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  1. Thoughts and prayers...
  2. Just win baby>You play to win the game>all But the one that usually seems appropriate...
  3. "pastablee" Just ******* exquisite...
  4. Forgot about Mort. Matty "Ice" Bryant as well.
  5. Personally, I gotta go Roddy.
  6. Sub or GTFO.
  7. The pits
  8. We're still the falcons aren't we? Deep down, we all know how this ends.
  9. Run up, get done up.
  10. That's my daughters birthday. Wish I could take them to the dome. But it'd be wrong of me to introduce them to this abusive relationship.
  11. Season is over as far as I'm concerned, waiting to see what these twenty twenty Falcons gonna look like.
  12. Tighten up.
  13. Hope y'all drafted Hoop like I did. He been pretty consistent.
  14. Not until death.