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  1. Easy wins are hard Defeat routinely snatched from the jaws of victory Perfect performances end in losses. It's the Falcons way.
  2. Only reading the title and not the actual op.... Yes, yes I would be happy.
  3. Will we lose? I mean, I don't see why not.
  4. The curse of Samkon Gado is still screwing us.
  5. Too soon.
  6. I smoke weed and drive a 3 series wagon that I wrench on myself. Gonna try to get it to three hundred thousand miles. Paid six hundred for it, got it to start and drive. Learning a lot going the work myself. And it's not that hard, just time consuming.
  7. 77 best defense ever with a completely inept offense 18 Great offense turrible defense....turrible. What did we did to deserve this? Also, how many words is gritz blitz....gritzblitz?
  8. Glad I didn't pay for this final session of the walking dead. **** I wanted to play it tho. Wanted to see how Clem's story wrapped up.
  9. I mentioned it week one but we weren't sure if it was more the refs or a lack of discipline. Guess we know now.
  10. Wish I could stay and read this thread forever. But I'll be right back, Finneran to the store.
  11. So where she gonna pop up for her next cop gig?
  12. A lil late, but still good.
  13. For regular people, yes, there are charges. Wouldn't be surprised to see everyone except dude who pleaded guilty walk. I'm actually expecting it.
  14. Won't he do it? All the time...