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  1. I don’t see Nebraska getting back unfortunately. There is no reason at all Texas should be horrible. The Longhorn Network gives them an advantage that Bama doesn’t have. All that instate talent and they are letting it go.
  2. I’m hoping for that too. Especially for Miami because I honestly we were the original bad boys of college football. Everyone hated us when we were good because we were outspoken. Hopefully we get back to that hatred lol
  3. Exactly this will be a tough situation for him and our entire team against Bama but this is what college football is all about to me. And I love it
  4. That’s setting the bar at my expectations. You obviously have higher expectations and that’s fine. Going from 31st ranked defense to 20 is a big accomplishment to me
  5. He’s been running since April. And he has been doing drills but he hasn’t really tested it yet. Once fall camp opens he is supposed to full go. I can’t wait to see how far we have came in this game. Bama will tell us everything we need to know about Miami football
  6. Being ranked 10 isn’t slightly above average. If the Falcons rank anywhere in the top 20 this year I will be pleased
  7. Yeah he has been around for awhile lol.
  8. Orange Bowl was something else. It was legendary
  9. It will depend on the health of King and if our defense continue to improve. Losing our top two DEs suck. I’m looking at better LB play. We should be favored in every game outside of Bama and the ACC Championship game. But I expect a good season and possibly great depending on King’s health
  10. I can see how that would be annoying. I can’t wait for Bauer reaction
  11. **** that’s impressive. And hopefully Andruw gets in the Hall soon
  12. Yeah I’m excited to go to Texas A&M next year to see Miami play them. Can’t wait for that one
  13. Auburn schedule is tough with those teams and already playing in the SEC west
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