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  1. Nope. He was also the last player left in the NFL that played in the 90s. So we can now officially close the door on the 90s and that makes me feel so old.
  2. Wow. I totally missed that news.
  3. @vel Just heard on CBS that Adam Vinatieri is going to announce his retirement tomorrow.
  4. Nevermind
  5. Exactly right. No way you slice it, it was not a mistake by TD to attempt to move forward with a younger kicker.
  6. Because the guy Matt Ryan has been from 2016-2018 is NOT the same guy he was from 2008-2015. I'm sorry that you can't see that. All these "issues" and "throws he can't make" he's made consistently the last 3 years. All the issues I ever had with him he fixed.
  7. I wouldn't go that far but I've been very critical of him at times. Nowhere near fan boy status. There was a time where I was about ready to move on from him for sure.
  8. @Vandy @Knight of God Care to tell this dumb*** that I'm not a Matt Ryan fan boy and that I have been plenty critical of him over the years? Seriously, this clown couldn't be more wrong about EVERYTHING. Prettist deep ball in the NFL? Answer Matt Ryan!! Holy crap dude!! Here's the video evidence. Like I said, the only people that think Matt Ryan lacks arm talent are DUMBASSES like you.
  9. Well I don't like using good teams early in the season. I try to get rid of the bad teams early so I have the good teams for later. Also, thought the Titans would be good enough to beat the weak *** Colts who were playing their 2nd straight road game to start the season. Figured the Titans would be sky high for their home opener after what they did to the Browns last week. Also was going by the fact that Jacob Brissett's record as a starter is terrible. He's now only 6-18 as starter.
  10. Not yelling. Using all caps for emphasis. Not being fan boy. I'm being honest. You're ******* stupid. Plain and simple.
  11. ******* Titans!! Picked them as my survivor pick this week and they lost.
  12. Doesn't look so clutch to me anymore.
  13. I wish Cervelli was getting more time right now to stay sharp at the plate.
  14. Also wouldn't surprise me to see Nick get some innings at 1B as well since he's got limited experience there. Losing Camargo and Culberson from the infield really really really really really hurts. Thank God the Braves got Hechavarria now because he's the only backup middle infielder the Braves have now.