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  1. Thank God!!! What seemed so promising turned into a nightmare!
  2. My favorite Falcons FB ever was Bob Christian. Ovie Mughelli would come in a close second. As far as Ward goes, I'm not a fan, but he has done well with the very few chances he's been given. As for who he reminds me of? Warrick Dunn.
  3. They said in the pregame opening they were going to use the skycam angle for the majority of the broadcast tonight.
  4. When's the last time the Falcons attempted a QB sneak?
  5. Agreed. He's had some big holes and seems to be hesitant to hit it full speed.
  6. That first Murray run on this drive is why I like it. Looked like there was a huge hole there and it was going to be a big run and it just closed so fast and Murray was cut down for only 4. It's hard to see that stuff from the normal angle because most times you can't really tell how big or small those holes are.
  7. I like it because I can see more downfield stuff than I can from the normal TV angle. But I hate it because I do lose perspective on down and distance.
  8. Been a Donaldson fan for a long time, he's an Auburn Tiger. Lol. He shouldn't cost that much in a trade since he's only got 1 year left on his contract.
  9. You didn't pay close attention to the Tigers did you? In 4 years with the Tigers and an absolutely loaded roster Ausmus posted a 314-332 record. Made the playoffs just once and promptly went 0-3 and that was his first year. There was also all sorts of clubhouse issues between him and players.
  10. Please no. Don't want any part of Brad Ausmus as Braves manager.
  11. The Falcons are in a good position. I've been playing with the NFL playoff machine and came up with two different scenarios where the Falcons make the playoffs. The first one is they win the division at 11-5. The second is they make the playoffs as a wild card at 10-6. Enough of the negativity on this message board.
  12. It's taken me a while to put the Carolina loss behind me but I finally have started looking forward to the Dallas game tomorrow. The silver lining to the Falcons season is that they're 4-4, not 1-7 or 2-6. Outside of the Eagles there are no dominant teams in the NFL this year. 23 of the 32 teams have 5 or fewer wins this year. The Falcons are 3-1 in the NFC, so having tiebreakers over teams like the Packers and Lions already is huge. A win over the Cowboys today would make them 4-1 in conference. Yes, they're 0-1 in the division, but having 5 games left in the division, with 3 of them being at home, well they control their own destiny. The Falcons certainly have the talent to play much better than they have so far. If they put it together like the talent says they're capable of, they control their own destiny to make the playoffs. We've seen several times over in the history of the NFL that the best regular season team rarely wins the Super Bowl. It's whoever puts it together at the right time that wins the Super Bowl. Just make the dance and anything can happen.
  13. Thanks for continuing to talk to me like I'm stupid. Appreciate the respect bro. Always thought you were better than that but I guess not. Peace homie!
  14. Great. Jim Hendry would have been a terrible hire.
  15. Great hire!!
  16. HOF bound.
  17. So letting the ball bounce at the 10 when there is a man ready to down it at the 2 is smart? How in the world can that be smart? I'm not stupid. I know the other team is trying to pin the Falcons deep. Of course they are. But whatever. You're right, I've never returned punts, so of course since you have it's impossible that I could possibly have any common sense on the subject. The Falcons were this close to a turnover and a Cowboys touchdown yesterday because the ball nearly hit one of the Falcons players who was blocking because Roberts let the ball bounce after calling for a fair catch. If he's going to let the ball bounce then he needs to alert his teammates of that. That's all I'm saying. Don't signal for a fair catch and make your teammates thing you're gonna catch the ball when you don't. That's a recipe for a turnover. Again, I'm not stupid. Please stop talking to me like I'm stupid.
  18. Bennett is hurt. And has been claimed by the Patriots. So he's not a free agent.
  19. Fair catch it and you can't be touched. If you are it's a penalty. I don't see how you think it's smart to let the ball hit the ground if there's defenders ready to field the punt inside the 5. Why do you want to start at the 2 instead of the 10?
  20. Corey Grant buddy!! Wasn't a stud at RB but dang good returner who was a major part of Auburn's 2013 team. He's done well in the NFL too with the Jags as a ST player. Got a couple fake punt TD's this year including one today.
  21. You're right, to a certain point. You can still be good and not be good enough to get on the field. Take RB for example. It's a position that Alabama always has 2 or 3 complete studs on the roster. There's only so many carries to go around. You can be a stud RB at Alabama and still have trouble seeing the field.
  22. Fair catch it. It's better to start at the 10 than the 2.
  23. I just don't understand why he waves for a fair catch and then doesn't catch the ball? WTF dude? He almost makes Adam Jennings look good.
  24. It's extremely hard to blame any player for not going to Bama. When you've got a team that stacked every year, it's hard to commit to that knowing that your chances of getting playing time early is very limited. Many kids don't like to go through all the work and then not get to play in the games.