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  1. Not playing press. No way you could even do it. You would have to turn and run. And that goes against all zone concepts as a corner. I need to see the all 22. Collingsworth called it quarters and he is usually spot on
  2. Exactly.
  3. Neal was supposed to be overtop. Oliver missed his jab at the line. That's the only thing he did wrong
  4. Thank you!
  5. Wrong. That wasn't Oliver's man. They were playing zone
  6. Actually he was in zone. They were playing quarters. You can tell he is playing zone cause he keeps his eyes on the QB. Neal was supposed to be over top
  7. They don't understand corner is the hardest position to play on defense and second hardest period after QB.
  8. And Ryan audible to the WR screen because Schwartz was stupid enough to blitz on 4th and 3. I love it though
  9. I mean I don't know what he was thinking. He had to know Dirk would have a WR screen coming
  10. Lol Schwartz called a stupid blitz on 4th and 3. He played himself. Ish was stupid as ****
  11. Exactly. Let's see what he can do
  12. He would get a lot of the blame for sure.
  13. Very well could be right.
  14. He said Ryan would never win an mvp. He said he wasn't good enough. That's wrong. Just accept it and move on. He looks like a average qb right now to me. Let's see what he does to redeem himself
  15. Nah, swift said Ryan would never win an mvp. He was wrong on that