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  1. No he doesn’t, I have been on this board since the Vick years and I have definitely seen him pan some picks
  2. Gotcha...ok, my bad. I thought you were just trolling but you have history. No worries, carry on...
  3. Jesus, wth...People will b***h about anything! It’s a mock draft and trust me, Draftnut is a valuable member who has been doing this for a while now and usually has a really good grasp on talent. Back in our 2016 draft he called it and said it was one of the best drafts we ever had and sure enough, during that season we got major contributions from that rookie class. That guy has forgotten more than you or I will ever know about the draft. Show some respect Or just don’t open your mouth, either is fine. edit: and do you know our comp picks? Because I don’t and neither does anyone els
  4. And you’re an a*****e, what’s your point?
  5. HahahahHabHahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you can’t make this up, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. One more note..,we went to the superbowl playing a number of rookies from our 2016 draft class, who were major contributors. Rookies do matter...
  7. Doesn’t matter what the team wants or doesn’t want. It matters who has more to lose when playing, and our final two opponents have a lot to lose if we win, and we have nothing to lose if we lose.
  8. And for the record, the draft IS the end all to be all in the NFL. Good drafts combined with good coaching is how teams like the Patriots stay on top. Again, only someone ignorant of how the NFL works says dumb statements like draft position doesn’t matter.
  9. Tanker boys...you really are a crusty old b***ard, aren’t you? fortunately, the likelihood of us losing our last two games is really high, despite your juvenile attempts to p**s on anyone who suggests otherwise. Your opinion meets absolutely nothing, actually less than nothing. The games will be played, we will most likely lose the last two as the other teams have something to play for and we do not. This team is broken, has been since the super bowl loss. Time to reset with new coaching and voices and picking good young talent to replace aging players who make too much money is how w
  10. I agree with this...last year. I thought hey, maybe momentum exists and we can translate that into a good start. And then, we lost our first 6 games and that went out the window. at this point, winning our last two games does nothing for us but hurt. It doesn’t help. With anything. Those future draft picks however...thats a fresh start. That’s a leg up the new GM and coach can use to change the culture here. And the better that pick, the better our chances of turning this around. ****, we get the #3 or #4 pick, let’s trade down and get more players and talent.
  11. Are we done? Are there any other top recruits we are in on for Feb signing date?
  12. Because you dumb f***s keep saying it doesn’t bother you, but then you make a crap ton of posts about how dare she and how dare Vanderbilt and act like feffing children who got sent to bed without getting to watch tv. Seriously, maybe the “woke” brigade is correct, maybe us white males ARE the issue, or at least some of us. I don’t even buy into most of that crap but seeing a lot of UGA fans reactions to some girl kicking a field goal acting like their dog just got shot has got me questioning. You want to use the words “you people?” Well, you people are insecure babies who can’t stand the worl
  13. Jesus, the salty bs in this thread. Honestly, I think peoples “virtue signaling” is more about the negative a-holes who keep on and on about what a travesty it is that a girl kicked a field goal. I mean, seriously, WHY DO YOU CARE so much? Did that kick off or field goal hit your dog or something? Good for her, she kicked a field goal and you numb nuts are treating it like the Japanese just bombed Pearl Harbor. So many other things to be concerned about in this world and you choose a female kicker. You people need perspective. Go watch passion of Christ or something and get a good idea of what
  14. Thanks for writing this, it saves me the hassle and I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the contradictions and inability to carry on adult dialogue.
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