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  1. Mario Cristobal is a great recruiter.
  2. Jalen has always talk trash but he can back it up. Done it at FSU. I wonder what his thoughts on Winston is though
  3. Only the Eagles can talk trash. Everyone else is a loser. Period
  4. This is fun
  5. Nice win Bravos. Let's get another one tonight
  6. If it's on the road I would take Anibal
  7. Yeah that is very very interesting.
  8. That is crazy man @ohiodawg8 did Herman and Urban have heat while Herman was the OC
  9. Dang! Well that confirms it's all true cause Herman would know. I always thought Herman and Urban was cool
  10. I mean just how he tried to cover up arrests and how he knew about Aaron Hernandez gang ties when he recruited him and still gave him a recommendation to the Pats. Urban would do anything to win. That's why I'm not shocked by his attitude towards this.
  11. I'm not saying his wife is innocent. But I dont think he is either. I just dont think he would be suspended if things were on the up and up
  12. Yes he is. If I didn't know of Urban's dealings at Uf I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But since I do I just can't.
  13. Sorry he had domestic issues in Gainesville and Columbus. Nobody even knew anything about this until Big 10 media day. Urban knew something was up and that's why he fired him. He lied about knowing Zach was accused of domestic violence in 2015. I dont buy it at all. Urban is the most powerful figure at Ohio State. If he wouldn't have mentioned this nobody would have investigated anything
  14. Exactly I just find it hard to believe she got all those bruises cause he was trying to remove himself from the situation.
  15. Urban pretty much runs Ohio State. They wouldn't have made him fire the grandson of his mentor that was a head coach of Ohio State. That's why I believe Zach beat up his wife. Too much smoke for there to be no fire