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  1. Gotta go with the masses here. Go Colts. Would almost physically hurt to see the Saints win the superbowl. My hope is that they pull an Oakland and get beat so badly that they don't recover for years, if ever. For whatever reason, I can handle the Bucs willing (although never against the Falcons) but not the Saints or Panthers for that matter.
  2. Gruden is just begging for a 3-way with Payton and Brees.
  3. Joey Harrington among the Saints casualties. At this point I feel sorry for the guy. Maybe not a solid starter in the league but I can't imagine he's not good enough to be somebody’s #3.
  4. Bustin' through my screen on the AtlantaFalcons.com homepage. :lol:
  5. Not all of you. Just the ones that call Atlanta your favorite team, yet never show up on these boards with any thing positive to say. I mean really, Vick is gone. He was never much of a football player anyway. A supremely talented athlete, sure. However, all that athleticism was wasted on a dude that over 6 years never improved or learned the first thing about managing a game. To the rest of you, the silent majority, hold your heads up. This team is headed in the right direction for the first time in years. The thug mentality is gone from this team and the thugs that used to cheer on
  6. I think I expected this young team to have games like this. What's important is that our players and coaches learn and grow from these types of games. Ryan kept his head for the most part today and his numbers would have looked much better if not for all the dropped balls and players slipping. Regardless, we are 2-2 with a promising future.
  7. Agreed with the whole racist pic thing. I am as conservative as they come and a Mcain/Palin supporter. However, even a redneck republican like myself can see just how wrong that sig is on so many levels.
  8. Matt Ryan ATL QB Rating 77.0 Peyton Manning IND 73.1 I'm just sayin'..... :D
  9. Coming from a Florida Falcons fan who is only able to go to maybe one game a year, it's embarrassing to see an empty dome. What I wouldn't give to see my Falcons play. Win or loose it's the highlight of my year.
  10. heck, I'd have signed that guy just for his name.
  11. post deleted because "pirated video is illegal" ... ooops
  12. What would you have done different? It looks like we got the best QB and Offensive lineman in the draft. Both positions we were desperate for. Also, Beirman looks like a steal. What was the "worst pick" of the draft and who was available there that we should of taken. I don't have an agenda here, just genuinely curious who might have got away that will be a superstar in this league.
  13. Great first post and welcome to the boards. I lurked here for literal years before I started posting. You've said in a few paragraphs what I've tried to convey numerous ways. I am proud to be a Falcon!
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