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  1. You can believe that, but that doesn't make it true
  2. Don't, because you are arguing something that no one is claiming
  3. i disagree. I bet if those stats are kept white people get away (Are not killed) with shooting at the police way more often than other people. I have nothing to back this up so it's just my opinion. But I wholeheartedly believe that.
  4. Nah i disagree, In the moment, maybe. but if you get away and have to be apprehended later, if you are of a lighter shade you'll be less likely to be shot. I mean heck look at the Boston marathon bombers versus that sniper that was shooting cops in Cali. Or this guy... vs. this guy I can keep going if you want? I mean you guys do live in these United States right? Do you guys just not watch the news or something?
  5. Death, depending on your pigmentation.
  6. Communities usually pay for false shooting claims. If a cop claimed he was shot in your hood and no shooter was immediately found, they are going to tear your community to shreds.
  7. After how we lost the Super Bowl, as bass ackwards as it sounds now... I don't think I woulda welcomed him back. Sure I woulda been wrong, but I was emotional. And I still blame Kyle to this day.
  8. NFC>AFC
  9. how about racing?
  10. I live in Boston. Y'all got it easy.
  11. Simple: Don't be a Georgia based football team.
  12. If Georgia gets a team, I'll watch.
  13. I'm not writing us off as already defeated or anything, but a history of success is definitely something we do not possess. And a lot of those times we **** the bed it was in absolutely unbelievable fashion. Not gonna knock a man for acknowledging our past. Maybe don't publicly wish for the L tho... However it is within your rights.