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  1. Trump is an Idiot!.............that's real talk.
  2. Bourbon St smells like puke and so do the Aints............just sayen!
  3. Poole was a UDFA..........just sayen. And in the NFL last year 60+ UDFA made teams.
  4. He is just sayen that these are his top 4 who COULD make a splash
  5. They have been saying for months that they will sign him before the season...........chill.
  6. $60 to park........that's why there's MARTA.
  7. So the real question is would you trade JJ straight up for Odell. NO! Now ask there fans the same question. Would you trade Odell for JJ? I bet over half say yes! Case closed. .........NEXT?
  8. If the better built Company could win me Super Bowls and get me to the Hall of Fame................then YES! Bradys contract is so team friendly it's not even funny! 4 years only 14.75 mill a year! Cap hit 2016 and 17 only 14 mill. Years 18 and 19...22 mill. This year is is only making 1 mill. Yes that's right 1 with no zeros after it!!! You don't think that's team friendly?
  9. Great discussion guys and gals. Not one person can blame him if he goes for the high third contract........but should he? Now we get into his legacy. Take less so he can have the best team around him as possible until he retires. Go for multiple Super Bowls. If I was him I would take less if a lot of the contract was guaranteed. One hit can be your last. If I did a discount I would want guaranteed money.
  10. You are Matt Ryan, and you have an up coming contract negotiation, what do you do? Do you tell you're agent go the Drew Brees way and try and get every penny you can out of the Falcons, because that is what the market demands. Even if it hinders the team keeping good players. Or do you go the Brady way and give the team a discount so they can keep players and go get quality FA. Brees contract over the last 4 years have killed the Aints. They can't keep anybody or get anybody. Cap h-e-l-l has made them an average team with a great QB who gets paid. Brady on the other hand salary is only 14 mill. That's why the Pats can keep stocking up. It's why the always win 10+ games every year. Not the only reason but it is a reason. Now I'm not saying that Ryan should play for 14 mill. But when his contract comes up he could be in the 28 to 30 mill a year range. Do you try and get that 30 mill a year which you have every right to get or do you say to the team give me 22 to 24 mill a year and keep people like Poe (if he balls out) Or Pay Free! Or sign a top flight OG FA. Show me the money!..........Or give me Super Bowls. That's a hard decision. What do you do?
  11. Yeah but his golf swing sucks............just sayen! Lol
  12. U need to get out more
  13. No fireworks in the oilfield please........stay safe!
  14. I will be honest. I wanted us to take Flaco.........never so glad to be DEAD wrong!
  15. If HOF were given out for the first five years.........ur right he is first ballot.