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  1. It’s easy to just say blow it up get younger. Save money. There is a thing called dead money. By getting rid of Ryan as you say we would have a dead money cap hit of over 25 million just for him alone not to mention the dead money cap hit we would take for all the other people you want to get rid of. We would have a dead money cap hit of over 50 million. That’s about 30% of the cap just for dead money. How do you think that would sit with season ticket holder’s? “ Hey sorry we want you to spend thousands to come see a team that’s got no chance to win a game for the next 2 years” Yeah nice plan! And by the way Ryan is only the 10th highest paid QB!
  2. He is not getting paid 48 million next year but that is his cap hit next year
  3. There are 48 million reasons he won’t be a Falcon for life. That’s his cap hit number next year. Only way he is a Falcon for life is if they extend him again next year then they release him in 2023 and stays retired or he just flat out retires. But we will still have a dead cap hit of over 25 million. That’s going to hurt!
  4. Man I wish you were in my fantasy football league!…….easy money
  5. I would like to see Ryan go one drive then I’d like to see Franks run with the ones the first Quarter to get a better evaluation on him.
  6. Give Schaub 2 million to come out of retirement and be done with it!
  7. No when Fromm gets cut by the bills they will sign him to appease all the GA homers on the fan board!……….lol
  8. I’d say 4 because in some sets he might have 4 TEs on the field at the same time but using Pitts split out as a WR
  9. But don’t offer crab legs to someone standing in line to vote!!!!
  10. They have to have this wrong! He was drafted by TD. He can only draft busts! At lest according to this board!😂
  11. I want the Aints to be the first team in NFL history to go 0-17............oh yeah and an RC cola and a moon pie!
  12. It kills me when people start talking about trading down and getting some stud defender with the trade! WE DON’T HAVE THE CAP SPACE!!! We have just enough cap space to sign rookies and UDFA! So stop with the “If we can get him” We can’t
  13. Here is what happened on one of my draft simulations. If it would only happen this way. Traded down with the Pats. https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator
  14. Lol the Hawks are going to Kill the Pats......Cam ain’t going to run on that D
  15. I had a grade 2 hamstring Tear a month and half ago! Still hurts. Did it playing Golf. How in the h-e-l-l do you do that playing Golf?
  16. It was amazing just how obviously faster he was on the field than other players. Like a Lamborghini against yugo’s
  17. And JJ better have 3 td’s I mean if Duvall can hit three...........
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