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  1. I want the Aints to be the first team in NFL history to go 0-17............oh yeah and an RC cola and a moon pie!
  2. It kills me when people start talking about trading down and getting some stud defender with the trade! WE DON’T HAVE THE CAP SPACE!!! We have just enough cap space to sign rookies and UDFA! So stop with the “If we can get him” We can’t
  3. Here is what happened on one of my draft simulations. If it would only happen this way. Traded down with the Pats. https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator
  4. Lol the Hawks are going to Kill the Pats......Cam ain’t going to run on that D
  5. I had a grade 2 hamstring Tear a month and half ago! Still hurts. Did it playing Golf. How in the h-e-l-l do you do that playing Golf?
  6. It was amazing just how obviously faster he was on the field than other players. Like a Lamborghini against yugo’s
  7. And JJ better have 3 td’s I mean if Duvall can hit three...........
  8. The saints are 51 million over the cap next year. They are trying to extend Kamara this year. If they do. Brees is gone. There is no way they can extend Kamara and keep Brees too. Plus they will have to jettison about 3 or 4 more players.
  9. I just wish Denver hadn’t picked Jerry Jeudy right in front of us. I wonder if we would have picked him. Two JJ’s from Alabama. And top 3 wr from Alabama. It would have been fun to talk about and try to find a nickname for them! Lol
  10. Bingo you can’t smell a quality backup QB for under 5 mill a year. Schaub ain’t going anywhere. I think next year we draft a QB in the 4th round or later to try and take Schaubs place. JMO
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