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  1. I'm done. Hangin' it up. Now that I got this, I ain't postin' no more. And that means no more talking to you stank-*** losers. You don't like me because I don't join forum groups. You don't like me because I don't start polls. You don't like me because I don't suck up to the popular posters. You don't like me because I make a lot of sense. But you love me. Because I'm one of the greatest posters alive. You know, a lot of people said that Fan only looked out for himself, that he wasn't a team poster. But I'm here to tell you, if you get 10,000 posts, you don't have to be a team poster. If you
  2. Because first we couldn't find our ******* car keys this morning, then we hit a bump in the road and spilled coffee all over our khaki slacks, and ended up late for work with coffee stain on the crotch!
  3. Chuck and Chernoff>>>>>>>>>> In the future could you just post the link to the Listen Live feature on 680's website instead of giving us these minute by minute mis-updates. Chuck Oliver on 680: "Ehm"
  4. I got 25-1 a couple weeks before we got Gonzo.
  5. Yeah, I got it. Though I am a bit of a Mac fanboy, so... *proceeds to point and laugh at Mac fanboys, including himself*
  6. I read it as we are actively trying to trade Vick, though obviously when he's reinstated, if he's willing to re-do his deal, etc will make a difference. But if we have a trade worked out....hallelujah.
  7. All I know is that zombie wants to eat my children. Mac FTW.
  8. Or more likely, Pitt is either misrepresenting what he said or taking it out of context. Chuck Oliver on 680: "Ehm."
  9. My roommates and I used to just put on a porn movie, full volume. We'd answer the door with the sound of a girl screaming filthy stuff in the background...and ask if they wanted to come in and join our "circle."
  10. Yeah but every time I do the guy who shares a cubicle with me gives me all these odd looks. Like I'm the weird one. Hey dude, you're the one watching a guy jerk off.
  11. So all that said, who do you think we'd be targeting?
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