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  1. I agree. Yoga can also help with it
  2. I would say a month or 6 weeks. Hammy's are problematic. But 6 weeks he should be good.
  3. Remember teams throw it more now. We had a great running game last year. Matt averaged almost 34 pass attempts a game. Big Ben averaged 36 attempts a game with Bell at RB. Elite qbs will throw it 30-35 times a game on average
  4. The elite QBs throw the ball 30-35 times a game.
  5. Ryan is keeping his weight on his back foot more. Has nothing to do with Sark. Has to do with Ryan putting in the work to get better
  6. This is the Sark I'm use to seeing. You were right gazoo lol
  7. Exactly. They dont come around often. Those game changing FS are very very rare
  8. Ed was a very underrated tackler. 2nd best safety to come out of Miami
  9. Yes I have. I like to see them even when they dont make the plays. Before the draft I compared Hooker's range to that of Ed Reed.
  10. Carolina o line still horrible huh
  11. That's why you watch entire games and not highlights. Hooker is vastly superior in pass coverage. And there is no debate about range. Hooker is vastly superior in that too