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  1. I’m really like the no nonsense apzproach to this training camp. This coach seems serious, which is what we need...
  2. Some of y’all put way too much value on a name. Repeat after me...32 year old Skill position player who spent half the season on IR. Everyone thinks we had a Ferrari when in fact that sucker was a Fiero at this point. We made out like bandits getting what we did.
  3. F that...Julio’s crapping on this franchise that has accommodated him every single time he has been disgruntled is destroying the perception of his character.
  4. https://thespun.com/more/top-stories/1-word-used-describe-falcons-price-julio-jones “It seems as though someone will have to bite on the full price if they want to land Jones. Before this year’s draft, the New Orleans Saints reportedly offered a second-round pick and the full acquisition of the receiver’s 2021 salary. That deal was obviously denied.”
  5. I just saw it was the Saints who offered us a 2nd before the draft...wow, it would take triple that to trade with those swamp rats!!
  6. No guilt tripping, I pretty much said go be a fan of another team if you think this one sucks so bad. The fact is, I’ve been a fan since 1980 and there were very few moments of excitement before Arthur Blank took over. We’ve had some lean years the last couple, but this franchise has been worlds better in the 2000’s than it’s previous history since it’s inception. And since Matt Ryan became qb we have had legitimate teams. So while we are not the Patriots, we also haven’t been Cincinnati either. So take that “poverty franchise” and pawn it off on someone else...
  7. “Poverty Franchise???” FU dude, the door is right over there, go ahead and follow Julio right through it, we don’t need “fans” like you. Tampa’s bandwagon I’m sure has room for you...
  8. Atlanta is the 7th highest media market. It’s not small. It’s not New York or LA, but it’s not Wisconsin or Buffalo either...
  9. I’m sure there will be a lot of fans who want Justin in San Fran over Mac Jones, he is looked at as having the higher ceiling/more talented prospect. Now with this latest revelation, San Fran can draft Jones and not worry about the PR of it as much.
  10. So, a couple of things: 1. we don’t know how serious the condition is, but he has played with it for some time. So he manages it. Drugs probably do have negative side effects also. 2. In the high pressure, high stress job of being an NFL starting qb, this is a red flag and could affect his draft status. Any thing, and I mean any thing that can affect job performance will be scrutinized. Teams will say all the right words, but where he goes in the draft will be the ultimate decider. 3. This is probably why San Fran is going Mac Jones and why those rumors started. They are
  11. What I was able to read before it hit the paywall...it’s a tearjerker.
  12. There was a big article on him in the Athletic today. Looks like he has been training with Marquis Grissom over his off time, and was at the alternate site last year going against pitchers who were rehabbing and others who were there like Ian Anderson and Sean Newcomb and such. He really impressed down there, so much that Markakis was raving about him when he came up and told Snit all about him. Marquis was also raving about him, saying that he was basically better than the 4 that marquis was training and just got drafted last year. He said Harris had the same quality as Sheffield and Bonds an
  13. Trae has an article on ESPN+ that looked really good, but it’s behind a paywall :(.
  14. Ok, was making sure I didn’t jump timelines again, grin.
  15. I thought he went to the Twins?
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