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  1. I don't understand your statement. You're defending him benching Acuna for being lazy by saying that he would have been seen as playing favorites had he done something to Camargo. I don't understand what you're saying. He looks like he's playing favorites by punishing Acuna and not Camargo. That's the way it appears since Camargo has been lazy all season from opening day and it took until mid August when AA sent him back to the minors as his punishment. Snitker never did anything to Camargo. Yet he benched Ender and Acuna for being lazy. So he's saying that Camargo is above the team.
  2. That's why he allowed Johan Camargo to be lazy all season?
  3. What do you mean targets Camargo but not Acuna? He didn't do **** to Camargo!!
  4. I swear Brian Snitker has absolutely no clue how to handle people!! He allows Johan Camargo to be lazy and cost the Braves multiple games both offensively and defensively but Acuna has one oops moment and gets benched. I just wanna scream!!
  5. LOL!! All those facts I posted in the other thread conveniently ignored because folks refuse to be rational!! It's insane! TATF in a nutshell! OMG!!!! TAVECCHIO MISSED A 54 YARD FIELD GOAL!! HE'S A ******* BUM!! BRING BACK MATT BRYANT!!!
  6. With 37 games left in the season the Braves magic number is 34.
  7. The Rays beat the Tigers 1-0 in 13 innings. But here's what makes that special, the Rays pitching staff recorded 24 strikeouts and 0 walks. Must be nice to have a stellar pitching staff that doesn't give away wins because of walks.
  8. The bullpen is still pitching the same amount of innings, just different innings in this scenario, so I don't exactly see how that would make them pitch better. Also, that's not exactly how the opener works, at least not the way Kevin Cash and the Rays do it. They use the opener for the first inning, sometimes the second depending on how the first goes. The whole idea of the opener is to keep the starting pitcher from facing the top half of the lineup for a 4th time come the 7th or 8th inning. By using the opener for the top of the lineup in the first inning, your starter is allowed to face the top of the order again later in the game when it's more important. Just think back to last night and Mike Soroka. Everyone defended pulling Soroka because they didn't want him facing Joc Pederson a 4th time. But had there been an opener then that would have only been the 3rd time facing him and you keep him in the game. But even then, there's some pitchers the Rays use as an opener that do well in that role and terrible otherwise and vice versa. One of the guys they traded to the Marlins, Ryne Stanek was a guy who always did well as an opener but pitched poorly late in the game. Lastly, even with the opener, they still have 3 conventional starters, 4 when Blake Snell comes back healthy. So they don't do it every game. That would bring me to the question of, which pitcher or pitchers would you use this with? Who gets bumped by an opener?
  9. Like I said when the trades were made, I would have made him closer but I was told I was wrong.
  10. Holy ****!! Braves beat the best pitcher in baseball in 2019 and did it with only 4 starters in the lineup!
  11. I'm at the point where ever single person that has any impact on the MLB pitching staff needs to get fired. This **** is downright ridiculously embarrassing and the fact that we've got "fans" that defend this **** makes it even more unbearable!!
  12. Holy ****tard!!! That's a strike? Jesus ******* christ can we please shoot every umpire in baseball and get robots?
  13. Albies has been crushing period!! Got a chance to finish the season over .300.
  14. OZZIE!!! 2-0 Braves!!!
  15. Who are you? I mean your old SN?
  16. Well, looky there!! Nice job Mike!!
  17. Absolutely got to score him!! But I don't trust Folty to bunt him over to 3rd.
  18. I don't understand how that would help the bullpen. The opener idea is supposed to help the starter. Braves bullpen has been terrible but it also hasn't helped that they've thrown the 5th most innings this year. A lot of that is Snitker babying the starters too much.
  19. He never quoted you. Why can't you just ignore him? I don't get it. It's been like this for months between you too, and he's just as bad and just as much to blame as you for this continuing to happen. You know he's baiting you, even though he's not quoting you and you fall for it hook line and sinker. Why can't you just ignore him? My life on this message board has gotten much better since I started ignoring people that I've got a problem with, doesn't matter if I've got them on ignore or not.
  20. He was sent down to the minors earlier this season because he wasn't playing well. The trade to Seattle has been disastrous for him.
  21. OMG!!! The top 4 and then absolutely nothing and we're facing the best pitcher in baseball in 2019? I think I'll stick with the race tonight.
  22. I'm talking about 26 kicks, not 5 but whatever floats your boat. I'm not the one that's being ridiculous because the guy has missed a couple 50 yard plus field goals. 30 yard field goals and then it would make sense, but 50 plus yard field goals? Especially from a guy that's 5-for-6 from over 50 when it actually counts?
  23. Dan Quinn is 36-28 in the regular season and 3-2 in the playoffs. The man knows what he's doing.
  24. Twitter really does piss me off some times. I just love people defending Brian Snitker and this bullpen!!