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  1. You do see the penalty flag at the end, right? That was illegal even in the 70’s. Bad gif to make your point.
  2. Not evil, just dumb.
  3. Sure, sorry...
  4. it. And that’s your opinion. Notice how I didn’t call you a liar, because that would have been incorrect. I have a suggestion: how about you write your post with your initial, emotional reaction/hot take and then delete it, and write a new one. I bet that 2nd one won’t be near as knee jerk and pessimistic as your posts tend to be. Just some friendly advice.
  5. Someone who has been around here a lot longer than you. And to call someone a liar, you need to point out the lie in question. but there isn’t one, because calling you the worst poster in this forum is my opinion (and others I am sure) and saying I have never seen a positive post from you can’t be a lie either because it’s my experience to which I am speaking. Now, you can say my opinion is based on inaccurate information and my experience is inconclusive, but you can’t say I’m a liar when I didn’t lie about anything. Your supposition is inaccurate, but that’s not surprising as you rarely seem to be right about anything.
  6. The only person in this entire thread who has sand in their vag is you. But that’s nothing new from the worst poster in this forum. You’re nothing if not consistent. You hate verything the Braves do, I don’t know if I have ever seen one positive post from you that didn’t include some snarky bs. Why do you bother?
  7. God you are just a ray of sunshine...
  8. Build a young team with talent and promise, and free agents will want to come. No reason to take the negative slant on this, we are not paying stupid money to the Bazemores of the world and I am fine with this. The NBA is about “stock”, how much stock does your franchise have to attract free agents. Money is only one component, so is history of the franchise as well as current team nucleus. For the Hawks, everyone has money so they are negated there, the history is really lacking so to attract a premier free agent, they need stars. How do you get stars when stars won’t come to the team, not premier ones? You draft and develop. In the past, the Hawks would pick up overpriced tier 2 free agents and treat them like tier 1 players. What we are doing is a much better strategy, and if we continue to hit on these draft players like we have the last two years, people will want to come and play for us. Just have to stay the course.
  9. He’s actually one of the slowest Braves. He is a great outfielder because of anticipation and jump, and this year he has been ok, not great. His value will never be higher than it is now to trade...
  10. Guys, The Athletic is really good and not expensive at all. I highly recommend everyone getting it, and on holidays they usually subscriptions really cheap. You won’t regret it...
  11. Did you see his stats last year? No sacks, no qb hits allowed and only 3 hurries. And went against Clemson and their 3 first rounders. He’s a stud, his RAS grade is higher than any offensive lineman we have ever had since they started keeping that score.
  12. Ok
  13. That’s a good point about the extra game...
  14. Plenty of decent to good players out there still looking for a job. All our signings two weeks before the draft were depth signings. What makes you think we are going to stop when we have more money coming off?
  15. Yep, he gave it a D. Of course, he kept saying we were going Corner in one of the worst Corner years we’ve ever seen.