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  1. Fewer Americans died of Covid today than any single day since March 2020. Fewer cases than any day day since June 2020. (cases were under reported for several months because we did not have sufficient testing.) This is what happens when the government gives a ****. also, since January 20 America is gone from ninth and deaths per Capita to 18th in deaths per capita if we could only get those who are still engaged in vaccine idiocy, I mean vaccine hesitancy, to get their **** together we would be done with this ****.
  2. Not crazy about the bat flip and slow start, but the collective “BOOM” stepping on home plate was pretty cool.
  3. Most folks are saying it was intentional, and maybe it was. But certainly not nearly as flagrant as others on Acuno. Without his history, it would be nothing. But he has a history, so you have to protect him. I don’t think the bench needed to be cleared, but I say a pluck is coming.
  4. research? Given your apparent knowledge, I thought you had vast education in this area. Which makes me wonder where you’re actually getting your information from? Because it is clearly limited and seeking to assert an agenda and mislead you. For someone who is so knowledgeable about history, I’m not impressed with your reading comprehension. I definitely was clear that I was talking about the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. The best predictor of whether or not someone was opposed to the civil rights act was theiregion. The south was very solidly against it. The rest
  5. You sound like you are very knowledgeable about history. So please tell me, Other than Southern states, were democrats from the rest of the country more likely or less likely than Republicans to support the civil rights act? next question, what time do the party affiliation of those so the Democrats that voted against the civil rights act? Did they remain in the Democratic Party? I appreciate someone as knowledgeable as yourself providing this information to us. Thank you. are you also knowledgeable about probability and statistics? Based on the answers above, what would be a bet
  6. Wow. Top qualifying position for Lewis Hamilton. #100. He’s taken more poles than Greg Louganis. No? How about: More poles than a Krakow Hooker?
  7. Glenn Greenwald legitimizing the totally bonkers, I mean perfectly rational theory that Fauci is responsible for COVID. That’s some ******* weird chocolate, dude.
  8. “I’ve got a mental illness, dip****. You’re going to ******* jail.”
  9. Mother ducker!! Another addition to the Jews Behaving Badly Power rankings
  10. I don’t want to live in a world in which children can’t dream of snow days.
  11. We hosted a surprise party and I missed the whole thing. Which would have been fine if my Rev/patriot fan nephew in Boston hadn’t sent me an obnoxious text.
  12. This is good. Now, if Hennessy blows out his knee, Matt Ryan can still get the football.
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