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  1. Once the trial transcript is released (sometime after tuesday) the public will FINALLY see just how complicit LaBerge was with the Governor. Plus, there were pages of texts and tons of meetings between her and Ryan Teague . . . (Isn't that the guy that HolyMoses has been talking about for almost a year?) Read the memo carefully. My theory is that Holly was perfectly willing to help the Governor shut down the investigation. The overwhelming and unrebutted evidence is that she was. But she was NOT happy about the Governor's office disturbing her beach time, so she "showed them" by writing this memo. This ONE memo, despite evidence of countless communications between them. Essentially, ANY discussion between the Governor's OFFICE staff about the investigation was inherently coercive AND illegal under Georgia law. But only one memo . . . .
  2. It took a few days, but someone in the Governor's office finally read the statute and realized the pressure from their "legal team" is actually ILLEGAL when the "team" includes state employees. Suddenly, it's just about "scheduling." Doesn't Georgia deserve a Governor who can at least keep his story straight?
  3. I don't expect my conservative friends to vote for Carter, but I can ask! As has been pointed out, If you really don't want Deal to win this thing, you really should hold your nose and vote for Carter. But I still think this is all going to be moot: Deal will be indicted before November.
  4. I'm sorry to report that holyMoses is busy picking up the tiny bits of his brain that exploded all over his living room as he was reading the AJC articles and attachments and watching the Dale Russell interview with Holly Laberge. All-around good guy and director of Georgia common cause, William Perry likened the ethics commission to a soap opera many months ago. These days, it is a soap opera written by David Lynch. Hopefully, Moses will return shortly. Maybe he will tell us what he thinks about the fact that this memo was not produced during discovery of his wife's case. I'm sure he will NOT be able to tell us the difference between "correspondence" and a memo written to a file with the intent of being distributed to other members of the commission. In the meantime, Assistant Attorney General Brian Webb, what in blazes were you thinking?!?!?
  5. Can we migrate the old thread? CRAP!!! How do we access the old thread? ALL my training data is there! And nowhere else! I turbo trained twice last week, not much going on though. Nice little mountain bike ride to and around "flat creek" Saturday. Cross race today. It was perfect: I did the "C's" race because it was the most convenient and a friend of mine did it. I BIFFED going into the first barrier because my pedal came OUT of the crank. (That's not supposed to happen, but after eighteen years, the bearings of my very first generation spd's sort of seized up.) Anyway, I got MY bearings, asked some folks for an allen wrench, waited for a bit, realized no one was going to bring me one. Road out to the parking lot. Used my allen wrench to put my pedal back on TIGHTLY, got back on the course, passed back about twenty folks and finished 13, which was cool because I was racing below my catagory and it would have been uncool to place AND to NOT place because I got my butt kicked. This way, I had fun, a decent result, good excuse, and didn't take anyone's prize money.