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  1. The only solace I have from this draft is that at least we'll have a top-3 pick next year too.
  2. Now, I could care less about #19 and #30. Hopefully Trae Young proves me wrong.
  3. I wish the Grizzlies would take Trae Young here.
  4. There goes Schlenk thinking Trae Young is Steph Curry...smh.
  5. Yeah, the back's definitely an issue, but I think his ceiling is higher than Bagley's. I just really hope Doncic somehow falls to us.
  6. The coach is going to take his former player.
  7. For me, I'd rather have MPJ than Bagley.
  8. I think Phoenix likes what they have in Tyler Ulis. Ayton makes sense for them, but I see no way that they're not gonna go Doncic.
  9. In that case, I hope they take Bagley.
  10. He'll end up with the Greek Freak, Middleton, and Bledsoe. He'll compete for the East next year.
  11. Suns are going Doncic for sure.