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  1. In all my years of being a football fan, don't think I ever once watched the national anthem.
  2. Team laurel.
  3. Herschel Walker tho...
  4. If we don't use Julio in the red zone. What shot would Gates have getting redzone looks.
  5. Touchė
  6. Here are potential landing spots for Dez Bryant and the best remaining NFL free agents Antonio Gates (TE) Three teams that should target him:Patriots, Falcons, Cowboys As for the Falcons, they're probably one of the few team that wouldn't be scared away by Gates' age (37). The last time the Falcons employed a 37-year-old All-Pro tight end came in 2012 when they had Tony Gonzalez and things seemed to work out pretty well for both parties that year. Not ot mention, the Falcons could probably use a No. 2 tight end after letting Levine Toilolo walk in free agency. %1%24s&
  7. Get rid of the "s" in "https".
  8. I can answer that for you. No, the answer is no.
  9. Just here to be a part of potential greatness. Carry on.
  10. I wouldn't trade being a Falcons fan for the world, but I also wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  11. Spize?
  12. Found out about hulks screen time in the movie, and lost all interest to see it. So I just went ahead and read all the spoilers. Glad I saved my money, I woulda been pissed.
  13. @Nereek Get rid of the "s" in "https"