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  1. Boy we've got lots of stupid people on here that some reason think Jim Caldwell is a bad HC. All you have to do is look at what he did in Detroit to see that the guy is a great HC. *2014 = 11-5 2015 = 7-9 *2016 = 9-7 2017 = 9-7 TOTAL = 36-28 (2 Playoff Appearances) Look at what other coaches have done in Detroit before and after Caldwell. 2001 = 2-14 2002 = 3-13 2003 = 5-11 2004 = 6-10 2005 = 5-11 2006 = 3-13 2007 = 7-9 2008 = 0-16 2009 = 2-14 2010 = 6-10 *2011 = 10-6 2012 = 4-12 2013 = 7-9 2018 = 6-10 2019 = 3-9-1 TOTAL = 69-167-1 (1 Playoff Appearance)
  2. LOL!!! This message board is a freaking joke. Don't want Jim Caldwell but want Ron Rivera? WTF is wrong the people here? Caldwell >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rivera Jim Caldwell = 62-50 (Regular Season), 2-4 (Postseason) - 5 Winning Seasons out of 7 (4 Playoff Appearances) Ron Rivera = 76-63-1 (Regular Season), 3-4 (Postseason) - 3 Winning Seasons out of 9 (4 Playoff Appearances) Give me Jim Caldwell over Ron Rivera in a heartbeat. I'd gladly take Caldwell as coach and Dungy as GM in a heartbeat.
  3. The dimensions in center field and right-center field will be reduced by 12 feet. That then reduces deep center field to 400 feet while right-center field will be reshaped to 387 feet. Link
  4. 2 batters is fine. 3 batters is too many! So stupid.
  5. Good luck with that!! Glad the Braves aren't dumb enough to do that.
  6. Give him 4 for 90 and be done with it!! C'mon Braves please get this done!!
  7. Everything I've seen has been about Francisco Lindor and I'd do Lindor in a heartbeat but I'd settle for Ramirez. Ramirez isn't a FA until after the 2022 season.
  8. Falcons are now 8-1 in the last 9 games against the Panthers and are overall 32-18 against them. This streak started after the Panthers got too excited about beating the Falcons 38-0 in 2015.
  9. Another Falcons TD!! This is awesome!! Falcons absolutely own the Panthers!! Where's Mario Addison at now? Go home crybaby!! 40 points reached by the Falcons for the first time in 2019.
  10. I know the fan base isn't why Giorgio got cut. But he didn't get the same "benefit of the doubt" that Koo has gotten and I just don't understand why.
  11. Why didn't Giorgio get the same treatment from this fan base?
  12. That game bites because Julio dropped the easy wide open TD but there was also another one that Ryan missed Julio for a wide open TD.
  13. Koo in his career coming into today is 15/20 (75%) on FG's and 14/15 (93.3%) on PAT's. This fan base absolutely ran Giogorio out of town and in his NFL career he's 21/26 (80.8%) on FG's and 41/42 (97.6%) on PAT's.
  14. Koo is a major issue when it comes to kicking field goals. Dan Quinn even said before the game that he didn't want to even attempt long kicks because Koo is such a question mark. Him making a lucky FG doesn't change my thoughts on him. Said it when he was signed. We need a proven kicker.
  15. Falcons need to invest in a kicker for 2020. We've got Ryan Allen who has solved our punter issues but kicker is still an issue!!
  16. I thought the same thing but they said PI doesn't apply on gunners on a punt and since it was a fake punt, well, they can't call PI.
  17. I really like Foye!! He should get more playing time over Campbell.
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