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  1. I could definitely see Levitre getting cut if he doesn't agree to a re-structure. $8 mill cap hit and we save $7 mill if he's cut. Brooks Reed is the other that I could see being cut. Tender Ricardo Allen. Our #1 and #2 priorities this offseason, need to be OL and DL, respectively. Either draft a OG or sign one in FA. I'd be up for resigning Poe, but only at a reasonable cost, if he's looking for a top tier DT contract, let him walk. I really would like for us to re-sign Clayborn, hopefully to a 2-year deal.
  2. They asked Rothlisberger why they didn't QB sneak on 4th down. He said that he didn't know why and that he doesn't call the plays. Then went on to say they didn't do it much this year or much in the last few years and said he didn't know why.
  3. Sean Payton is at the podium.....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
  4. You know....I had more time to think about it.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. And you know why....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Got Digged.
  7. Screw going into the Vikings locker room, we need to go into the swamp rats locker room.
  8. Keenum just earned a payday.