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  1. Ronnie Brown isn't on the coaching staff. He's the sideline reporter for the radio broadcasts.
  2. Exactly. Braves are banking on massive improvement from the young kids to make up for the difference and if that happens then we'll be fine. But if it doesn't, then we're in trouble come October. We can absolutely make it to October as currently constructed, but just making it isn't good enough anymore. It's been 18 years since they Braves made it passed the NLDS. That's a long **** time!
  3. Whether you agree with it or not it's a legitimate point that hitting 8th in the NL is one of the hardest spots to hit in baseball. I'm not gonna put up with another year of every time I say something that's not kissing Brian Snitker's *** you coming on here and pointing it out like he's your grandfather and making an OBJECTIVE point that is negative about him is total blasphemy. It just blows my ******* mind that you've got nothing better to do.
  4. I'm not just talking about the division, and the Nationals are the only team that could be ahead of the Braves in division as things currently stand. I was talking about the NL as a whole has gotten much better and the Braves haven't. I'm not good with only making the playoffs again just to lose in the NLDS yet again. But as of right now if the Braves had to face say the Dodgers, Cubs or Nationals in the NLDS, I don't see the Braves winning any of those series.
  5. I've only been saying this on this message board since 2004 when I started posting here. The quickest path is a straight line.
  6. Not just the game, but the practices as well. I mean, it's not like they're not being shown on TV where they can be recorded for viewing at a later date.
  7. Go ahead and mark it down!! All it takes is playing for the Yankees.
  8. Except that's not gonna be the 1, 2, 3. We're gonna be forced to put Ender and his career 1st half .314 OBP back in the leadoff spot because our manager thinks like it's 1985 and you've got to have a "speed" guy in the lead off spot in order to be successful when that's just not true. This is the same guy that refuses to give Dansby Swanson any help by moving him out of the 8th spot and putting him into a spot where there's less pressure on him. He doesn't seem to understand that hitting 8th in front of the pitcher is one of the toughest jobs in baseball because you're riding a fence between "will the pitcher pitch to me or is he gonna throw me nothing but junk hoping I get myself out trying to get on base so the pitcher can bunt me over?" That's a terrible spot to put a young hitter in, especially in 2 outs runners on base situations. I can't tell you how many times I heard Joe Simpson say after a walk by the 8th place hitter in those situations (That's a bad walk. You as the 8th place hitter have to expand your zone and try to get a hit and not leave it up to the pitcher.) That's not the kind of pressure and spot we want Dansby in. Brian Snitker doesn't understand that. Bobby Cox did understood that, which is why you very rarely ever saw him put a young hitter in the 8th spot. If I had my way with the lineup, with the current guys we've got, I'd ask myself, what is Nick Markakis best asset offensive? That answer is easy, he gets on base!!! So, knowing that Markakis gets on base at a very high clip and that is his best asset, I'd hit him second. I love Acuna in the leadoff spot because scoring in the 1st inning is huge. I don't have a way to look this up but I've gotta believe that the winning percentage of teams that score in the 1st inning is easily over .700. Probably a lot higher than that. The amount of energy and momentum that Acuna generated in games in 2018 with leadoff homeruns was amazing. I don't want to lose that. Here's the order I'd run out there if I was calling the shots. Ronald Acuna Nick Markakis Freddie Freeman Josh Donaldson Ozzie Albies Dansby Swanson Tyler Flowers/B-Mac Ender Inciarte The only draw back that one could possibly have with this lineup is hitting Markakis and Freeman back-to-back at the top of the order with the potential to clog up the bases, but it's something that I'm willing to live with to take advantage of Markakis and his career .358 OBP. I'm also not opposed to trying Dansby Swanson at the top of the order if he's hitting like he did last April before the wrist issues popped up and hampered him the rest of the way. He hit over .300 last April and was just ripping everything in sight.
  9. Yes. The Braves have the best LONG-TERM hope of any team in the division but I think you're kidding yourself a bit if you don't legitimately think the Braves will have tough sledding in 2019 because of all the teams in the NL that have got better (at least on paper). The Braves outside of Josh Donaldson are the exact same team we were in 2018. Unless there is massive improvement from the young players, it's gonna be extremely difficult for the Braves to repeat as division champs in 2019. It's honestly very disappointing because this was the offseason that everyone has been talking about for a long time and the Braves have made 1 mega addition, and he's a guy who we're hoping has his injury problems behind him and will suit up for 150 games this year, but is far from a guarantee of that happening. I think it's fair to be disappointed in the lack of moves made by AA in the little over a year that he's been on the job.
  10. Live action and in the replay there was no grab of the face mask by Julio. Julio slapped Sherman in the face mask but he did not grab his face mask. Unless you can show me a different picture or replay showing that Julio grabbed Sherman's face mask then you're just complaining about something on a play that's not true and never happened.
  11. This sums it up perfectly for how I feel.
  12. I remember that but don't remember who it was.
  13. The 2 people that voted for Polanco should have their voting rights revoked.