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  1. Charlie Culberson had 6 career homeruns coming into this year. He's already got 5 this year.
  2. I step away for a minute and come back and see that it's 2-2. Anibal Sanchez is pitching like straight garbage tonight.
  3. Glad that I was right and it's just tightness and they removed him to keep it from getting worse.
  4. Wow, I was wrong. Culberson is playing 2nd base. Wonder why they didn't flip Camargo and put Culberson at 3rd like they've done previously when Ozzie has gotten a day off?
  5. Ozzie looked to grab his right hamstring on the double he hit. Hopefully it's just tightness and getting him out right now to get treatment on it keeps it from being a bigger issue.
  6. No he won't Chip. Camargo will flip to 2nd and Culberson will take over 3rd.
  7. A single, a walk and 2 stolen bases out of the lead off spot for Acuna! I love it.
  8. Acuna steals 2nd again.
  9. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is Acuna walks in his 2nd AB. The bad news is Culberson pinch-hits for Ozzie.
  10. Wow!! Anibal Sanchez is living on the edge! It's a miracle that the Nationals have scored just 1 run with all those baserunners.
  11. 31 mother****ing pitches for Anibal Sanchez to make it through the 1st inning,.
  12. Dear Anibal Sanchez, please get your **** together!! Sincerely Braves Nation!
  13. This is why walking the ******* leadoff hitter to start the game after being given a 2-0 lead is a ******* bad thing!!
  14. WTF are the Braves doing there? I hate this ******* team sometimes!! That was just beyond downright stupid!!! Hello? Get your ******* brains out of your ******* ***!! I guess I'm the only one that knew that Eaton would take off for home on the throw to 2nd there.