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  1. How many Super Bowls has it won them during that time? Don't they have like a .500 or below regular season record in that time span?
  2. It was very dumb and I would have pulled Matt Ryan a lot quicker than Quinn did. I didn't like seeing Ryan take all those hits.
  3. Missing a chip shot FG in a playoff game is vastly different than missing a 50 plus yard FG in a preseason "game." Walsh never recovered mentally from that. If Tavecchio was out there shanking chip shot field goals you would have a point. But he's missed only 3 field goals in preseason and all have been over 50 yards and one of them was blocked. You guys are overreacting to nothing. This would be like overreacting to Matt Ryan throwing interceptions on 40 yard passes. It's pure silliness right now.
  4. I get what you're saying, but that negative WAR is based all on offense. He has never posted a negative WAR defensively and there's no reason to think he should now. I don't care if he strikes out every time up, just catch the ******* ball.
  5. That "game plan" against the Giants in that 2011 playoff game was the worst offensive show I've ever witnessed in a playoff game by any team. The defense for the first half of that game played their hearts out knowing that the offense didn't stand a chance in heIl of winning the game because the scared game plan. It was a dramatic overreaction to getting blown out by the Packers the year before and it was such a gutless move and honestly, I think Smitty should have been fired after that game. To go into a playoff game and play that scared on the offensive side of the ball was so embarrassing and showed that Smitty didn't have what was needed to win the big one.
  6. At least Hechavarria can catch the ball. That's all the Braves need at SS right now until Dansby comes back.
  7. Maybe because I find it a little INSANE to make that kind of conclusion based on 3 preseason games where we've yet to see the entire starting field goal unit on the field. I find it a little INSANE to put more weight on that than I do on his real game experience which is 21-for-26. As far as Blair Walsh goes, dude was pretty good in the NFL. For his career he was 154-for-187 (82.4%). Anything over 80% is good. Do you know what Matt Bryant's career percentage was before he signed with the Falcons in 2009? It was right around 80%. He didn't become Money Matt until after the Falcons signed him. Look at Matt Prater. he was dog meat for the Falcons, then he went to the Broncos and figured out something and bang, had a run of a handful of years as one of the best kickers in the NFL. What you guys don't understand about kickers is that they're like wine, they usually get better with age and that the best kickers in NFL history, usually had their peak years after the age of 30 and Tavecchio is right there, just turned 29. As I was trying to point out with the Allen Iverson clip, you guys are getting upset about practice!! We talking about practice man!! We ain't talking about the game, we ain't talking about the game. We talking about practice!! Lots of players suck balls in practice but put them in a real game and boom, they're money. Lots of guys shine in preseason "games/practice" but then the lights really come on and they suck balls. As far as "we're gonna lose games this year because of the kicker" how soon you all forget what this man did last year when the Falcons needed him the most!! Remember the 56 yard field goal to win the game against the Giants? Here's the link if you forgot. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000977614/Tavecchio-seals-win-with-unreal-56-yard-FG But I guess sense Bedwetter said it then it must be true, Falcons have problem at place kicker, although, let's ignore that the field goal he's talking about Tavecchio "woefully missing" was blocked because we wouldn't want facts to get in the way of a good story. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/falcons-have-problem-place-kicker/4Nq21B9ppVu80331igIDiM/
  8. You're right. I forgot about that. Just get annoyed he hasn't done it with Camargo. But AA finally made the decision about Camargo for him so it's a moot point now.
  9. Really? I thought they had said that he was getting the Julio treatment and wouldn't play at all in the preseason.
  10. Yep. Sounds right.
  11. Great, don't believe they've ever done that before, at least I've not noticed it. Team Jordan is him, Klesko, and I forget the 3rd guy, but it's another big time power hitter. They're gonna crush Frenchy's team.
  12. Braves caught a break missing deGrom and Syndergaard and took advantage of it. Need to take advantage of missing Kershaw and Buehler and win this series.
  13. This is where I miss Bobby Cox so much. He would either get Camargo straightened out or Camargo would be packing his bags. I'll never forget how he pulled Andruw Jones off the field for being lazy. Snitker doesn't have the balls to do that.
  14. LOL!! TATF is just too much!! I'm outta here!!
  15. Dude was cut from Oakland for a reason? LOL!!! You mean the same Oakland Raiders that have been one of the worst NFL franchises of the last 15 years? That Oakland Raiders? The team that paid 10 years and $100M to a coach who hadn't coached an NFL game in 10 years and wasn't all that good the first time he was an NFL coach? That's the team that we're talking about? That franchise? Really? Jesus Christ!!
  16. 21-for-26 is pretty **** good. 5-for-6 from over 50 is really **** good. I'm not gonna get my panties in a wad about meaningless preseason games. You've got to remember that we're not running our starting unit out there in any area of the team. That makes such a major different to performance. OL tonight looked like garbage when the starters were in but I highly doubt its gonna look that bad come week 1 in Minnesota. Why? Because Alex Mack didn't play. Having your starting center out in the OL is like trying to drive a car with only 3 tires. Tavecchio will be fine.
  17. I think we're already pretty much set on the WR position. I don't see any surprises when it comes to the roster. I don't know where you're getting that we're looking to fill 3 WR positions. We've got Julio, Ridley, Sanu as the top 3. Gage if his injury isn't bad will be number 4. Justin Hardy will be there as number 5. Then we're looking at the 6th spot, which usually goes to the best special teams guy.
  18. In the REGULAR SEASON Giorgio Tavecchio is 21-for-26 (80.8%) in his career. He was 5-for-5 (100.0%) last year for the Falcons. He is 5-for-6 (83.3%) from over 50 yards in his career.
  19. LOL!!! Dan Quinn will not be fired during the season!! You can absolutely ******* guarantee it!! Wanna know how many coaches Arthur Blank has fired during the season? ZERO!!! There's a reason for that, he knows firing a coach during the season does not work in football. It doesn't fix anything. It just means waving the white flag on the season.
  20. Yes, let's risk unnecessary injury to our backup QB because dammit it's the preseason and I've got to prove my "mettle" to TATF!!!
  21. Typical lazy crap defensively that led to runs scoring.
  22. Amazing finish by the offense!! Incredible all those homeruns.
  23. I've seen enough of Camargo period!! Yunel Escobar 2.0. It's sad to see that he quit on his team the way Escobar did.