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  1. It would make sense for them to sell but I just don't see it happening. It's not the way they've operated the last two years when the smart thing would have been to raise the white flag after the 2017 season.
  2. Sadly and I liked him as a player. I don't think any of the Braves Live analysts are very good.
  3. Yep!! He used his fastball tonight.
  4. Holy **** batman!!! Luke Jackson just turned in a clean easy inning!! WTF?
  5. Am I the only one that loves seeing the socks with the red stripe on them? I love them!! I remember back to the early 2000s when Mike Remlinger and AJ25 wore those socks with the red stripe on them.
  6. Nice AB by Austin Riley there. Good job laying off those pitches he's been swinging at lately.
  7. What a play by Dansby!!!
  8. Giants have been playing much better of late. They're 22-15 in their 37 games and 9-2 in their last 11 games. They're now only 5 games under .500 and 3.5 games out of the 2nd WC spot. They've spent the last two years loading up for one more shot at glory before they lose guys like Bumgarner and Posey. There's no way they sell when they're still right in the middle of it when they're playing great.
  9. So glad this got done. Where's all the hatred about us "overpaying" him?
  10. Well she was gonna be on TV regardless with that seat.
  11. I finally saw it. I'm actually kinda disappointed. I was hoping for more cleavage. LOL!
  12. That's a really good sign there. Austin Riley got jammed there. That means he stayed on the ball longer and didn't pull off it trying to pull it. I remember dealing with the same thing with AJ25 when he would get pull happy.
  13. Max Fried and those **** blisters!!!
  14. Ok, gonna have to look hard because I love boobies and how they make me hard!!
  15. Is he Bugs Bunny? LOL!
  16. I don't know. If Snitker was better at handling the pitching staff I would get rid of one of the pitchers and go with a 12 man staff instead of 13.
  17. According to the numbers I can find Duvall has never even played CF in the minors.
  18. Duvall is fine defensively in LF. But if he's in CF he's going to not have nearly as much range and Riley and Markakis don't have a lot of range. There would be so many more hits given up with that defensive setup. It would be downright scary to watch.
  19. I can't. It's a new job. Today was my first real day after doing nothing but watching training videos on days 1 and 2 last week.
  20. I'd like to not have to find out. Duvall has never played an MLB game in CF. Also, an OF setup of Riley, Duvall, and Markakis would be one of the worst defensive outfield units in all of baseball in terms of range.
  21. I do think it’d be a risk to trade Inciarte. You’d be one hammy strain by Acuña away from a woeful defensive outfield, that would force them to acquire a CF likely inferior to Inciarte. It’d be a really early call-up for Pache. That's the only downside to trading Ender. If we were playing with 2020 rules and a 26-man roster we wouldn't have this problem. I just don't know what you do. Snitker uses the bullpen way too much to go with a 5-man bench. If we didn't use the pen so much you could.
  22. I'm gonna miss half the game Wednesday because I've got to work.
  23. Yep. JS said that the best thing that ever happened to the Braves was the Pirates owner blocking the Bonds trade because they would have never signed Maddux.
  24. I think it's gonna be next to impossible to trade with an NL team. The only NL team that is basically out of the playoff hunt is the Marlins. Everyone from the Mets up is within 6 games of the 2nd WC spot. Everyone from the Reds up is 4.5 games out of the 2nd WC spot. If we make a trade it's gonna have to come from an AL team that's already out of it like the Tigers. I'd love to see Matthew Boyd and Shane Greene in a package deal.