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  1. That’s not much of an excuse...
  2. For everyone losing their mind today and angry about this or angry about that, just slow down, take a breath and reconfigure your expectation level. Ever go to the movies and be disappointed with a movie that you have eagerly anticipated and everyone is saying is so good? Ever go see a movie and be pleasantly surprised because you knew very little about the movie and had very little expectation? This season, all we heard is,” if the falcons stay healthy, they are super bowl contenders.” So that was our expectation. But we didn’t stay healthy, we have catastrophic failures. Time to readjust. Our offense will have to win games from here on out. We will win some, but we will lose also. As of this point, I have very little expectation as to us having a successful season. So, anything we do get will be a pleasant surprise. I think I’ll enjoy the season a lot more. Time to shrug your shoulders, mumble about the vagaries of fate and support our guys who are going through a rough, rough time. Anytime we do good, it’s a bonus at this point. To do otherwise will only make your season stressful and unhappy. Gotta manage your level of expectation.
  3. Isn’t Upshaw back on the team anyway?
  4. Dude...he could have done it at anytime, even doing non-contact drills without ever being near another soul. You’re upset and just looking for someone to blame. Let it go, ACL tears are on the person's body and don’t have anything to do with anyone else.
  5. The original poster needs to look up the word “outlier” and store it to memory so the next time they get the urge to post, they don’t.
  6. You know, the Big Ten seems to have this arrogance about the SEC, like they are somehow “morally” superior because “academics” are the most important thing to them. Yada yada yada. But when you look at it, I don’t think I ever remember the SEC having anything happen as morally bankrupt as the Penn State pedofilia, the Michigan state doctor sex abuse scandal and now the Ohio State domestic abuse cover up. Some serious people living in glass houses going on...
  7. 1. Like it was said earlier, absorbing ODay’s contract was how we were able to not give up a top ten prospect. We upgraded our team and actually spent very little. Look at what the Pirates just gave up for Archer... 2. O’Day was a really good relief pitcher. It’s not like we are dumping him, hebwill be given the Chance to solidify the bullpen. 3. Even if we did dump him, in 9 million on a roster that has like 50 to 70 million to play with in the offseason. It’s not a big deal. we upgraded our team, got an experienced veteran pitcher with upside and other pieces for minimal cost. AA did a great job not mortgaging the future for right now while still getting us 4 upgrades. That’s a **** fine job imho.
  8. Did Albies just get called up?? There is a tweet by MLB about it apparently!
  9. That's why the university takes out insurance for star players like Chubb. So if anything happens they can be compensated. Gurley had one, no reason why Chubb shouldn't.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty recognized around the league that Trufant is a really good corner on a bad defense, and with a pass rush that gets to the QB in under 6 seconds could be in conversation with the best. His one weakness was bad hands when it came to interceptions and he has been working with juggs machines every day to fix that. He was absolutely a great pick for us.
  11. Part of that is taking out late round flyers on guys. They just haven't panned out for us, not even the UGA guys. But I am with you, I would think we would have drafted some SEC guys higher, especially since this is our back yard.
  12. I think you guys are being unfair. Maybe we reached out to Andrews and he declined because New England reached out to him also, you just don't know about these things. Also, I thought Julio was a pretty good SEC pick, and we would have taken AJ if he wasn't picked before us that year.
  13. This is what I am talking's a new playbook, all the Qbs are at ground zero for learning it, I don't think the several months head start is that big of deal for learning it.
  14. I'm just going by Duke and Bell about Bobo and Richt recruiting Lambert.
  15. I think it will be Lambert. Bobo and Richt recruited him initially and really liked his skill set. He has true experience playing and under Shotty and Richt could blossom. I think Ramsey is just a placeholder for right now. If Shotty wasn't bringing a new offense in, then I would give the edge to a QB already here, but since they are all learning the new playbook, I think that inherent advantage is nullified.