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  1. That's good for UGA. That's the only way a kid gets out of Lakeland that UF wants
  2. I would bet money he goes to UF though. Unless his parents is running his recruiting and not the coaches
  3. I would be stunned if Bowman goes anywhere except UF right now. Word is UF is really pushing for him and Lakeland pushes kids to UF and away from other schools
  4. He definitely isn't afraid to compete. Dude has a confidence about himself that is almost arrogant but he is a humble person. Great get for some program
  5. Tank is the best football player in the state of Georgia for the 2020 class
  6. How is Trump declaring a national emergency for a wall and circumventing Congress constitutional?
  7. Never will it die lol. You're opinion holds more weight with me than you probably know. So I believe you and you have always been fair.
  8. I would think someone would leak it before though. The timing is suspicious though. But it doesn't matter now
  9. Ok sir. Let it be odd
  10. He is. He probably will do decent at the combine. I say a 4th or 5th round pick
  11. Homer is a tough runner. Has top end speed and is very strong. Wasn't featured as a receiver much but he has some decent hands. Pass protection needs work but he is a willing blocker
  12. Lol you assume a lot. I'm from Miami and went to Miami so could it be possible all my south Florida contacts are people I went to school with,family,or personal friends?
  13. You weren't there so you really dont know. It's the same thing. You believe him when you weren't there lol
  14. And I can promise you Manny will use that ex UGA baseball player against UGA. I don't think UGA is a racist college or Athens is a racist city. But I promise Manny will use it as will other coaches. Not that it will work
  15. Not directed at you but my south Florida sources has been solid for the most part. I told Sac a day or two before he announced that Sony was a done deal to UGA. I told g dawg the night before that Tyson was all UGA but I was hoping he stays. If they provide wrong info I have no problem admitting it. But this guy at Southridge is pretty solid. Kirby probably said something like Miami is a cesspool and wont get you ready for the NFL. They are soft and blah blah blah. Nothing major lol