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  1. Ishmael is the reason for that td. That's why he doesn't need to be on the field much. Horrible recognition
  2. Oh yeah big time pressure is on Richt to give up playcalling and replace o line coach and the qb coach. His son is the qb coach. Offenses has evolved since Richt was the OC at Florida state.
  3. Rudy should stick to helping Trump. He is the best thing the Dems got going
  4. Naming mines NSA we watchin today lol
  5. Hey WOR did you hear about the Republican Texas judge that released all juvenile suspects after he lost? Just read it bout 20 mins ago
  6. So you're saying Tucker Carlson hasn't voiced white supremacists propaganda?
  7. Lol exactly. Took the bait
  8. Did you care when Trump said "Grab her by the..."
  9. And this is why people like you get no respect. You're a far right extremist. No need to take pleasure in her fall
  10. Couldn't agree more. I'm hoping the House starts issuing subpoenas in January to put people under the gun
  11. Yes sir
  12. Your political standings are usually on the wrong side just like WFW. But you are both Falcon fan like me so we have that in common lol
  13. Or when the person you're ignoring is simply too ignorant to even entertain a civil debate
  14. I'm calling it we go 12-4. Just watch