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  1. We already have had to deal with a running back like this: his name was Darrin Sproles and he was part of a much more dangerous offense then Carolina's. we ain't t skerred...
  2. Did Albies just get called up?? There is a tweet by MLB about it apparently!
  3. Jesus, what does it matter?? Who cares, it's camp...
  4. That's why the university takes out insurance for star players like Chubb. So if anything happens they can be compensated. Gurley had one, no reason why Chubb shouldn't.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty recognized around the league that Trufant is a really good corner on a bad defense, and with a pass rush that gets to the QB in under 6 seconds could be in conversation with the best. His one weakness was bad hands when it came to interceptions and he has been working with juggs machines every day to fix that. He was absolutely a great pick for us.
  6. Part of that is taking out late round flyers on guys. They just haven't panned out for us, not even the UGA guys. But I am with you, I would think we would have drafted some SEC guys higher, especially since this is our back yard.
  7. I think you guys are being unfair. Maybe we reached out to Andrews and he declined because New England reached out to him also, you just don't know about these things. Also, I thought Julio was a pretty good SEC pick, and we would have taken AJ if he wasn't picked before us that year.
  8. This is what I am talking's a new playbook, all the Qbs are at ground zero for learning it, I don't think the several months head start is that big of deal for learning it.
  9. I'm just going by Duke and Bell about Bobo and Richt recruiting Lambert.
  10. I think it will be Lambert. Bobo and Richt recruited him initially and really liked his skill set. He has true experience playing and under Shotty and Richt could blossom. I think Ramsey is just a placeholder for right now. If Shotty wasn't bringing a new offense in, then I would give the edge to a QB already here, but since they are all learning the new playbook, I think that inherent advantage is nullified.
  11. Duke and Bell had him on 92.9 yesterday talking about the book and such. They kept tying to trap him into saying who was better, Chibb or Gurley and he wouldn't fall for it. Seems a really intelligent kid, I am pulling for him.
  12. Just been, life, all that jazz. After disappointing seasons I also have to get away for a title while and get perspective/build the hype back up. I'll be around a lot more now!
  13. Same, I got no issues with anyone wanting to leave, more power to them. It's kind of like new girlfriend syndrome though. Guy gets a new girlfriend, and then wants to talk to his friends about how great the new girlfriend is. The fact is, he can't sell the new one as effectively without comparing her to the old one, and make her seem worse. Sounds like a lot of posters want to really sell the new girlfriend, and seeing how people were trying to sell everyone here to go over and pressure peeps, I'm not surprised. The fact is, I was really turned off by the sell job that was taking place here to migrate, and decided to stay because of it. Maybe I am just stupidly loyal that way. But no angst or anger at them, if they like unmoderated better, more power to them. I will just keep on keeping on here, and maybe one day they will stop back by and say hi.
  14. Thank you for your contribution.
  15. This is bordering on some sort of obsession. Stone better watch out, because he probably is being stalked as we speak.