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  1. 8 PM ET is still 5 PM California start time and well, most people don't get off work until 5, so you're talking about mid game by the time most of the people that will attend the game get there and you just can't do that to paying customers.
  2. I'm not ready to anoint Auburn just yet. Still need to see how the offense comes together but the spring game was really promising.
  3. I like what I've seen from him.
  4. I think he just needed a shot.
  5. Far too many times that has been said about him this year.
  6. Wow!! MLB replay is a complete flip of the coin. It doesn't matter what the video shows. It's just whatever they feel like calling.
  7. Chip Caray jinked Julio there. "Travis Shaw doesn't have a hit against the Braves this year." Well he does now Chip. Thanks!!
  8. The Rams used to have good fan support when they played at the Coliseum but then they moved to Anaheim in the early 80s and their fan support went down the drain. Didn't help that once 1990 got here they were a complete laughing stock.
  9. The hill in CF in Houston is no more!
  10. I still believe anyone that refuses to root for "their team" until they win a championship was never really truly a fan to begin with. They are nothing more than a classic bandwagon frontrunner fan and I don't have any respect for people like that. You're either a fan or you're not. This whole "I'll be a fan when they finally win a championship" crap is for the birds.
  11. Agreed. But I was just putting it out there because we've got a couple certain posters that love the whole "hindsight" crap and I was just pointing out my position before it happened. Had I called it a stupid move and the Braves still won (which is what happened) I was just making sure I couldn't get called out for being a good move on Snitker's part and that is why he's manager and I'm not. You know how that whole line of thinking works.
  12. Since May 12th the Braves are 25-18 and the Nationals are 23-17.
  13. Braves have won 4 straight series for the first time in 2017. They ended 2016 by winning their last 5 straight series.
  14. We will, just not with the players we thought we would.
  15. Great work out of Sam Freeman. He's completely shocked me by keeping his walks in check and pitching great.
  16. The A's made history today becoming the 1st team to ever have 3 different guys all hit their 1st MLB HR in a single game. A's beat the White Sox 10-2 on the day that the White Sox retired Mark Buehrle's #56.
  17. Another Jose Ramirez walk in the 8th inning. This guy is gonna give me a freaking heart attack!!
  18. Yep. It didn't take me long last year to realize that Brian Snitker is Frediot Gonzalez 2.0 when it comes to the bullpen.
  19. Look at who Snitker is gonna put in the game in the 8th inning again? Yep, Jose Ramirez. Snitker just refuses to learn his lesson.
  20. If the Braves lose this game because of the bullpen blowing another lead I'm on record of calling this a stupid move to pull Dickey.
  21. Why would you take out R.A. Dickey? He's cruising!! This doesn't make any sense with how bad the bullpen is.
  22. I still like what Matt Wisler has shown out of the bullpen. I hope he's given a long look after we move guys like Motte and Johnson.
  23. Just recently underwent a 3rd TJS.
  24. Dickey has been so much better throwing to Tyler Flowers.