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  1. Thank you. Even though we disagree on certain issues I respect yours too. I even respect WFW opinion even though it seems I don't at times lol
  2. Yes sir it is lol
  3. Not weird using it in that context. But my girl calls me papi during sex so whatever lol
  4. You forgot about V Tech?
  5. Not a good look. I know this isn't the distraction they wanted obviously. Perception is everything though.
  6. Anyone that supports a white supremacist on here is pathetic. But a few on here voted for Trump so I shouldn't be shocked
  7. The dateline guy?
  8. Smh. Well long as you are happy with a sexual predator
  9. You must feel the same about Trump policies too.
  10. Did he call black terrorists good people? Oh he didn't? Did he talk about sexually assaulting women? Oh he didn't. Did he call Mexican immigrants rapists? Oh he didn't.
  11. Trump is though. That's the problem. If Obama said the stuff Trump did I'm sure you would have something to say about it.
  12. Funny coming from someone that voted for a guy that is all about division.
  13. Jonny venters sinker was the best one I saw
  14. Black Panther was awesome. ****