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  1. I too love our corners
  2. Have to agree. Leveon and Johnson are the runaway two best backs in the NFL
  3. I said corners not secondary. Their top 3 corners are better than our top 3. I like our safeties better
  4. Not bad. Denver corners are on another level. But I really like ours. Defense has a chance to do something special
  5. Lol you dont know anything about Uncle Luke or his wife. They dont need any insurance from anyone to start talking
  6. Max is actually right too. He is a Giants fan so you know he hates the Boys. I can see Dak as a top 10 QB after this year. And he played like one last year. A lot of bad starting QBs in the NFL
  7. You would be wrong cause Skip doesn't work for ESPN anymore
  8. *yawn*
  9. Always sign a year too early instead of a year too late. Always
  10. He will be fine. These guys have access to some of the worlds best nutritionists and strength coaches. They know if someone's frame can handle the added muscles. No big deal
  11. Blank is a fine man. A lot of people could learn from him
  12. I can see top 20
  13. Takk wasnt top 10 value man
  14. I'm glad Vick is retiring as a Falcon because it piss some fans off. Great entertainment for me