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  1. Is that really a nitpick tho? Seems like a pretty important qualifier.
  2. Same. I think the Castile video was the last one I could stomach.
  3. Thread shifted to just general police incompetence a while ago.
  4. Just gonna throw a big ol "knock on wood" to the original article there. Knock on wood.
  5. Prayers up. Fight. Salute.
  6. Florida?
  7. Matt Bryant Brent Grimes Jerious Norwood Bob Christian
  8. Wow, salute to her for remaining so calm. I woulda blitzed as soon as regular guy came along for ID. Like who the **** are you?
  9. C'mon now Jason, you're not even trying.
  10. Sound like a backwoods sex act. "C'mon Bobbie Sue, I'ma make that possum cream coon fat gravy...yeah"
  11. Mountain Dew. I drink it for the caffeine to help curb my headaches. But everyone I buy one I get sad inside...
  12. Drain my ramen, then add the packet. Straight heathen.
  13. Only way to really be safe. If the cops are there, I'm not. I'll cross streets as they approach and the whole nine.