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  1. Yep 7 of his INTs were tipped passes off of his own WR.
  2. Nobody goes for more money with three years left on a contract. If he is doing business, it's bad business. When he signed two years ago he was the highest paid WR in the league. Only Green has made more money in the last 3 years. So yeah I say that's moving to the diva side of the ledger.
  3. Never thought I'd see this from JJ. He is now down off the pedestal I had him on and is now moving towards the typical diva WR. Sad to see.
  4. No way they do a deal with three years left.
  5. OMG.......smh
  6. Tier one with not one of our division rivals in it is just pathetic.
  7. Matt Ryan is a franchise QB! If you don't think so.....sorry you are dumb as F..uck. When a franchise QB signs he sets the market. In two years this will be a bargain contract. Cap goes up an average of 10 mill a year. 5 years he will be making peanuts. Get over it!
  8. I'm looking forward to this pick. Fun to keep up with. If this guy, whoever it is makes the practice squad, it will be a great find.
  9. You going to have to give up next years 1st to move anywhere close to getting thanks.
  10. No kidding if TD doesn't get 5 starters out of a draft. He's the the worst GM ever. I just smh. If you get 50% of your draft picks to just make you're roster you had a great draft! The better the team gets the harder the draft. TD has said in the past that he and Quinn work hand in hand on the draft. Quinn has just as much responsibility for a draft bust as TD does. Now if you talking cap space. That's a different story.
  11. From one scumb bag to thanks....and we can't afford him in the first place
  12. Now that's funny
  13. It all depends on FA. If Poe walks will not shock me if a DT is the first pick. I think we will take a OG in the first three picks. We will take a FB in the later rounds. I do think this draft will be 50/50 between D and O. With 100 mill on the O side we will soon have to letting some high contracts go.
  14. Sark already wet the bed! He is insurance if he can't mop it up!