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  1. Hardly. Go away little boy.
  2. Thanks Dr. Phil.
  3. King Cheat's happy as can be...blah.
  4. You're a fish.
  5. Maybe not, just a good play by the DB.
  6. How about some PI there?
  7. You're still an idiot.
  8. Bud Light's taking this dilly dilly to the max.
  9. I wish you wouldn't find this board worth posting.
  10. I wish I could say Bortles was bringing them back, but it ain't happening.
  11. Yeah, ok. Another blind Pats fan.
  12. I'll give them credit, great catch if he got his feet in.
  13. Ball hit the ground. Why are you even here??
  14. That's not a catch, but it's the Patriots, won't be overturned.