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  1. Buffalo Wild Wings!
  2. I would agree 1000%
  3. Yeah I was there too. Why you open the roof at night I will never know. It adds nothing to the appeal of the game. And it was humid as crap in there. And I will have to say this was my first game in the dome and I was very disappointed. Not in the dome itself it is state of the art but the fans. I used to have season tickets in the old dome. It was always loud and full. For a first home game, and prime time at that, it was 1/3 empty and not loud at all. If it wasn’t for eagles fans that stadium would have been 1/2 full.........very disappointing.
  4. That sucked.......just sayen
  5. The Oakland Raiders top brass is gutless! This dude should have been suspended!
  7. Here
  8. It’s all here guys and gals
  9. I agree. I think this will be the last year for Tru and Vick B
  10. Not over the top. Estimates put 60,000 former NO residents now live in the ATL
  11. Some dude that moved here after Katrina and realized The ATL is far beyond the vomit and piss smelling streets of NO. I wish all these buttheads would move back to the city under sea level............Living in a city under sea level? On The coast? Really how bright can you be?
  12. If it was any other team I might look in for a minute or two. The only fans watching this game from start to finish is Atlanta and Denver fans. Can’t wait to see who wins between the players we are going to cut and the players Denver is going to cut. That way I can go to some Denver fans I know and say our cut players are better than yours.............I’m serious.