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  1. I agree most don't do it. There's also a difference between going for the most you can when you make 80k/yr and you're trying to make sure to feed your family and get a college fund vs going for the most you can if you're an entrepreneur who's already made 200 M (not me). At that point, it makes sense to think of legacy, value, etc because you've already covered the money part.
  2. People are just different. I've cut my pay multiples times before to have some other aspect at work that I care about more (better team, more vacation time, etc.) It's not at all weird for someone to take less money for other important work things. Especially if you're part of a team. I can easily say that if I'd made 150M, I'd gladly take a 30% salary reduction for a more quality team. But I'd only do that if I had confidence I would have a better team around me. I wouldn't give up the money just on a hope. And I don't get mad at QB's who don't. But to say no one would do that
  3. Oh, I know. The Falcons let it happen the entire 1st half of last season, and random times before then. I'm just saying whatever defense you play should be better than that. You're never going to win like that. You're giving up 10 yards a play. It doesn't matter what else happens on the team if you do that.
  4. We looked just like last year 1st 8 games. I'm hoping they make the adjustments after 1 game instead of 8. But really can't figure how we ever let a QB throw 90% completion rate. You're doing it wrong.
  5. Yeah, if the secondary doesn't play tighter coverage, the rest of the team won't really matter. This is the same thing we saw the first 8 games last year, and you just can't overcome it. 90% completion percentage for the opposing QB just won't get it.
  6. Yep. If you're not targeting the weaknesses of the other team on both sides of the ball, you're missing 1/2 the game.
  7. I didn't like the Terrell pick at the time, and some guys I did like (Winfield, Dantzler, Kinlaw, Johnson) did well. That said, it's one game. Hopefully he becomes the best in the draft. I still think we could have gotten the same talent in the early 2nd, and been able to get a CB and S.
  8. It's an indictment of the offense, but also the defense. There's no way the Seahawks should have scored a touchdown basically every time. You have to hold teams to field goals 1/2 the time to make it work. And the offense obviously needs to be way higher on that count.
  9. I mean I agree he's underrated even when he does well. Usually because the team didn't do well (defense and OL) even if he did. Combined with there's not anything "exciting" about his game. He's a distributor. I think most seasons since 2012 he's a top 5 guy, but he's had a couple, last year being one, where he doesn't look like it. If our OL holds up and we have pretty good playcalling, he'll look great. In an Andy Reid/Sean Payton type offense for his whole career, he'd be considered a top top guy.
  10. He had a down season last year. These things are very skewed toward the last season because it's the closest in people's memories. Ryan looked like a 10-12th best QB last year, not a top 5 guy. But 2 of the 3 previous years he looked like a top 3 guy. So recency bias combined w boringness would be my guess.
  11. Yeah I was hoping for Kinlaw in the first (though I did have injury concerns) or Blacklock in the 2nd. Neither quite made it to us. Think they could have been game changers. I really hope Marlon turns out to be the real thing whenever he mends.
  12. I love hearing about the improvement and hope it's real. I don't like the simple binary he's a run stopper at end and a pass rusher at tackle. It's great to have someone with that end/tackle flexibility, but let him rush some from end. Make the tackle stand up to a 290 lb guy coming straight at him and then a 255 lb guy trying to go around him. Some OT's are very susceptible to power. Utilize that.
  13. Yep, that's basic situational football. Pass when you're down, run when you're up substantially.
  14. Yeah, they just have to adjust their game to being non-alien. Julio as he ages will have to use his strength more and could stand to get a touch better at contested catches. If he can make those, he could play til 40 if he wanted. He'll have to make the adjustments Jordan did. Ok, I'm a bit slower than I was, but I can still do these few things great...I'll lean into those.
  15. It's weird they keep saying we're relying on big things from Terrell, Hennessy and Walker. I don't know why Davidson keeps getting skipped there. I'd imagine they're expecting and counting on big things from him. I think Hennessy will have the mental game down, and the movement. My big question on him is just if he has the power to hold up to someone coming straight at him. We can't have our OG get pushed back into the QB constantly. If he can develop the base to keep from moving backward, I think he can be a really good player.
  16. I didn't like either of those two guards (would rather have spent not quite twice the money for a sure fire good starter) but I didn't think it was insane. I figured they'd mix more inside zone with outside zone and deploy occasional man schemes. Most teams aren't 100% one way. Those guys would have made some sense in that type of scheme if they were just better players. Brown is actually athletic, which could have translated, but wasn't very good.
  17. Where's the talk/article about Hawkins? I haven't seen much on him and would love to read how he's doing.
  18. On the flip side, this is all the more reason for an offense to have some coverage beater plays in that teams haven't seen. You can get 2 freebie TD's a game in the first 6 weeks probably if you do smart plays and playcalling.
  19. I really hope he develops. Also would like to see them use him at 5T/push end. We need DT pressure, but it never hurts to have an edge collapsing the pocket either.
  20. If he, and all our corners, are taught and learn to turn their heads and play the ball, we can be a different defense. You don't have to always have perfect coverage if the QB knows you're a threat to INT the ball. It makes them think twice.
  21. Yeah, it's why mismatch guys inside are such a big deal. Tall slots, Rangy tight ends, shifty backs...they all can make hay inside, where a 10 yard pass only needs to travel 15 yards, instead of where 10 yard pass needs to travel 40. You need to control the middle of the field one way or another.
  22. It's more just common sense. You get a player to fill in if your starter gets hurt, and you hope he's good enough. You're always trying to prepare with at least a decent guy at any spot where there's a likelihood of a vet leaving. I don't know that this guy is up to that level, but that's the aim when you backfill behind a leaving player.
  23. Julio has a more pass friendly era to play in, which gives him an advantage. Rice had a new offensive system when defenses weren't yet accustomed to how to stop it, which gives him a big advantage. Hard to really compare across eras, especially if one is with a new system. Rice played in the equivalent of being in Shanahan's system every year of his career (but even moreso since defenses weren't even used to the concept at the beginning.) Hard to argue against Rice as the GOAT wrt production.
  24. Yep. And a couple years ago we had a high priced corner, strong vet corner, emerging DT, young phenom LB, Pro Bowl SS, Top 10 DE pick. That looks like a defense that should be good. But nah.
  25. It's pretty amazing how consistently bad our 3rd down D is. Ugly.
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