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  1. And here I thought I wanted to Aints to get their Azz handed to them............this way was SO much better!
  2. the Taints their fans and Bourbon St that smells of vomit and piss!
  3. The victory formation with 30 seconds left.............Yeah that was my Fav!
  4. SMH! He ain't going anywhere
  5. Here's a little perspective, Alvain Kamara is going to have 200 yard from scrimmage because for some reason we can't cover a back out of the backfield!
  6. Pete C is a piece of ****! And so are the ***** bags that play for him......except Wilson
  7. To all the Aints fans: F..k you and ur Vicodin swilling Coach.
  8. So JJ is second in the NFL in receiving yardage and it has been "A disapointing season for Jones" "Worst campaign since 2013" people kill me with their insight on the Falcons!
  9. Yeah it's all because we gave up a 1st and 2nd and 4th round draft picks for the best WR in the NFL. That screwed us for three years!...............Yes Chuckles start again! Lmfao.
  10. Lmfao!...........Statement of the year!.....and not in a good way.
  11. Lol so I guess KB would be #1 over JJ too? Man get out of here.
  12. Stats don't mean crap in this comparison. KB is being used as a #1 WR. MS is being used as a #2 WR. KB stats should be way ahead of Sanu. But they aren't. And Sanu in Cincinnati he was like their 3rd WR. KB production as a #1 draft pick. And as a # 1 WR are atrocious. So productive wise Sanu is far and away the better WR
  13. I agree something is off with the offense. The defense has not improved like I thought it would. I said in another thread that as of right now we are just an average team. Dumb penalties at the wrong time have killed us too. Good teams don't have dumb penalties. Average teams do.
  14. I don't know about what pass should go where. What was proved to me yesterday is that we are an average best. As of right now we will finish second or third in the division. We are an 8 and 8 team.