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  1. Chargers offensive line is killing CJ Anderson, my fantasy team and their chance of winning.
  2. Shout out to Rod Coleman with that interior pressure.
  3. They way they had Beasley standing up in the A gap reminded me of Von.
  4. Let's also remember that he is ONLY 21. Same with Deion Jones btw.
  5. I love me some Dan Quinn. Put em wherever they can ball coach! I remember during the game Lynch was saying he didn't know if Ish was playing linebacker or playing safety and my thought was he's playing football. Put them on the field and let them do what they do (within reason of course)
  6. Safe defensive schemes didn't cause us to give up points... lack of pass rush and poor tackling caused us to give up points. If you play off coverage it doesn't mean the team is suppose to just score. You can still get to the QB, tackle the ball carrier short of the first down, cause turnovers. OR you could try to be aggressive like the Panthers did and Julio took a slant for 50+ yards and the team is back in the game in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes. Chess not checkers.
  7. Shout out to all the message board doctors saying he wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't play. Great job yesterday Teco!
  8. Im with you. If you can't be optimistic about the future when you ARE winning then when can you? We could talk about last year all season but it's almost irrelevant at this point. If anything, realistically, they learned from last year and the chances of it happening in back to back seasons makes it even less of a concern. They have the experience that creates mental toughness and are playing at a high level. All aboard the hype train until it runs off the tracks.
  9. Didn't know we had so many doctors on the board..lol.
  10. It's going to be night and day between Brees almost never holding the ball more than 2 and half seconds, unless he knows for sure he has the time. Cam will be waiting to get hit, we will have chances for the stunts to get home, we will just have to bring him down.
  11. Great stuff. Appreciate the in depth write ups.
  12. Got it. You're jealous of his gf and assume you know his hours spent based on social media. Excuse the man for having a family. He definitely was noted as being a film nut in training camp. Try again.
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