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  1. This is false. Unless you can provide a link. and I bet you need to study up on what a “comorbidity factor” is.
  2. STG, We had some folks over who Has season tickets. Way before I saw this I said to him “so, is Atlanta United back?” by my count, this is six out of seven which is a historically good run. Can we at least have the discussion?
  3. Did Chuckie plan that whole sequence? There was no logic in kicking from the 27 with 4:30 left. A miss give the Ravens a great chance to win. And Chuckie knows he has no timeouts and now it’s a **** near 50 yarder! He knows they are 77 plays into the first game of the season and the Ravens think they are playing Matt Ryan, who would certainly take a sack to get pushed outside of field goal range. So the ravens are going to blitz big. Perfect play. Huge upside, almost no downside. Quick release so no sack. Deep ball to space so it’s your guy or no one. either brilliant or he’s lucky chuckie.
  4. We won’t know if cyanide as the next anti vaxxer Covid cure is the Onion….or not.
  5. Which would you rather be: The school that loses to the school that’s gets your head coach fired, or the school who gets the head coach of the team you just beat fired.
  6. Trumpism has murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans. Anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, Abbott, DeSantis, Carlson, and the rest of the political and media grifters appealing to the sycophants, bartering death for power….We have had more than 200 9/11’s with COVID. How many of those are the result of the politicization of science?
  7. Holy ****! I thought he was being sarcastic. These people are unreal.
  8. They are either the dumbest ****s on the planet, or are **** certain their constituents are…. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_DeSantis I guess we have our answer. Yale undergrad and Harvard Law. ******* psychopath mass murderer.
  9. Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive thru. Okay, a Red Lobster, but same difference….
  10. Sinema is either bat****crazy or Tulsi Gabbard II. A one off. Dump her And move on.
  11. Basic application of facts, reason, history and logic: “Shaming”
  12. We are in so much trouble. Deep fakes will make disinformation even more damaging.
  13. Does this mean I won’t get a ride in the WRS when I’m out there over Christmas?
  14. “Inevitably”??? WTAF? The ACA with a public option had 100% support from Democrats. A Democrat in a historically R+20 State and a bat **** crazy luna***** in Arizona is not “inevitably.” Flip Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. And then we can see about inevitability.
  15. Wait….you are posting this because it’s mocking the other guy‘s tweet. oh ffs.
  16. You are wrong. They don’t live in a world where Dems can blink their eyes. They think Dems can just wiggle their noses. Aside from that, SPOT ON!
  17. When was he vaxxed? This guy, Michael Z Lin, who seems like he knows his stuff, is recommending a single MRNA every six months.
  18. MTG called the request for the records “communism” but her threat the have the government determine the future of the corporations….????
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