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  1. We already have had to deal with a running back like this: his name was Darrin Sproles and he was part of a much more dangerous offense then Carolina's. we ain't t skerred...
  2. Did Albies just get called up?? There is a tweet by MLB about it apparently!
  3. Jesus, what does it matter?? Who cares, it's camp...
  4. 1. Not Quinn, Shannahan. Quinn was not making the offensive calls, Shannahan was. 2. Its about probabilities. At a time when the game momentum had obviously turned to New England, you as a coach should play the probabilities. All you need is a field goal to put the game out of reach. Throwing the ball is a lower percentage play. About 4 things can happen on any pass play and only one of them is good. You are already in field goal range, and you don't need a touchdown, just a score to close it out. Running the ball, you can definitely fumble, but that is a much lower percentage. You can get called for a hold, but also much lower percentage for a run play than a pass play. Your field goal kicker can miss a chip shot, but that is also low probability looking at distance and quality of our field goal kicker. so yes, many things could have happened, but the probabilities say we run the ball up the gut three times, run time off the clock and kick a field goal to put the game out of reach. Situational football, that Belichek wouldn't have messed up. 3. Making judgement calls on other peoples fandom when you are trolling a teams fan base that your team beat in a Super Bowl really makes you look pathetic. Why are you here? Especially if you are just going to insult people who don't even give you cause for insult. Is your life really that Awful that you have to kick the dog when it's down? Your actions really speak to your lack of empathy and quality of character.
  5. And also cost us the Super Bowl. Shannahan runs the ball at the the New England 23 yard line, we kick. Field goal and we win. And you schmucks would be no where to be seen.
  6. Are we seriously in an arguement about whose cursed franchise has had it worse?? I don't think we want to win this one. its like two special Olympic kids in a fight. Even if you win, you still lose. Hint: let the Bills fan win this one...
  7. Get the f*** out of our way. We are going to hurt anyone who doesn't...
  8. At that point, I think you have to do what Dan Quinn has done: embrace it. Embrace the Suck. Yeah, it happened, and it will always be there. That being said, if we come back and win a super bowl and dominate like we know we can, it flips that narrative. Instead of being the team that blew a 28-3 lead, we are the team that suffered the most humiliating super bowl loss, ever, and then came back from it and won. The old falcons liked to find reasons and excuses to not win. These Falcons are made of sterner stuff.
  9. I won't lie...this is the hardest off-season I have ever endured as a Falcon's fan...and I have seen a few. Ever since I put my 45 Falcons Fever record on, I have been a fan. Steve Bartkowski, Billy White Shoes Johnson, Willie Andrews...then Chris Miller, Deon, Rison...there was some good in there, and definitely more bad. I have watched this team find incredible ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but this Super Bowl...this was the hardest. It almost broke me, which is saying a lot considering how much I have suffered as a loyal, long time fan. But as Hemingway wrote, the sun also rises. It took some months before I could look at anything falcons related, but I can now. Even the 28-3 comments from rivals and calling us chokers has stopped making me emotional. Because when it is all said done, the journey counts also, some would say more than the end result. we were not supposed to be what we became. And one quarter does not erase everything else we accomplished. MVP...NFC Champions...a historic offense...a coaching staff capable of making in game adjustments. Fundamental football...good tackling...a growing defense. So yeah, when saints fan talk all sorts of smack and show their super bowl ring...that's ok, hold onto those memories little guy, it's all you got, while my QB actually has an MVP trophy. When Carolina fans start taunting us, that's ok blue, how is that quest to have back to back winning seasons coming? When Tampa fans start giving us crap, that's ok Pirate Bay, how many head coaches have you had in the last 8 years? How many times have you sold out that stadium lately? we had a great, historic season, and the future looks bright, really, really bright. We didn't take steps back, we went forward this offseason, because mediocrity and failure is not acceptable to our coach, our GM, our owner, our organization. So if you are still hurting, it's ok. But the reset button has been pushed, and we are ready to do more great things. Let go of that anger and disappointment and hurt, follow the example of our team. There is no feeling sorry for yourself. Rise the f*** up and let's get ready to do this!!! If we can survive what happened, arguably the worse loss a team has ever suffered, we can survive anything. And all those pieces of garbage that dismiss and taunt us, guess what...none of them want to play us this season. We are coming for the NFL and all it's pretenders. The NFL has been put on notice.
  10. The Patriots have been a powerhouse team for a long time. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that. The Falcons have not been. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that either. We were coming off of 3 straight seasons of non winning season football. We were not supposed to be there, and it took miracle like circumstances for them to come back and win. It's ok...90 plays on offense against our defense will do that. They won, we lost, it was an epic comeback, it is what it is. the fact is, their window is closing, ours is wide open. The fact that there are patriot fans still here means they know this, and the insecurity they feel is based on an uncertain future. our star is as ascendant as it gets in the NFL, theirs is descending. They want to attack us, to make us feel like crap, because they know soon they won't be able to do that anymore, the same way Saints fans still hang onto their Super Bowl despite the past four years of 7-9 ball. All they will have is history soon, while last year was us spreading our wings and learning to fly. All this disrespect and attitude towards us will just serve to do one thing-focus us and make us better. Last year, we were not supposed to be there. This year, it is ours, we believe it is ours and god help you if you are in our way. No mercy for anyone, we will smash them on the jagged edge of furious resolve. So ignore these trolls, they mean less than nothing. They are nothing. And when the 7th game of the season is over, they will slink away to their festering, oozing holes of their self righteous history, because that's the only solace they will be able to find. They are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, and as such we will spit them from our mouth. We are coming, and h ell is coming with us.
  11. To echo what everyone else is saying, get used to this type of drafting, especially when we are picking 32nd.
  12. That's why the university takes out insurance for star players like Chubb. So if anything happens they can be compensated. Gurley had one, no reason why Chubb shouldn't.
  13. Yeah, it's pretty recognized around the league that Trufant is a really good corner on a bad defense, and with a pass rush that gets to the QB in under 6 seconds could be in conversation with the best. His one weakness was bad hands when it came to interceptions and he has been working with juggs machines every day to fix that. He was absolutely a great pick for us.
  14. Part of that is taking out late round flyers on guys. They just haven't panned out for us, not even the UGA guys. But I am with you, I would think we would have drafted some SEC guys higher, especially since this is our back yard.
  15. I think you guys are being unfair. Maybe we reached out to Andrews and he declined because New England reached out to him also, you just don't know about these things. Also, I thought Julio was a pretty good SEC pick, and we would have taken AJ if he wasn't picked before us that year.