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  1. Turner up the gut on 1st down is what sucks, even a blind squirrel can find that nut! It's been a wasted down for the last two seasons. The opposing teams fans know what's coming on our first down. If we had a back with some burst & vision that didn't need a hole the size of a 18 wheeler we would be unstoppable. I want that dude (Ivory) the Saints have, he runs with authority!
  2. We need a fast back, I would love to have Bradshaw from the Giants. That man gives 110% every down. TippieToe Turner has no vision beyond what's in front of his nose!
  3. Nice to finally watch a FALCONS GAME WITHOUT THE NERVE PILLS!
  4. Ryan looks like a turd & Boshers looks like a pro? Whats up with that?
  5. MM said " we are taking what the crowd is giving us"
  6. MM said "Our offense is only taking what the crowd is giving us"
  7. d hall is being exposed for what he is....all mouth no talent
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