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  1. Haven't posted in forever but came to see the draft takes I see youre still as bitter as ever. What a lame take to bring up the superbowl and ignore the actual discussion. Crazy how much time you waste here posting saying absolutely nothing.
  2. Good call bro. Looks like 71 at center and people don't even notice cause their too busy bitxhing to actually watch. Why am I addicted to reading these comments lol
  3. I never post anymore but I had to login to say I'd love to see this research.
  4. I don't think anyone can make him 6 inches taller and 50 lbs heavier like Tony was when was no speed but all hands in the redzone.
  5. So if they don't win it this year, you're out? Accept and settle? I don't think the Falcon's lose because they didn't try and settled. Sometimes you just get beat.
  6. why couldn't the bears literally hand the ball to us a couple of times like they've done against other teams.
  7. McNabb looks like he needs to get some sleep. His health is overrated right now based on his face.
  8. Don't get so defensive lol. He just said it was crazy
  9. Saint's tears on reddit [–]agarret83 15 points an hour ago I'm legit considering giving up on football once Brees retires. This **** isn't good for my mental health or overall happiness
  10. Peterson about to go the Shining on the Saint's hotel.
  11. Everyone says this. Then continues watching lol. FTHESAINTS. Hot knife through butter there.
  12. There has been a solid group of 5+ guys so far all preseason
  13. Ward has proven it in NFL games. There was no chance he wasn't making this team. The hype around the battle was just hype. BTW No injuries are good.
  14. Obviously not talking about you man if you never said it lol. Talking about others in this thread. 2 years on the practice squad before he can even finish his first preseason is a HUGE stretch from people who are not football experts. When has a player even been on a practice squad for 2 years and then turned out well?
  15. An even smaller school then. Makes the point even stronger. Let the kid grow up a bit before we say he sucks.
  16. Can't believe some of yall still look to write players off so quickly. Hooper didn't come flying out of the gate and if I remember correctly he was getting penalties and dropping passes before Tamme got hurt too. He's going from DUKE football, cmon DUKE, to the NFL. Not exactly an easy jump and if he came out blazing right away he wouldn't have been a late round pick would he?
  17. Can't wait to see Takk with Poe and Grady next to him. Even on that first play there was no interior pressure, actually a huge gap that the QB could've ran through. Poe and Grady won't be having any of that. If he goes inside on that 3rd or 4th play (after the run) wouldn't that break contain and let the QB roll out to the QB's left with nothing but space to throw?
  18. He actually has a crazy vertical and can do heavy pistol squats but no his legs are not big..
  19. Great video. Marker helps a ton. Shared with my group chat to raise the football iq. And great choice on the chill vibes background music. One critique, you gotta know the other players lol. It's Neasman. Google it real quick. No biggie tho
  20. That's beautiful man. Good to hear. I'm in the best shape of my life and making progress in many areas. Keep it up brotha.
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