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  1. Lol so I guess KB would be #1 over JJ too? Man get out of here.
  2. Stats don't mean crap in this comparison. KB is being used as a #1 WR. MS is being used as a #2 WR. KB stats should be way ahead of Sanu. But they aren't. And Sanu in Cincinnati he was like their 3rd WR. KB production as a #1 draft pick. And as a # 1 WR are atrocious. So productive wise Sanu is far and away the better WR
  3. I agree something is off with the offense. The defense has not improved like I thought it would. I said in another thread that as of right now we are just an average team. Dumb penalties at the wrong time have killed us too. Good teams don't have dumb penalties. Average teams do.
  4. I don't know about what pass should go where. What was proved to me yesterday is that we are an average best. As of right now we will finish second or third in the division. We are an 8 and 8 team.
  5. Lol I know right and the funny thing is that tag got to come off to put his license plate on! If u see him in the parking lot donate to the charity and then give him a thumbs down for the car.
  6. That car was weak as ****! If you are going to use it for tailgating. It should have "rise up" "brotherhood" and the Falcons logo all over that car! And yes Red too. That car sucked!........just sayen
  7. I lmfao at people who ***** about the NFL becoming political and yet have to come on a Football message board to direct other people to their profile to see his political views........get the **** out already!
  8. That stuff will make you do some stupid ****!........and I ain't talking about the coke!
  9. CBS got some crappy games........just sayen
  10. JJ has two TDs! Hoop over 100 yards! 400 yards passing! We score a 40 burger! And I get drunk watching the game!........ok that last one was not so bold!
  11. Panthers
  12. Lol Yes it was!
  13. Reminds me of the commercial "This is ur brain on drugs" then they show an egg frying in a pan! How bad is it you film yourself and let it leek out too. His eggs are definitely well done!
  14. Really..........smh