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  1. Glad mines is 14. She going to fright fest with a friend lol. So I’m good
  2. Gage is average. Nothing wrong with that. He is a replaceable player
  3. I gotcha. Yeah they do play with the wrong arm. I’m screaming at my TV about playing with your outside arm.
  4. You can’t stick a gun to a players head and forced them to do the right thing. I seen Fowler hold the edge plenty before he was hurt. So some players are getting coached and others aren’t?
  5. Nah that’s Means not holding the edge. Coaches can’t do it for him
  6. Means is horrible at setting and holding the edge. Can’t wait to replace him
  7. Where can you find defensive ratings at? I’m trying to see if Joc or Soler have better defensive numbers
  8. That was horrible. The safety has to come and take that slant smh
  9. That’s the video. Bout to go look for it on YouTube and savor the moment lol
  10. Where is that video of the L.A. journalist talking about how this series would be boring again lol
  11. I trust the 3 starters for sure. The key for me is the offense doesn’t go in a rut. They have to match them boys hit for hit and run for run
  12. Houston offense is the real deal. Braves starting pitching will have to keep them in check. But on the flip side their pitching isn’t up there with the Dodgers or the Brewers. Offense will definitely hit and score runs
  13. We got there boys!!!we headed to the Fall Classic!
  14. I was just about to ask about the stadium because I’m watching it at a bar
  15. The Dodgers knew he wasn’t starting in game 6 this entire time
  16. I’m convinced you create threads just because or it’s a random thought in your head
  17. Fried going tomorrow. Like our chances boys
  18. True. But I bet the Dodgers don’t want to face Morton in game 7 either
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