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  1. Didn't see this one coming. Mac Jones is the starter now
  2. Probably because his brother just signed there Cooper Mays and his father was an All-American there and its his hometown
  3. The emergence of Damontae Kazee into a player seriously the only reason i tune in on sundays these days
  4. Living the Falcons life

  5. Thought i would start a topic to discuss whos leaving for the NFL on your favorite college teams. I havent seen much about this yet and you guys are more in the know than i am .
  6. http://columbia.suntimes.com/col-sports/south-carolina-gamecocks/7/137/71109/gamecocks-football/ Something’s in the water in Columbia. Reports indicate that Blake McClain has made the decision to transfer out of the Gamecocks football program, making the 10th transfer out of the program in the last few months. List of recent transfers: Blake McClain, DTMarcquis Roberts, LBShaq RolandK.J. Brent, WRGerald Turner, DLDrew Owens, TEKaiwan Lewis, LBMason Harris, DTNa’Ty Rodgers, OTDeon Green, DTSix of those players, including McClain, were key defensive players in the program. From College Football Talk: What it means is that Steve Spurrier will field a very young, raw and inexperienced squad in 2015, as Kendall points out: That large number of exits, which is expected to grow before fall practice begins, combined with the 31 newcomers set to join the team before next season means at least 36 percent of the Gamecocks scholarship roster will be first-year players. Including players who redshirted last season, 40 of the 85 players on the team will have never played a snap for South Carolina. The Gamecocks’ season kicks off in Charlotte on Sept. 3 against the University of North Carolina.
  7. the fact they thought they wouldnt have to upgrade for years. your constantly upgrading in IT
  8. A year and a half ago i was laid off and my department outsourced to another company so "money could be saved and reallocated to more necessary departments". I worked in IT for a local school system and after we rebuilt the whole system and took them from novell to full microsoft and helped them win an award for excellency in 21st century classrooms they decided to outsource IT maintenance to a company called VARTEK out of ohio( school is in Georgia...Brilliant right!)they decided that since we built such a good infrastructure they figured that it was "ridiculous to continue paying high salaries for just maintenance, since we wont need to upgrade for several years."hahaha well today i started working for a ga state agency in IT relieveing a long time of stress and im relieved i will be able to watch my falcons as i can afford directtv again. funny thing is im making almost 18k more a year now and that school system is looking for a way out of the contract with the outsourced company because of poor service. hahahahaha.
  9. i was typing this at 2 in the morning but i do find it ironic that in a post about spelling that you should be reminded notE has an e in it. lol
  10. I started watching it the year they had the cowboys(first year i believe) i dont even pay attention to the coaches, i like to see the player interaction and the behind the scenes of what goes into training camp and what happens after the draft. the process if you will
  11. I know ,I know huge distraction, blah blah blah. amongst you tell me who wouldnt be riveted by the juliio jones comeback story, the rodday white can he or cant he be effective storyline, Stephen Jackson is he or isnt he too old storyline,losing a hall of famer TE and filling the void storyline, and **** watching tape of hageman he would be a great storyline himself. say what you want about hard knocks but it has helped get the media attention alot of the posters say we dont get. and could go a long way to getting the dome pumped up even more on game day. Im just saying it would be a **** of a show and i would have a front row seat.
  12. I like Devin Hester. He's fast sure he lost a step but still fast. he knows how to return how to cut paths, and he doesnt fumble. it may not always be about youth but consistency.and in my opinion (here comes the flames) He may be needed when julio goes down again
  13. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2014/3/10/5491270/falcons-linked-to-free-agent-nt-paul-soliai
  14. Also What would one recommend i try next. I am thinking a pumpkin ale or a citrus red for fall time.
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