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  1. Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham blamed Pelosi, confirmed that there were election irregularities, but said Biden would be inaugurated. Lindsay Graham is a despicable piece of ****.
  2. Not his congressional testimony, because that is largely preordained political kabuki. Bit any criminal trial testimony would go bonkers on pay per views. I’d be in.
  3. Update on the bat **** crazy side of my family: 70 something cousin is off respirator but still in the hospital. Her daughter sent me video from inside the Capital of “BLM” preparing to storm the House Chamber. Yes, Black Lived Matter. Her vote counts as much as yours or mine.
  4. Better idea: Let’s change the minimum age to $15.00 then cry like ****** that it isn’t $22.25
  5. Was that a moan from Lamar Jackson just before they went to commercial?
  6. I don’t know. We are at our Blue Ridge place: The first denial: “I don’t smell anything.” (Hardly original) The 2nd denial: “You know we rent this place out to other people”
  7. My older boy flew back to school two days ago. Last night I smelled weed outside of my younger boy’s room. So, not happy my 17 y/o is smoking, but very glad my older boy knows better than trying to Ron Mexico his flight. And nice that he would share with his little bro. So I tell younger son “nice of big bro to ditch his stash to you before he left” [Insulting denial. Insulting denial, confession] Here’s the funny part: He assumes big brother ratted him and calls him all pissed. We just had a nice 5 mile hike in the snow during which he told me how impressed he was
  8. 1) We don’t speak because JDave has decided not to speak to me. But he’s good with me. He’s got warts. I’ve got warts. When my friends call me on my warts, even if they are dickish, humorously or otherwise, I try to listen, even when it hurts. Even when it’s hard. But sometimes I don’t, because, like I said. I have warts. 2) Whatever. If that’s JDave’s hand (and I assumed it was not) then it probably really is a coincidence. But anyone who feels compelled to report me go ahead and knock yourselves out. I’ve been banned before. 3) Definitely not reciprocal. JDave was a good and val
  9. Is that actually JDave? I would expect more callouses on his fret fingers. Finger. Whatever.
  10. Got it. Middle finger. Also white power, but that’s probably a coincidence. JDave won’t see this because the guy with the middle finger post ghosted me for being a meany, but I wonder if he’s proud of his Kelly and Dave votes.
  11. Also: after fifth down, he still has not scored the game winning touchdown against the Missouri Tigers.
  12. He should immediately resign or be fired and be accountable for any civil and criminal liability. What the **** do you think I have to say. and if anybody else in the organization knew about this, same applies to them. Also, you’re an *******.
  13. If they said they were gonna be sending $2000 checks after people already had their $600 checks, then you’re absolutely right. That’s why I laid out the scenario that was my understanding. but according to this, while some direct deposit checks might’ve arrived earlier, the official date of the checks was January 4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/12/29/600-stimulus-checks-are-on-the-way-heres-who-will-get-them-first.html
  14. **** Gen x/y/whatever’er. Btw...Ima tell my grandchildren this was Debra Harry before Blondie.
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