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  1. Bill Clinton....smoothest former president.....ever
  2. yeah I thought that was pretty clear through him speaking on the radio and in the opening scene where the guy was talking about the t-800 and said "just like you said it would be conner" Overall, I liked it, cheesy lines were just fine for me. (what should i tell your men? I'll be back) Also BTW, Moon Bloodgood is hot.....that is all.
  3. Yeah alot of his jokes are hit and miss for sure....but when they hit....they're damm funny, no doubt about it....last nights show was pretty good...he lost me at the end though...my favorite bit of him is on the insomniac tour where they did a special for comedy central. Talking about the price is right..can't find it on youtube, but if you ever catch it...its hilarious.
  4. If I was the owner, the only real option is to find a new place to play it. I'm sure he can figure it out....worse case scenario......kobe and co is playing in the parking lot...
  5. wow, that is some scary ****. wouldn't wish that on anyone, even those cowgirls.....but.... can you say Cloverfield 2?
  6. lol, enertaining yes, but i laughed at the spartan vs the ninja. but yeah, I agree, the whole time the ninja guys were so full of themselves
  7. if you're looking for a good cheap game, get the original motorstorm. you can get it for about $15 at any gamestop. great great racing game.
  8. the trick is granny style the whole time. go really slow, and if you're @ a red light making a right turn, and don't feel comfartable going, don't. in fact my instructor had to tell me "you know you can go faster right" as I was going 20 in a 30 on side streets. I told him I was being cautious. passed easily. only thing he said i didn't do was i didn't completly stop at stop signs..
  9. damm....i'm 66% black....that damm rap music....
  10. if he's there at our pick, we have to take him, he's easily the bpa. problem is at our pick, what we really need is pass rush, which means defensive line, and secondary help. at our pick, there is maybe 1 or 2 guys at each position worth it, and they probably won't be there. the real depth in this draft is in the second round.
  11. "They ate me! a mother****ing shark ate me!"
  12. this might open the door for us to take a certain te in the 1st round now. i wouldn't be too mad with petti in th 1st, a good safety in the 2nd and the rest being defense
  13. it was very enjoyable and better than i though it would be.....but lol, seriously, what are they can gonna call the next one? Fast furious?
  14. life is about finding meaning to it....
  15. thank you sir, thats it. and yeah its not that fast paced, but when you compare it to rihannas song and saliva, it kinda is. turns out I was missing an "I" in the middle of the lyrics...
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