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  1. You are right. I caddied for the man about 25 years ago. He was the biggest A-hole I ever caddied for. And I mean EVER! 20 years of caddying. And it’s not even close. Stay away from my Falcons.
  2. I find it laughable when people blast TD for his draft picks when Blank just said DQ has finial say on the roster.
  3. Well that ain’t happening ! Lol
  4. Lol don’t care they done!
  5. The best thing about this day is it’s going to be a Saintless Super Bowl. And I’m just not talking about the team! I’m talking about the fans too. You will be able to go to you’re favorite sports bars during the super bowl and no Saints fans will be there. All the Saints fans say the are all boycotting the game! THANK GOD! Don’t watch, don’t go out to sports bars, don’t go to super bowl parties. Every play of the super bowl I’m going to be thinking of all the Saints fans crying in their shrimp etouffee! So everyone enjoy yourself. There will be no obnoxious Saints fans anywhere in sight. I have been smiling ever since I woke up today............I wonder why?
  6. I think you’re wrong, sort of. Our first four picks should go to both lines.......unless we get a stud FA on the line some where. Then I agree first three rounds.
  7. Shows you how much I watch an absolute worthless game. It’s a joke.
  8. Did I miss something. It’s 17-0
  9. There are two things that will get us back to the super bowl. Offense is sexy. Defense gets you there. If you have a top 10 defense you can win any game. And one of the two things have already been addressed. 1) DQ is going to be defense coordinator and play caller. The year he did that we had a top defense. 2) On both sides of the ball the line needs to be fixed. Our first four picks needs to be a mixture of offense and defense linemen. Our biggest FA acquisition should also be a lineman. We do that we got a good chance the rest of Ryan’s career to get into the playoffs every year. Then it’s a combination of luck and execution that gets you to the super bowl.
  10. To be fair a guy was draped all over him and his arm was hit
  11. No Goodell paid his bar tab then gave him his keys and said “race ya home”
  12. Wow so you think Rodger got up with the referees and said “Hey guys make sure the Aints don’t get to the super bowl”
  13. Sorry man I posed the wrong thread I fixed it
  14. Because they are finally going to put PI’s under reviewable plays at the Aints expense. And the main reason is the Aints fans are no question the most obnoxious in the NFL........that’s why I smile......everyday. So you think Goodell fixed the game?....lmfao