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  1. Was it? It didn’t feel great. It was a running back by committee, right?
  2. 1. Poor running game in 2015 in a new offense- Everyone was wanting to run Shanahan out of town after his first year, especially with what happened with Roddy. 2. Rookies who were injured/not up to snuff in 2015.(Kaleb McGary and Matt Lindstrom 2019, Beasley-2015) 3. Solid draft class with contributors ready to step in(Aj Terrell, Matt Hennessy and Marlon Davidson 2020, Debo, Campbell, Neal 2016) 4. Proven veterans brought in to teach/fill in the weak spots(Denard, Gurley 2020, Sanu/Freeney 2016) 5. Big free agent signing to push us over the edge: (Dante Fowler Jr 2020, Ale
  3. Well, that’s because they dilute his accomplishments by saying we play in a passing league now. The fact is, by the time he hangs it up he will be close to the top in all categories. And that’s without playing in the same system his whole career like Brees or Brady.
  4. So, I’m going on record as saying our secondary will be pretty good this year. Trufant was always a scheme mismatch and his coverage never got better, only worse. Our young guys did better the 2nd half when we changed scheme/changed defensive coach and got a good taste of trial by fire. AJ Terrell is going to ball, and Keanu looks good in practice so far. If they can just be close to their guy around 2.5 seconds, our d line will start looking a lot better. also, Beasley has proven this year he doesn’t really have the passion, which is what we always said and is Freeman even on an NFL ros
  5. Thats some serious hindsight 20/20 vision you have there. It’s easy to say you would have played those guys now that you’ve seen them light it up last year, but most rookies don’t light anything up. At least be intellectually honest and don’t try to come off as you just knew that they would be great. You didn’t and neither did coaches who get paid a ton of money to win with the best players they have available. It’s ok to say that they were not great players in 2018 but got really good in 2019. The lightbulb comes on for NFL players at different times/speeds.
  6. I don’t. Trufant has been subpar the last two years, after he came back from his big injury. Just not the same player. I’m glad he finally learned how to catch a ball that hit him in the chest last year, but he was absolutely giving up catches last year all over. Addition by subtraction.
  7. Mike Smith disagrees with your assessment. So does Steve Smith(anyone else remember the three 15 yard penalties in a row?)
  8. So, every team has to rely on new draft picks. That’s the reason guys are first and second rounders, because they immediately are supposed to come in and make a difference. Dante Fowler is a huge upgrade over Vic Beasley. Dante actually wants to be there and be successful. Vic has no passion for the game left. Keanu Neal has looked real good in practice so far. inagree there are definitely unknowns, but I feel a lot better about this years defense than I did going into the season last year. I knew Trufant was pretty much done, that Vic was a real unknown and who know what
  9. Who is injury prone on the offense? Todd Gurley is the only question mark even remotely, and that can be managed with work load.
  10. So, we drafted a corner and defensive line, we added another corner, we are getting our pro bowl safety back from injury, we picked up a much better pash rusher than we let go...all wendid this offseason was upgrade. There is no spot on our defense where we got weaker. This was the same defense that shut New Orleans down in NewOrleans last year, and it got better, not worse.
  11. I ain’t skerred!! the saints could get a necromancer to raise Reggie White from the grave to play on their defensive line and I still ain’t skerred. Bring it!!
  12. Because I’m obviously an evil person who doesn’t care about the lives of others. or i pay attention to math. You decide.
  13. 30,000 student enrollment, probably add another 2000-3000 support staff. 800 cases is between 2%-3% of total population. I have a friend whose daughter is a freshman and her sorority sister just got diagnosed and she herself is quarantined also. There are procedures in place. Just need to keep the football team away from the girls, lol.
  14. And that’s the reason I’m fine with staying pat. No way we even give up Anderson, not to mention Pache, Waters and Riley with him. Those teams are smoking crack. Good job Texas, now you get nothing.
  15. You know what’s funny...I have seen everyone involved in this argument act like an overemotional a.s.s at one time or another over the years, and I have seen them all have quality posts and be pretty cool. Guys, it’s not worth all the arguing. Let’s just enjoy what our team is doing right now. It has flaws and yeah, it would have been nice to upgrade at deadline but our issues will force us to go back to some of those we have discarded and see if they can pull it together. At least give them the chance to turn it around. We have a really strong line up with a couple of flaw points(time to say
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