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  1. Also they gave away Jake Odorizzi to the Twins for a fringe prospect. They could have gotten such a better deal for him. I don't know what the Rays are doing but it's not good. Hello to last place for the foreseeable future.
  2. Yes it does. The last one looks like the old Houston Oilers. I miss the Houston Oilers. They had nice uniforms.
  3. Incredible sinker. Pure nastiness. Another great one was Brandon Webb.
  4. Lineup I'd like to see is Ender Inciarte - CF Ozzie Albies - 2B Freddie Freeman - 1B Ronald Acuna - RF Corey Dickerson - LF Johan Camargo - 3B Catcher Dansby Swanson But that's just wishful thinking because the Braves picking up Corey DIckerson makes far too much sense.
  5. Yep. Falcons have really missed having a guy like him on the team.
  6. See, that is what I don't understand. All the players crying collusion and yet there's big money deals out there to be had, but for some reason they're not "good enough." Can you believe that J.D. Martinez really said he feels disrespected? WTF? I'd love to have a $144M deal that's "disrespectful."
  7. Well if you can't add RH power then add LH power instead. This whole "gotta be lefty/righty crap" is overplayed. The year the Braves won it all their 4/5/6 hitters were McGriff, Justice and Klesko, all lefties. Didn't hurt them any then.
  8. I just don't know if they'll do that. They experiencemented with an 18 week regular season with 2 bye weeks schedule in 1993. It got major negative criticism so it was a 1-and-done. I mean it may work now if they do the schedule properly, but I have no doubt they're capable of doing that. They still schedule stupid things like giving a team a MNF game following a TNF game, making a team play MNF and then play on the west coast the next week and things of that nature. Things that should never happen.
  9. BTW, what's that whole collusion thing? BTW, the Padres grossly overpaid for him. I don't think fans realize how much of a steal Freddie's contract is. If Freddie was a free agent right now he'd easily rack up a deal worth over $150M.
  10. I'd kill to see the Braves eat Markakis's salary and sign Dickerson. Have an OF left to right of Dickerson, Inciarte and Acuna is miles better than the crap we had last year.
  11. I still would have done that deal. $7M a year is a steal these days for a top notch setup man like Watson.
  12. Exactly. He had the worst SB performance ever for a SB winning QB.
  13. Big Ben has had better teams. He's NEVER been a better QB than Matt Ryan. Career numbers Regular Season Big Ben - 4164/6493 (64.1%), 51,065 YDS (7.9), 329 TD, 174 INT, 94.0 QB Rating Matt Ryan - 3630/5593 (64.9%), 41,796 YDS (7.5), 260 TD, 126 INT, 93.4 QB Rating Postseason Big Ben - 422/676 (62.4%), 5256 YDS (7.8), 30 TD, 24 INT, 86.5 QB Rating Matt Ryan - 237/351 (67.5%), 2672 YDS (7.6), 20 TD, 7 INT, 100.8 QB Rating I don't get this love affair that you have with Big Ben. He's not better than Ryan and never has been. Ryan's playoff performance blows him away.
  14. Glad to hear that he's healthy.
  15. The Brady suspension. The fact that Goodell fault it so hard and that Brady eventually had to serve that suspension. If you don't think Kraft hates, or at least isn't a fan, of Goodell then you're being naive. I think Goodell feels the same way about Kraft. Notice how he has really tried to distance himself from the Patriots the last couple of years?