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    football the falcons of course and the only other thing i do is work. Just moved here i know no one
  1. Oliver is a long physical press corner and Ridley is the fast elusive WR. These two practicing against one another as rookies will help elevate some of the short comings in their game. Every day I would have Ridley battling to beat press and Oliver trying to keep up with route running of a fast precise athlete and not relying on his long body to make up for being out of position.
  2. So if this keeps up do we win the nfc east and the nfc south title
  3. Or wait until next year after someone else has went thru the effort of building the data base and then buy in
  4. From what I understand about this vr program is that it was geared toward the question position and that that all it would do for now would be to allow the players to see as many "looks" versus as many plays as the company has recorded. It has generic plays versus generic play but to give a game planned play it would have to be recorded the exact way they will run it vs. all the looks the other team will use. Very time consuming but it seems like a great way to give young Quaterbacks a ton of looks that more closely resemble what they would see on the feild. Great for caper nick but not reall
  5. I say we write an app for phones and partner with the vendors.let people order from their phones and have it delivered to the stands for a fee of course. Tie the app to a card and then only leave your seat to pee
  6. W C O plays to Matt ' s strengths aswell as Roddy(since he is slowing) and HD and Julio will do fine in any offense
  7. well there is a surprising lack of fat people in concentration camps
  8. My bold prediction ryan will run one read option play
  9. For good or bad it is the coaches call. If it the wrong choice and it cost them the playoffs then it will most likely cost him his job. If the commish starts telling who to play were does it stop. Does the league start tell u how many mins each "superstar" has to play. Who has to be on the field to end a game and who they want taking shot.
  10. i will second this and add do it with a bat that has rusty nails it
  11. I dont care. for comparing who we lost to or who we won against in the ended u either win or lose i for one like the winning side of it. and i really want us to win our last game. meaning super bowl. noone remembers how u got there just what u did when u had the chance
  12. i really dont think we have seen this team play it's best ball. there always seems to be some area we are willing to neglect one area to win with another .....i am ok with this as long as we win. would i love to see the falcons threw for four hundred rush for one twenty five on offense and hold the other team to two hundred passing and fifty yards rushing and a two defense score on the way to blanking of the other teams offense......sorry i forgot were i was going with that i got lost in a daydream....oh yeah a win is a win go falcons
  13. It was only nfc and the ones i remember that he said was 9ers gaints greenbay bears and washington
  14. Well the homer in me always say the falcons are the best. we have weaknesses yes question is are we good enough in other area to to cover these weakness so far we have been ten times out of 11 and thats is better then all but one other team
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