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  1. Greg is athletic. He was a WR and safety in high school. He will kill the combine and pro day
  2. The risk must outweigh the reward for him. Would love if he felled to us late in the first
  3. Just cancel the whole **** season smh
  4. He is human. Humans change their minds. People on Twitter are acting stupid. Like they have never changed their minds before
  5. I pray he is healthy physically,mentally,emotionally. Don’t care about football. His wellbeing is what I’m concerned about
  6. Definitely feel the same way when you guys go head to head with a recruit against those two also
  7. Hope so man. Manny has turned it around on the recruiting front it seems. The QB and the OL are the two biggest question marks but King looks real solid at QB. OL will tell the story.
  8. Hey guys Miami is looking good for Jason Marshall from what I’m told. Not any prediction but I was told Bama/Miami are dead even for the 5 star corner
  9. Yep he will commit to us. One of my sources said we are in play for a few 5 stars. The pandemic has recruits and parents wanting to stay closer to home.
  10. I was about to say who are the Buffalo Jays than I remembered 😂😂
  11. Good win but this team has to overcome Snit horrible decisions too often
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