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  1. Alt posters are so funny
  2. You are out your mind. Dallas o line is average without Tyron Smith
  3. Cause he is setting up the bootlegs in the 2nd half
  4. Dilly Dilly
  5. Nope. Concentration is a players problem. These guys are in the NFL.
  6. This team lacks concentration. Only valid reasons for these drops.
  7. Good stuff. Thanks sac
  8. So you got mad about that? Or maybe that was hyperbole
  9. It's on the seniors. They have to get the entire team to focus
  10. I agree Sac. I expect next week against Pitt to be a struggle too. But when we play Clemson I expect the same fire and intensity like we saw in the ND game
  11. Never count on the Redskins for anything
  12. Hey i expected too sadly
  13. I can definitely agree with that
  14. I like Kam and Sherman. But in my opinion Earl is the one irreplaceable on that defense