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  1. He had COVID. And he is a rookie. Give him time
  2. Morris should fire DK right now for essentially ruining his chances of being the Falcons permanent head coach
  3. Yep. Have to be a clean slate now. Hope Louis Reddick gets an interview for the GM spot
  4. I don’t care if Elmo is the HC long as DK isn’t in Atlanta next year
  5. For someone that is so smart Ryan does some of the dumbest stuff smh. Even in Madden you know not to take that sack
  6. Matt had a receiver coming open on a in route. Maybe he didn’t see him
  7. People grow and mature with experience. Did you not at your job?
  8. Running from Julio huh? But for real that sucks for the Saints.
  9. The team needed a new voice. I don’t think they ever trusted Quinn again after the Super Bowl. These next 7 games will tell us everything we need to know about Morris and his chances of righting the ship
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