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  1. So, lately, our game plan has been doubling up on need areas to insure we get someone who can do the job. There was our cornerback year where we took Trufant and Alford. Last year we quadrupled up, getting brown/carpenter in free agency and Lindstrom/McGary on the draft. I can see us doing this on the defensive line this year. I think we could very well get either Chaisson or Kinlaw the first round, and then corner the second.
  2. On an offense missing 3 o line starters. how are we bottom feeding when we signed two of the most desired free agents? Do you think for a second New England would not have picked up Gurley? And how is Fowler “bottom feeding” when he had 11.5 sacks last year and a huge number of QB pressures? And played the run way better than the guy we had. why don’t you guys just go ahead and admit there is literally no move that TD would make that you would not criticize?
  3. Lame
  4. “Their opinions are unbiased” that couldn’t be more wrong. They are division foes, of course they are biased. Just because they show some objectivity on a couple of our guys doesn’t mean they are unbiased. I can do the same for some of the Saints players I respect, but make no bones about it, I hate that f****ng franchise and always will. Not biased??? Lmfao
  5. As Alex Wood said, the irony here is someone is going to retaliate and be made an example of and suffer more punishment than any Astros player for cheating and damaging the integrity of the game and other players livelyhoods. Sad...
  6. Sherman lost his 5 star on composite ranking by one spot, but it was a wash because Carter got bumped. Ringo is also at 4 now. it’s really close for that top spot...
  7. Someone needs their posting license revoked. Calling players stupid is really..stupid, especially when you don’t know them. Ozuna is a good deal for us. We have power now, and he is no stranger to NL East teams. And he isn’t costing us the next generation and he’s not going to block those same prospects. This is a win win, especially if you couldn’t get Donaldson(and we didn’t want him at that price in years). Next year we will see how Riley has looked and if he can take over that power role in the line up. The future is rea bright!
  8. If the offense can put up at least 20 a game next season(and I think we will with our running game), then we can win it all. We don’t need a Joe Burrows, we just need to shut that type down, and our defense will be good enough next year to do that.
  9. But it does. We have been in a Funk ever since the Super Bowl loss. This might be the confidence booster to shake it off!
  10. You do see the penalty flag at the end, right? That was illegal even in the 70’s. Bad gif to make your point.
  11. Not evil, just dumb.
  12. Sure, sorry...
  13. it. And that’s your opinion. Notice how I didn’t call you a liar, because that would have been incorrect. I have a suggestion: how about you write your post with your initial, emotional reaction/hot take and then delete it, and write a new one. I bet that 2nd one won’t be near as knee jerk and pessimistic as your posts tend to be. Just some friendly advice.
  14. Someone who has been around here a lot longer than you. And to call someone a liar, you need to point out the lie in question. but there isn’t one, because calling you the worst poster in this forum is my opinion (and others I am sure) and saying I have never seen a positive post from you can’t be a lie either because it’s my experience to which I am speaking. Now, you can say my opinion is based on inaccurate information and my experience is inconclusive, but you can’t say I’m a liar when I didn’t lie about anything. Your supposition is inaccurate, but that’s not surprising as you rarely seem to be right about anything.
  15. The only person in this entire thread who has sand in their vag is you. But that’s nothing new from the worst poster in this forum. You’re nothing if not consistent. You hate verything the Braves do, I don’t know if I have ever seen one positive post from you that didn’t include some snarky bs. Why do you bother?