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  1. That makes no sense lol. This is a business. Do you worry about your co workers pay before your own?
  2. True
  3. He is just 20. Game will slow down for him
  4. It's called learning on the job
  5. Punt,punt return matters a lot more than kickoff coverage
  6. Win the Super Bowl in the Benz. Undefeated season has already been done. No team has ever won the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Set the trend,dont follow them
  7. He is the guy that said Deion Jones would suck. So Beasley might go down as the best DE of all time now lol
  8. His best is 16 sacks.
  9. Thanks
  10. Thanks man
  11. Can someone link the entire 9th inning. Missed the game sadly
  12. NBA was just like that until a scandal broke out over 10 years ago. Perception of fixed games scares leagues.
  13. Scares of bad PR
  14. This is a huge reason why baseball should be scared of the Supreme Court ruling. Some people would mistake this as a fix. Just saying
  15. It's all jokes man. Just jokes lol. Go Braves