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  1. Paul Worrilow tore his ACL last May and is having trouble recovering from it. Probably the end of his career.
  2. Kevin Gausman threw the 8th and 9th innings for the Reds today and faced 6 batters and recorded 6 strikeouts including on just 9 pitches in the 9th inning.
  3. Melancon has a FIP below 1. He's pitched so much better than his ERA.
  4. There's a reason teams refused to give him a mega deal like Chapman got.
  5. You can already see the massive difference a good defensive SS makes.
  6. I didn't hear all of it, but I did hear some of it. Someone asked him why he let Acuna play defense before pulling him and he said that he didn't want to risk putting Duvall out there without notice and have Duvall pull something. Good reasoning there.
  7. Heard on the radio today that despite Melancon's ERA his FIP as a Brave is under 1. I'm looking at you Camargo!!
  8. The bullpen is slowing showing signs of life, Friday's game not withstanding.
  9. So you're saying Camargo isn't lazy? Just terrible? Why can't it be that he's both?
  10. OMG!!! He missed a 54 yard field goal in a game that doesn't count!! OMG!!! It's the end of the world!!
  11. I never said that he didn't make the right decsion benching Acuna today. I said that it doesn't make it the right decision to not bench Camargo and that is what pisses me off about it.
  12. I meant "bumped' as in who doesn't "start."
  13. Why did nothing ever happen to Johan Camargo? What defense of Brian Snitker do you have for never doing nothing to Camargo?
  14. Why is admiring a homerun or almost homerun the only "lazy" thing a player can do and that deserves to be punished but all the other "lazy" plays are ignored? I'll never figure out why you guys ALWAYS defend Brian Snitker even in situations like this one where it doesn't make any sense. Ender Inciarte = Benched for being lazy Ronald Acuna = Benched for being lazy Johan Camargo = Not benched for being lazy Oh wait, it's because Camargo never stood and watched a HR so it's ok that he's lazy? Doesn't make one lick of sense.
  15. Outside of game 1 of this series, the last few games the bullpen appears to be finally turning it around.
  16. This is like saying that it's ok to give a person a speeding ticket for doing 100 on a Tuesday but if they do it on a Friday it's ok to look the other way. The fact that you don't understand this mindblowing.
  17. Exactly!!! I have no idea why that is so hard to understand for the Brian Snitker nuthuggers!!
  18. He made the right decision with Acuna today. But only if he had made the same decision with Camargo. What is so hard to understand about that? Why is it a crime to call Snitker out for benching Acuna for being lazy but not doing anything to Camargo for being lazy? The fact that you're DEFENDING Snitker says more about you than it does me.
  19. I like the idea of benching guys for being lazy. I hate that Snitker ignores some guys being lazy. Also, you're gonna defend him regardless of what I say because "he's manager of the year" and can do no wrong.
  20. HOLY ****!!! GRAND SLAM!!!
  21. The only way he made the right decision TODAY is if he had made the SAME DECISION with Johan Camargo the multiple times Camargo was lazy. That is what I want. I want ALL PLAYERS treated equally. I don't want the best player on the team to be punished when one of the worst players on the team is allowed to be lazy with no punishment.
  22. So that's where we draw the line at? Alright, I'm done. It's clear to me that you're not interested in treating ALL PLAYERS the same. You're just gonna defend Brian Snitker regardless.
  23. LOL!!! Way to totally avoid the point because I don't like Snitker. Snitker has nothing to do with Camargo being a lazy player and you defending him for not benching Camargo for being a lazy player.
  24. So it's a crime to stand and way homeruns or potential homeruns but it's ok to be lazy all the other times you're playing baseball? That's good to know.
  25. So I guess I just imagined all those weak jog attempts to 1B that Camargo has turned out this year?