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  1. Talking to bus police readers: And yet somehow Castile shares blame in his execution let y'all tell it. But in actuality, the onus isn't on the police, because there is no negative action that comes with them killing us. So why stop it?
  2. Could be, I mean, I'm sure the mouse has disdain for the cat.
  3. Neither have I. So why do you think I was terrified enough to ask God to look after me? I'll cross two reasons off for you right now. No warrants, no priors.
  4. Yeah, YOU can. Because you are white. All we can do is pray we don't get shot. But we can't clasp our hands like people traditionally do when they pray, that'll probably get us shot. Have You ever literally prayed you make it out of a traffic stop alive? Can you imagine what that's like?
  5. Food. The rest of the NFCS looks like food. Yum yum, eat em up.
  6. I'm really upset. I'm shaking.I need a blunt. This **** is just...I just, I can't.
  7. Livid ...But not surprised. I mean, I know where we stand as a people in this country. But it still hurts every time they remind us.
  8. Vick, Roddy, Babs, Bryant Dudes in my age bracket.
  9. ****, to have your son named after another man...
  10. We can survive if not thrive without Julio for a few games.
  11. Whatever happened to sticks and stones?
  12. They are a marvel staple in general. Perry sure they are bald in the comics as well.