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  1. Braves are losing Kevin Maitan, Abraham Gutierrez, Yunior Severino and Juan Contreras.
  2. Oh well. Braves are still in a great position moving forward. All these guys we're losing, while it sucks. were all 3-4 years away from the bigs and we all know how risky guys that far away are. They're anything but sure beats to pan out. All the Braves key prospects will arrive in 2018 or 2019 and that is when we'll see the fruits of this rebuilt.
  3. Minor had an incredible year in a LOOGY role for the Royals.
  4. Grant Dayton is an Auburn Tiger.
  5. Blown lead? Wtf? Falcons had the lead the entire game. Where is this blown lead you speak of?
  6. It wouldn't have come down to a FG attempt had the refs not handed Seattle 14 points they didn't earn. That's not even counting all the holds they didn't call against their OL.
  7. WON THE ******* GAME!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it beyotch!!
  8. Exactly. Falcons played a **** good game tonight. Picked up right where they left off against Dallas. This team is doing exactly what they did this exact same time last year. Peaking at just the right time to carry us to the playoffs.
  9. Same with that Jimmy Graham play early in the game when he never ran passed the 2 yard line but they put the ball at the 1 and gave Seattle a 1st down.
  10. We won a MNF in Seattle against a team that had won 11 straight MNF games. Holy ****? But I see all these threads and posts like we lost.
  11. Remind me again who won the game? Oh yes, the Falcons won the game. That means they closed it out.
  12. Nope. Great win and all I see is bitching.
  13. @Lornoth Did you watch Ward tonight? Big plays when we needed them like he usually does whenever his number is called.
  14. WTF is wrong with you people?