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  1. Just released Remarkable fourth quarter video of Joel Embiib from his proctologist
  2. @Southern California Liar Happy Birthday. May I always be in your bougie boy top 2.
  3. What? Human rights violations by Putin’s Russia? Against Brown people?!?? I am sure we will be hearing from Corn Pop and Glenn Greenwald about this, and right soon!!!
  4. Go **** yourself, Josh. I mean, I’ve listened to Omar and I have plenty of concerns and all, but YOU, Josh, YOU should really go **** yourself.
  5. So this is Trump digging up dirt on his old lawyer to keep him in line and quiet, right?
  6. We purchased reservations when they announced that they are necessary about a month or so ago. It’s crowded. It feels like a national park during the summer. But yesterday we spent 4 miles I can virtually alone. We saw two or three other groups the whole time. four or five if you count the mama bear and her cubs and daddy on his own chowing down. And pooping. it took a while getting into Yosemite today. But we were at the worst time. last time I was here was alone on Christmas Day 1986. today As we drove in, I immediately recognized the place where I turned around on my bike ride (t
  7. But is experiencing National Parks with your family REALLY bougie?
  8. Can’t wait to post the FB pics. YO SEMITE today! There are certain to be mountain pics. Very LARGE mountains… Good. Good. Let the bougie hate flow through you.
  9. Sequoia National Park has extremely large trees. That is all.
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