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  1. Julio won’t even respond to this
  2. Exactly my point. Houston might trade Watson for a **** 7th round draft pick lol
  3. So what, Stidham and a 3rd would do it?
  4. Simmons is my favorite player in this draft. Him all day and I love Brown
  5. Lol facts bro
  6. Julio almost killed a man lol
  7. Your idea is a good one. I just don’t think it helps our long term goals out
  8. You know it’s more likely that a draft pick will stick compared to an udfa.
  9. You have no ST depth though. McKay wouldn’t sign off on that
  10. Deion Sanders
  11. I thought I read Free was. Maybe I’m mistaken
  12. I don’t think MLB wants the World Series to compete with the NBA,NFL,college football but they might not have a choice
  13. And we get more after the draft because Tru and Free are post June 1st cuts. But that will be for the draft class probably