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  1. Well Dan Uggla was pretty proven when the Braves traded for him and that went ugly after only one year. Works both ways.
  2. Shane Carle's 3rd outing ago was a perfect inning against the Marlins.
  3. Every team has a rough stretch. This was bound to happen eventually.
  4. I'm thinking the same thing.
  5. 2, not 3.
  6. Two bad games in a row by Shane Carle. Ruh Roh!!!
  7. WOW!!! Acuna completely laid out!!
  8. It's been much pleasant.
  9. Once again, another replay call that goes against the Braves. Amazing how the Braves always get the short end of the stick.
  10. Acuna looked safe for sure. But it's replay and these calls away go against the Braves.
  11. Eric Collins. He's the PBP man for the Hornets. He used to do games for the Dodgers. Does college football games for FOX in the fall. Chip is at his twins graduation tonight.
  12. Should have been. But we'll never know.
  13. Thanks Blue!!! I am so sick and tired of umpires affecting the outcome of games. I'm just ready to boycott baseball!!
  14. Not a strike. Not even close to a strike!!
  15. Actually surprised that Arrieta isn't getting the veteran treatment here and being allowed to stay in the game.