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  1. That should be it for us, right?
  2. Well, the victim card got them a Super Bowl already, they were just doing what they know...
  3. New Orleans still lost. It’s ok, use your words...
  4. That trauma gets better every day(the 28-3). Especially when our rivals suffer...serious schadenfreude over all this!
  5. Entitlement is a disease, and we’ve had way too many on our team suffering from it. It reminds me of Urban’s last year at Florida and the player mutiny he had on his hands from the freshman.
  6. Miko, is that you?
  7. All guys that were drafted earlier in Dimitroff’s career. He and his staff have been pretty **** good the last 4 years or so. Even Beasley looked great his second season.
  8. Personal attacks doesn’t change the fact the falcons won three in a row to end the season, which is the right call. Losing is a vile disease and once the mentality gets in the heads of the competitors that’s losing is ok, it’s three times as hard to expunge. There is also a huge difference in not having the horses to win and actually trying to lose. The falcons are not talent deficient, they did what they should have done to inferior teams once Debo came back and our defense got somewhat better. So, gtfo with this loser bullsh*t mentality. You don’t ask elite QBs to lose/throw games. We will still get good talent at 14.
  9. Just fine, tanking is for losers and tbose with a loser mentality. I’d rather go into next season with having won three and feeling confident, which is everything in the NFL. I think the falcons suffer from a lack of confidence in winning, still brought on by 28-3 and evident this year with 4 games decided on the last play. We lacked the confidence to finish. Now, this win streak is something to build on next year. We will still get good players no matter where we draft next year. You can’t, however, buy the confidence boost you get from learning to win again. We had a lot of adversity this year and failed a lot. Time to get back to really winning.
  10. This is the hope of the Roll Tide nation, that Kirby will split Athens and take over for Saban when he goes. Yeah, not happening...
  11. The state of Colorado seems to love UGA coaches. I can’t wait to see him and Bobo go at it!
  12. Alabama made the plays to win and UGA didn’t. No one is arguing that, but to say Alabama didn’t have help along the way is being disengenuous. Look at the montage I posted, every one of those is a missed call, some of those at extreme moments. This is two championship games in row. Who do we need to bribe, kill or ****?
  13. Btw, this is why Nebraska left the Big 12,,,they were always getting hosed on calls when playing Texas and had enough of a conference that would do what it takes to make sure the team with the best shot of winning a title win the game to get them there.