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  1. Some of those names man... Loved watching Norwood Congrats to the homie Matt Ryan.
  2. The title of the video tho... Eagles defeat falcons?
  3. If seeing stars counts as "the lights" ...then maybe I guess.
  4. Remember that one attempt when he pulled his arms back in? Wonder what was on his mind...
  5. Arthur Blank.
  6. Nope. Falcons for life, no matter what. Can't blame anyone that bails tho.
  7. Our mistake was becoming falcons fans. I know I can't fix it tho... smh.
  8. Story kinda reminds me of Brent Grimes.
  9. I don't think the "left" are the champions of the police. They are constantly calling for accountability for them, and think they should be held responsible for their heinous inhuman acts.
  10. Used to be Brent "Optimus" Grimes.
  11. He'll walk. Bet your bottom dollar.
  12. O line don't block on Madden no way.
  13. I drive 325xi with 231k on the odometer. It's an 01 tho so I can do most of my own work. My girl drives an 08 328xi. She's only had one real issue but her car is re built salvage.