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  1. Freshman Emory Jones with more reps than Fields. smh No faith in Kirby No faith in Chaney Give us Fields!
  2. Another horrible play call. Play Fields!
  3. "The plan is... there is no plan" Kirby needs to pull his head out of his *** and play Fields!
  4. I want to see Fields! Give him some reps Kirby!
  5. Lord, not Fromm!
  6. Kirby, time to stop acting like a little punk and play Fields! It's TIME!!!
  7. Kirby, act like a head coach and put Fields in to start the 2nd half!
  8. Please put in #1.
  9. Ok Kirby, FIELDS!!!!!
  10. Ok, time for Fields.
  11. Great value for a 2nd rd pick!
  12. Why do they always boo the commissioner?
  13. GIVE ME BEASTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!