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  1. I just like his name. Last time I was at the Dome I got hammered out of my mind and yelled "GET IN THERE BAAAAAAB-I-NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. What he said. Datish getting cut must mean that they like Stepnovich a lot. Depending on how Forney is doing, you might witch out Clabo with him.
  3. I like Fantasy Football because it gives me a reason to check up on games other than the Falcons. In all honesty, if it isn't a Falcons' Game, I have only mediocre interest in the game. That interest mostly because I feel like I am an amateur scout for the Birds and I want to size up the competition. Fantasy Football gave me a second competitive reason to try to catch all of the games. As far as Michael Turner, we do a snake draft and IIRC, I drew the tail end this year. So I plan on one-twoing him with the best available QB. After getting stuck with some real stinkers last year at QB, I ain't
  4. Butterworth is this year's Sunshine for me. I will be pulling for him. He didn't cost us anything to get him into camp and if he adds some value to the roster, it is nothing but gravy. I think Bierman will end up being very Matt Stewart-ish for us. Which is a good thing. It is a strength to have situational players who can also spell starters without a real drop off in performance.
  5. I didn't realize they couldn't be read by non members. I thought it was just like the old board. I am glad they can see it even if they can't post. At least people craving Falcon talk can read civil threads on football, if not post. The main reason for PF is still in effect. So brand new accounts can't trollspam good threads into oblivion.
  6. Well that just flat out sucks.:crying: It was nice to have a living legend floating around the team. Especially one like White Shoes. Have fun Billy! We will miss you around here!
  7. That's usually what we do to idiots and attention whores. Today I think I will just snicker and feel sorry for his mother.
  8. Horn: WAAAAA Baker: 2SHORT Norwood: VROOM McKay: WILLRECKSALRYCAPS4FUD Morten Anderson: 1
  9. I wouldn't call us a laughing stock. More like a bus full of nuns and infants slamming into a razor blade factory.
  10. Pensacola Represent! Dad is from Chattanooga so of course I was raised on Falcons and Braves. My Alma Mater just got a football team so time to shift gears from being a SEC-in-general fan to pulling for the Mighty Jaguars of South Alabama! Future Owners of the Sun Belt Conference!!!! ........ that doesn't look so cool when I type it out, but I will take what I can get.
  11. whatever you say jerry glanville, i'll take your word for it, you are the one that traded him. :doze: and FYI jerry favre was traded, not cut. "jerry farve" ??? Yeah...traded for....Billy Joe Tolliver.....:w00t::w00t::w00t: We all know how that turned out.....Oh did I mention Brett was addicted to Vicadin as well...:Whistling: IIRC, the trade was for a first round pick. Which we used on a RB who never did jack. edit: well dangit. You posted again before I got mine posted.:P And on the original topic, They said it is going to be a straight up competition. Mularkey likes trick plays. Shockle
  12. I am glad that we have Abraham to throw at him in practice. It should give the coaches a very good idea if he is ready to take over at LT or not. Let him drill against Chauncy for running plays and he should get some good work before opening day. Fingers and toes crossed baby!
  13. Chandler - Gave us a magical season and kept getting up off the turf. Bobby Hebert - 93 was awesome and then he came in for George after he made an idiot of himself. More of a favorite for nostalgic purposes. Chris Miller - He was the QB when I was growing up. I remember him better than any other QB. He had some nice seasons before his brain pan gave out. Only Bob Christian's concussion was harder to watch. Can't remember Bartkowski. Too young to remember him clearly. So I won't list him although my dad's fandom of the man trickles down a little to me. I will respectfully leave Vick off my li
  14. TMoore is just angry that he hasn't been relevant since Hank retired. Next Article: "Keith Brooking farts in church! Proves he hates Jesus!"
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