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  1. Rob Parker coming on Two Live Stews on 790 AM in 5 minutes for those who care to listen to this fool
  2. Atlanta Falcons Summary: Sean Weatherspoon is a good outside linebacker and has the strength and size to start and be productive in this league, but after that, it's a lot of wishful thinking. Corey Peters was a slight reach on my board even at 83 and has a ways to go to improve his skills. Joseph Hawley has a chance to develop, but a pair of guards and no tight end or even a shot at a defensive end surprises me. I don't see an improved football team. Draft grade: C- A little bit harsh, but speaks to what a lot of people were crying about on this board about the draft
  3. Thought the movie was pretty good, but I stayed after the credits and didn't see anything, maybe it was my theater?
  4. Do you have a preference to either Mac or PC? MacBooks have always been the highest rated laptops, and the new ones are either $1299 or $1599
  5. Solid pick to build depth at tackle, dude is HUGE 6'7 310 lbs
  6. John Clayton on Sportscenter just said that he expects deal with Falcons to be completed by Monday
  7. I'm willing to give his new album a shot, audioslave and soundgarden were two of my favorite bands
  8. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/footb...0,5576642.story
  9. 2nd gen has an external speaker and can plug in microphone, I've heard that some accessories that worked with the 1st gen don't work with the 2nd gen
  10. Just saw on Sportscenter that we can clinch with a win and a TB AND Eagles loss, haven't heard that elsewhere
  11. Yeah technical difficulties on tbs, im watching it on mlb hot corner on mlb.com
  12. I just hope we pick any lineman with our next pick
  13. Can't believe Michael Johns was eliminated, one of my favorites on the show
  14. Fixed link http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/b...hafer_0409.html
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