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  1. That's the thing though, the Falcons could beat the Patriots the same way the Chiefs did and it's not going to mean anything except that the Falcons will be 4-2. It's not going to erase what happened in the SB. The SB happened. It's done and over with and I was over the loss the very next day.
  2. I didn't read this autobiography that Mark Bradley wrote because I got to the point where he pointed out how year 9 is too late for a player to go from good to great. That's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Example #1 of why it's wrong, John Elway. JOHN ELWAY Age 23-32 (10 YRS) - 2375/4339 (54.7%), 30,216 YDS (7.0), 158 TD, 157 INT, 73.8 QB Rating Age 33-38 (6 YRS) - 1748/2911 (60.0%), 21,259 YDS (7.3), 142 TD, 69 INT, 88.9 QB Rating TOM BRADY Age 23-29 (7 YRS) - 1896/3064 (61.9%), 21,564 YDS (7.0), 147 TD, 78 INT, 88.4 QB Rating Age 30-40 (11 YDS) - 3501/5393 (64.9%), 41,977 YDS (7.8), 322 TD, 76 INT, 102.6 QB Rating For John Elway it took year 11 for him to go from good to great. for Tom Brady he went from good to great in year 8. It wouldn't, and shouldn't, surprise anyone if Matt Ryan did put together a few MVP quality years in a row, and it's far from over to think he can't still have an MVP type year this year.
  3. I saw. Good catch.
  4. I just get so sick of so many folks here acting like they're the Alabama of the NFL and that they're completely unbeatable. That Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are perfect and never make mistakes.
  5. I clearly meant they would be 4-3, not 3-2. I did not catch my mistake but thanks for pointing it out.
  6. Have you been on this message board since February? How about been on this message board since Matt Ryan's been QB?
  7. I said it a couple times Sunday and I'll say it again, it appears like this team got a big head from making it to the SB. Instead of coming into the season pissed about blowing the SB they have shown up like a SB win this year was a given and all they had to do was throw their helmets on the field. I see a bunch of "individuals" all out for their own glory out there instead of the "unity" needed to play at an elite level.
  8. "easy ones at home." That's your biggest mistake with this thread.
  9. There's a whole lot of Patriots envy on this message board, rather some folks want to admit it or not. If there wasn't we wouldn't have a million threads about them on here all the time. But for all the envy folks have of them and all the crap these same posters give the hometown team, here's some food for thought. If the Falcons beat the Patriots, the Falcons will be 4-2 and the Patriots will be 4-3 and all 3 of the Patriots losses will be at home. Chew on that for a bit. For all of the crap some of you folks put us through with your absurdness about how the Patriots are this big bad monster that can't be beat, blah, blah, blah, well yeah. You get the point I'm trying to make here.
  10. That's hilarious!!!
  11. I love the folks that think the Falcons should have played it safe and just taken the FG and OT when OT is anything but a sure thing. Going for the TD and the win in regulation in that situation is the right call. Falcons defense was gassed and hadn't been stopping the Dolphins offense at all in the 2nd half so I have no idea how folks act like the Falcons chances of winning the game in OT were higher than trying to win it at the end of regulation.
  12. That would be me. TG would catch the ball with his hands while boxing out the defender. We saw TG make that type of catch hundreds of times when he was here. If Hooper can't learn to use his body better and catch the ball with his hands then the Falcons need to worry about finding another TE.
  13. Exactly. Hooper has to make that catch. If Hooper can't regularly make catches like that then the Falcons better find another TE. Point blank honest truth of the matter.