterling Brown incident is concerned, I can see how the tasing can be seen as excessive.... but even then, he could of avoided EVERYTHING if he would have just have followed instructions. Also, you have to understand all of these procedures are for safety. If they slip up even a little, that could mean their life or their partner's life. First off, what kind of moron parks across three spaces in front of the entrance. THEN, he's not able to produce ID. How many times did the officer ask him to back away from the vehicle and he WOULDN'T DO IT? (for safety) Yes, you are going to call for back-up regardless, but especially for a young, athletic, 6 ft 6 inch male. As far as the take down, the officer told him to get his hands out of his pockets where they can see them (again, for safety) and what did he say, "NO, I GOT STUFF IN MY HANDS!" LOL -- Then he got dealt with! He could have followed instructions but decided to go the hard route. Way to keep it real Sterling, real dumb!
  13. It's a false narrative that law enforcement is conspiring to target Black people more than other races. You can look at the statistics yourself, Whites are more likely to be shot by police than Blacks per capita.
  14. Ok, I'll take the bait. What race am I? And who am I racist against?
  15. 3 videos just this week, where black motorists falsely accuse LEOs of brutality/racism, that did not occur, after the bodycam footage was released. I can post them if you like. However, I'm not saying abuse of power doesn't ever exist.
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