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  1. it's most prevalent now... wtf you miss the 90's dude, Tupac was a major voice against illuminati, Killuminati the album? Pimp C claimed to be put in jail by the illuminati and often rapped about them being behind the scenes. It has always been there that was the first main objective of rap music to lend a voice to the people, where in we can ask questions about society and what people don't want us to know, the government hates rap music cause they question the government. In fact I would wager to say the government pays mass media to make sure guys like Waka Flocka Flames and Lil Wayne are at the fore-front of rap talking about money, cars and clothes rather than real artists with veiws that oppose them as a propeganda tool to take away credibility from people who deserve to have a real voice. They don't need a Lupe Fiasco, there's no need to let Nas have his 1 mic, songs like Words I Never Said(lupe fiasco), and Sly Fox(Nas) aren't supposed to be smash hits on the radio all the time, think about how often the message a rapper is trying to send is hidden on thier album? My favorite case point : KID CUDI -- if you've listened to his music you know this, his MTV/RADIO songs are songs like Make Her Say (about oral sex), Day and Night (about weed), That Tree (weed)... but if you've listened to his album you know to a tee almost every other song has a deep and profound meaning to it, yet there's no video for songs like Soundtrack to my Life or Heart of a Lion appearing on MTV every 3rd song but you can still hear we fly high, no lie you know this... ballin, anytime you want.
  2. I don't understand why you would think this is B.S. ohh yeah I'm 22, so I don't have to convince my wife. it's not like it's hard to get a girl who's interested in you to send you a racy picture of themself in one of your sports jerseys. Espiecialy when you are litteraly the only Atlanta Falcons fan anywhere near-by and they like the colors of your favorite teams jersey. If you have never gotten a photo like that from a girl you must be 1 of 2 things, 1 of them is totaly gay in which case you have Tom Brady or 2 not a sports fan in which case you don't own a sports jersey, I guess you could be an old guy or a total loser when it comes to girls. but most guys my age have gotten sexy photo's of thier girls in varied jerseys, girls that's always a sexy gift.
  3. That's awesome... I wish I had a shovel painted like that. The best I've seen is a girl who wanted to go out with me closed the deal and got me to take her to dinner by sending me a picture of her in nothing but a tight Michael Turner black throwback jersey that cut off at exactly the right spot to show alot of booty but kept it rated PG13 the holes were sexy aswell, I should call her...
  4. So wait the Don didn't get his turn... wtf? are you daft? The don started chucking the insults, he said the president wasn't american, he started the whole thing, All Obama did was respond, and he did it in hilarious fashion and didn't take any personal shots he only attacked the Don's comments about Obama, so stfu. If someone tried to publicly humiliate you and you retaliated by pointing out the fact that thier allegation is completely false I bet you wouldn't think twice about it. Fact is Donald said something, Obama proved he was a fool, he didn't make the Don look like a fool the don did that, Obama just point that fact out because he was attacked in the first place.
  5. if they made it split confrence USA and Canada it would piss us off when an american team laced with Canadians beat canada in a game. ie I hate that there were 7 players from British Colombia on the Chicago Blackhawks last season including Capitan Canada Johnathan Toews who's from Williams lake B.C. ironicaly not far from Vancouver the city who's heart he crushed on his way to the Championship. Although it's a two way street because the best American player in the game today is not the capitan but the emotional leader of the Canucks and grew up about as far away from chicago as williams lake to Vancouver. Bring them to Canada the only reason they moved in the first place was bad owners and a badly outdated stadium, they just built a multi-million dollar world class hockey stadium in winnepeg and they sold out every game in the histroy of thier franchise, Winnepeg is a prime place to put a hockey team.
  6. dude if they are advanced enough to travel here from wherever they come from we will be very easy to take over... best not to give them a reason to kill us all.
  7. wow I hadn't seen Quizz like that... I didn't expect him to be so effective between the tackles or to be as tough a runner as he is, especialy surprising when he trucks #20 on oregon.
  8. I hope when the Aliens come they chose to land in Canada where we will give them a proper welcome, it's not like we even have guns to kill them anyways, wonder if they like maple syrup? would they have taste buds? would they look like us? would they eat the same way as us? why do aliens have to look human? what's to say Aliens aren't giant space sharks?
  9. don't hate on them for living there lives, it's easy to critize how someone acts if you have never and will never be put in thier situation. It takes some people longer to finish school than others, some people have to adjust to cultural differences, and some will not life is a puzzle and everyone is looking at thier own different peice sometimes it's hard to see the full picture from glimps's of other people's peices.
  10. no only can she not sing, she can't dance ethier... I'd still **** her though
  11. huh those things are ****** defenetly don't got those here, bears on the other hand we do have.
  12. wtf is a chicida guess that don't happen in Canada too cold...? we got bunny's/squirles/seahawks/crows/seagulls everywhere here though there's pidgeons in the city but not in the suberbs...
  13. how can this look bad we have top playmakers all over the offense... 4 recivers that are better than the position we are playing them at + Roddy White, the best pure powerback in football today, 2 scat backs that can be game changers, the best blocking back around, the greatest TE to ever lace them up, a young QB that's tip-toeing the line between great and elite, and a nasty hard working group of hogs that plays extremly well together. Our defense will get better through development alot of young players are still coming into thier own I feel Lofton takes the step into elite all down linebacker this season plus we will make some moves on the DL and in the secondary in free agency to bloster our roster but alot of it will be letting our young guys develop into the players they will become.
  14. I assume a blind LSD trip would be similar to closing your eyes on LSD, as a note if you've never done LSD you only close your eyes for a few seconds at a time cause the **** you see when your eyes are closed is 90% crazyier, kinda like the Disney channel.
  15. Yeah Sophie (the neighbors daughter) will watch pretty much anything with us, she's seen alot of playoff hockey this year, she watched 11 Falcon games last season but I find it hilarious when I smoke a joint and watch childrens T.V. with her, Disney Channel is ******, seriously I thought the tele tubbies were bad but they're so normal compared to some of the things she watches...
  16. I end up watching kids shows when I babysit the neighbors daughter with my gf, one thing I learned from watching kids shows is, in order to write kids shows you have to do alot of Acid, like I've had acid trips less crazy then some of these shows...
  17. I figured it was the methiphoric up the creek with no paddle...
  18. I know I know Hockey right, how Canadian... But if you've watched or get the chance to watch it, the serise was straight out of a hollywood script, with the memory of 2 straight playoff loss's to Chicago looming Vancouver stomed out to a 3-0 serise lead led by Goalie Roborto Luongo who collapsed in concecutive seasons against the same Blackhawks. Then the serise took a twist after a Raffie Torres hit angered the Hawks they woke up and won 7-2 and 5-0 in the next two games, then led by the ref's they pulled a miraculos 4-3 OT win to force game 7. In game 7 Vancouver scored early when Superstar Center Ryan Kesler, who faces his personal rival Johnathan Toews who beat him the last 2 years in the playoff's aswell as leading Canada over the USA at the Olympic's, danced around Olympic gold medalist Duncan Keith and feathered a pass to Alex Burrows who burried the Opener in the sudden death game. Through the middle of the game Vancouver carried play led by superstar American Kesler an Vancouver native Dan Hamhuis but Rookie Cory Crawford stood on his head and Vancouver was up just 1-0 late in the 3rd when on a Burrows turnover Toews scored his first playoff goal shorthanded with just 1:58 on the clock no less. Early in OT it looked like Burrows would play the goat taking a holding penatly on Keith, but led by Kesler blocking shots and a focused Roberto Luongo the penalty was killed, shortly after Burrows transformed into a superstar gloving a clearing attempt out of the air and stepping in to rifle a rolling puck top shelf the thrill ride was over Vancouver finaly got Chicago, Kesler finaly beat Toews... ^^ It was a treat to watch an athlete work as hard as Kesler did in this serise, he took on his biggest rival the only guy who seems to beat him everytime, and when his back was against the wall and he had to take it to another level he turned into a monster... and Vancity's been a party ever since, I know only the first round but Chicago and Toews mean alot the defending champs and our biggest rival.
  19. haha in Canada if you have a child you can enroll them in any school anywhere so long as you can get the child to the school everyday... I accualy went to school in a different area because all the schools near my house had no football teams...
  20. So what you are saying is all kids have a right to the same education, but if you are from a poor community your kids must goto a poor school thus the poor stay poor because they goto crappy schools and the rich stay rich cause there is more total property tax going into thier school, the systym has been built to keep you in your place perfectly wonder how many great leaders of the country could have come from those counties if the government didn't want us to forget them... I guess you could always work hard and move to a more well to do community, coarse it would be hard without the same level of education as everyone else.
  21. I am Canadian I voted Layton... If I was american I probaly would have voted 3rd party, problem with government in both contry's these days is there isen't a single person worth voting for they're all puppets, no one is left to care about the people who live in the country and vote for them...
  22. No wonder Lupe Said : Your childs future was the first to go with budget cuts, if you think that hurts wait here comes the uppercut, the school was garbage in the first place that's on the up and up designed to keep you at the bottom while they tease you with the uppercrust... Wonder what he'll have to say when he's heard about this...
  23. mike_nagra, Achiliesreturn, Pencilpusher, Falcon_bob DESTROYING THE COUNTRY...
  24. Vancouver, in canada it's 19... think 18 in alberta.
  25. u get wasted... sorry I forgot that's legal age in the states we let 19 year olds drink.
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