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  1. 2 hours ago, Malachore said:

    The Giants have a ton of money. It's funny how everyone talks about LA, Boston and NYY but overlooks SF. They had a ****** team the last 2 years with a high payroll. 

    I know they have the money but why would a team that needs to get younger and rebuild make this move?

  2. 1 minute ago, RING OF HONOR said:

    Freeing up cash for Cole???

    Not just that, but also dumping a guy who has only played a grand total of 96 games the last 2 seasons and hit only .190/.261/.296 (.557) in those 96 games. He had an 0-for-30 something stretch to start the 2019 season as well. I can't believe the Giants decided to take on his entire contract for 2020.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Malachore said:

    Wonder what they do with Segura.

    I read that they wanted a better defensive SS than Segura which is what they were after. Read that they could move Segura to 3B if they didn't land a big time 3B. They've also got a hole at 2B because Cesar Hernandez is a free agent. They could easily plug Segura in at 2B, Didi at SS and then still be after a big time 3B.

  4. 3 minutes ago, No.11 said:

    Lol, only went 14-0 with Peyton Manning in 2009 (could have went 16-0 but decided to bench Manning for the final two games of the regular season since they locked up the No.1 seed).

    Agree with @Falconsfan567. Don't know why y'all are ****ting on Caldwell. He did a great job in Detroit and got no credit for it. Also took over as OC midseason during the Ravens' 2012 Super Bowl run.

    He's actually the one "retread" that I wouldn't mind seeing get another job, because quite honestly, I thought he was the fall guy in Detroit. Caldwell didn't deserve the axe--he did a much better job with worse talent than engineering wiz Matt Patricia is.

    Exactly!! Thanks for bringing legit facts and discussion to this thread instead of silly pettiness. Caldwell has done a great job as NFL HC and you're right to mention he should get major credit for the Ravens winning the Super Bowl in 2012. I'd be thrilled to have him as HC of the Falcons.

  5. 1 minute ago, athell said:

    I already have.  Before you went on your Jim Caldwell white knighting super angry campaign.  

    Also you are delusional if you are going to play the victim card here and claim I am attacking you...let's recap what you have said, shall we?

    Boy we've got lots of stupid people on here

    He's not my 1st choice but dude isn't a bad HC like the idiots I've seen saying

    Same idiots that somehow think Ron Rivera is a good HC

    omg, no!! and who wants a .500 coach who's boring are hardly legit reasons and actual facts when I've disputed them and you never answered actual facts.


    If you don't want to be called stupid then don't say stupid stuff. Plain and simple as that. You're the one that suggested that someone peed in my cherrios and that I was PMSing. Those are actual personal attacks. Calling someone stupid isn't making things person. We all post and say stupid **** on here and deserve it when we get called stupid over it. The fact that hit a nerve with you and you had to resort to silly things like "who peed in your cherriors?" and "are you PMSing?" Yeah, very mature.

  6. 17 hours ago, Big_Dog said:

    The Patriofs were screwed on 2 blatant bad calls that would have resulted in TD's. The most obvious was a touchdown run that was called back because the ref said the runners foot was out of bounds nearing the goal line.  Camera replayed 5 times showed clearly he never touched the sideline stripe. Bilechick had used his challenges up and couldn't throw the red flag. The 2nd was a whistle blowing a play dead but the runner hadn't touched the ground. 2 TD's would most likely have given the Patriots a win yesterday giving them a division win. Poop happens.

    Not gonna feel bad for the Patriots. I still haven't forgotten the Matt Schaub play from 2005 when the Falcons got robbed of a win over the Patriots.

  7. Just now, athell said:

    lol clearly...

    Go eat a snickers man.

    Can you make one single post actually discussing the topic at hand? Seriously dude, you've yet to make one single reply to any actual facts and discussion I've posted. Instead you just keep right on attacking me. You need to go back and look at this thread and realize that you're the one in the wrong here, not me.

  8. 1 minute ago, athell said:

    Who said anything about an apology?  Just pointing out that you sound like a child with these rants.  Calling people stupid and idiots because they don't want to replace a boring.500 HC with a boring .500 HC is hilarious.

    Calm down dude.

    Rants? What rants? Calling people stupid and idiots are rants? If that's the case then you and every single other person to ever post here is a child.

    Now onto facts, 62-50 with 5 winning seasons out of 7 is now just a boring .500 coach? Bill Belichick is one of the most boring coaches in the history of coaching and it's worked out pretty well for him. I don't know about you but I want to win. I don't give a **** about the personality of the coach. Guess you rather have Mike Ditka or Jim Mora as HC because they give silly post game press conference answers when they lose games. Guess that makes you feel like they "care" more or something.

    The only person "upset" here is you.

  9. 2 minutes ago, athell said:

    Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?  My goodness.  You manstruating?

    I don't apology for what I said if that is what you're expecting here. When I see a thread saying we should hire Ron Rivera and it gets many yes votes but Jim Caldwell gets many no votes it just doesn't make one lick of sense. I'm posting from a place of fact and reality. Caldwell >>>>>>> Rivera. In fact, not one person in this thread has posted one reason why Caldwell is a bad HC and would be a terrible HC and why they don't want him. All I've seen in this thread is no. I actually posted facts that support Caldwell as a good HC.

  10. 19 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

    So the Strasburg deal is $165M for 7 years. Then he starts making $26.7M a year for 3 years immediately after the deal ends as the deferment. 


    17 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

    Strasburg came out perfect on this. He might be still looking for a 1 or 2 year deal at the end of this contract. On top of that hes still getting $80M from this deal.



  11. 1 minute ago, Smiler11 said:

    I think we need to stop looking to the past and start looking at who the next generation of great coaches are. 

    He's not my 1st choice but dude isn't a bad HC like the idiots I've seen saying. Same idiots that somehow think Ron Rivera is a good HC. Jim Caldwell strikes me as a Mike Smith type of HC and right now the Falcons need someone like that.  The Falcons are one of the worst fundamental sound teams in the NFL and one of the most penalized. We definitely need someone to clean that crap up and Caldwell strikes me as a guy who would do just that.

  12. 4 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

    MLB is moving the draft to Omaha, Nebraska, the home of the College World Series. It will begin on June 10 and end on June 12. The CWS begins on June 11. MLB plans to have more prospects involved this way and may broadcast a round or two more than the normal first round. MLB is still seeking ways to increase interest in its draft. 

    Finally!! Totally great move to have the draft at the CWS.

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