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  1. "Younghoe Koo’s 27-yard field goal with 14:56 left in the second quarter would be the Falcons’ final points" *Sigh*
  2. I live in Massachusetts so I can legally recreationally smoke. What's the % on this Delta 8 tho?
  3. As quick as they can get them stripped down and parted off, there is definitely still big money in auto theft.
  4. Haven't watched it yet... Don't know if I will/can
  5. Fam, the fear in his eyes was so satisfying.
  6. Still pissed I had to cut him during the bye week
  7. Great, only falcon I felt confident enough to draft for my fantasy team 😒
  8. Atlanta falcons: if "it's not over until it's over" was a team.
  9. I always expect the Atlanta falcons to be the Atlanta falcons, but I continue to watch just in case one day they're not.
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