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  1. I know they won’t do that. Heck they don’t even need to. Just be top 8 and I will be happy with that
  2. John C Malone is worth around $20 billion. He ain’t hurting. He just doesn’t value the Braves like we do. Hopefully LM sells the Braves soon.
  3. I will be so happy when they sell the Braves to someone that actually cares
  4. I like the effort even if I disagree with the players
  5. Exactly players play lol. I got to One Life now and it’s not that bad. I have been to some big gyms and they definitely look like a resort. I could never go to Planet Fitness though
  6. I always favor the bigger gyms because of more equipment. And more people there always motivated me because I absolutely hate the gym lol. Hated practice hated training. I was definitely a game kind of player😂😂
  7. Could be he knows the owner. Or maybe it’s cheap and he doesn’t want to spend money😂😂
  8. It’s a gym lol. They trying to motivate people to get into shape to look good naked
  9. As someone that followed him while he was at North Carolina I have no idea what they saw.
  10. I been following Trevor from the time he was a freshman at Cartersville. I think he will be an absolute stud and a hall of fame QB. I’m taking him over all QBs in this draft. And Urban Meyer will too
  11. Tom Brady has a history of concussions according to his wife. NFL will clear him believe that
  12. I’m going to resign Ridley and let Foye walk if I’m TF. Ridley will be playing under the 5th year option by then
  13. This is where team doctors earn their money. Someone will get a very good player. Question is how long will he last. Could be for 10 plus years. Or could be a year.
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