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  1. Funny, if we just had solid LG and C play...I bet a lot of people would think that's possible. But when you have no idea if your offense can function, it definitely puts a big question mark in there.
  2. I'd have to see the pic. But one thing people (not saying you) often do on these deals is freeze things frame by frame and say "that guy's open now." But the deal is, you can't throw to where he is now, but where he's going, so often that means he's running into another defender. You have to know where he'll be once the ball gets there...not where he is "now." Edit: Looks like you may have addressed that in a later comment. Just one of those things that I often see.
  3. I'd add the defense needs to get better in the red zone to be "good enough." When the other team scores a TD almost every time they're in there...that's a big deal. Gotta start holding people to more field goals. A turnover or two and several forced field goals would be the difference in most games.
  4. If we had a league average LG and C, we'd have a fighting chance. That would basically give us an average line overall. And with that, we can be so much better.
  5. Yes, but nearly the same team (minus Julio) is generally a top 10 offense, and last year was a mid tier defense. Improved coaching and a talent infusion you would have expected a pretty good team. They didn't lose a ton of talent in the last couple years. Looked at another way...if we had had a legit LG and Jamarr Chase or Devonta Smith last week, along with a smart system, we probably put up 25. The OL decisions and pass catching decisions are completely on the new guys.
  6. I hope to see it consistently. It was a big question mark for me...I mean I knew they were going to use him there because it would have been idiotic with no cap to spend that much on a KR, but I was curious how he'd perform. I still am curious to see how he can do with inside runs but if he can just be Coleman equivalent but with a lot better open field moves (which he should have) that's valuable. I hope he shows out.
  7. I don't have a big problem with Smith. I just think blocking FB, blocking TE, kick return specialist, gunner, etc. are low dollar guys. They're icing on the cake. We're still missing the cake. But I do agree with you about the contracts. LG has been a primary problem for us for many years, but it's at its nadir right now.
  8. I mean, I think the thinking was...we have a top 10 QB, we have a pro bowl WR, we'll bring in a top receiving threat in the draft, we're bringing in a new OL scheme and we'll coach them up. I think not getting a LG and not getting a 2 WR didn't make any sense. But you would feel like you should be able to take a team with a pro bowl level QB and WR and top 10 pick at receiver and at least have a good offense. Obviously bad wrong.
  9. True. But we also had some options to address that. They chose several one dimensional players (FB, block TE) over getting a decent vet LG. We didn't have a lot of cap space, but we used it on a blocking TE, blocking FB, special teams, Instead of one vet LG. I mean I do realize we tried the vet LG route last year and that didn't work either. Just seemed a huge risk to take when we were going to rely on the offense to be a decent team.
  10. I wonder if we lost 14 points strictly for the left guard play. I mean we wouldn't have looked good anyway, but it's hard to tell what you might look like when one of your OL is just getting devastated on the regular.
  11. Which is confusing. It looks like we plucked someone from high school, and they're figuring out their simple plays don't work in the NFL. But that's not the case. Smith had an offense with a high YPA in Tennessee. So he understands how the run game leads to shot plays. But just not doing it.
  12. That's been my confusion. We should have WRs wide *** open both deep and wide. Nope.
  13. Hear that from the Eagles DC? If you're just picking up yards here and there, I'll let you run it all day. That's why you have to have good passing game concepts. You have to put too many plays together if you're doing it 4 yards at a time. Really disappointed in the pass game concepts, and really really hope they're better next week.
  14. I mean, there are so many mental mistakes it's insane. I really expected those to be cut down a lot. Maybe they'll shake the rust off...but NFL players should know better than to block someone when the ball's in the air...especially when they're not in a position to make a play anyway
  15. Really dumb plays on these picks. Just don't hit the guy. Reallly stupid
  16. Yeah, I know we don't actually have the horses, but I thought we'd have a better pass rush than we do. But I'm optimistic despite myself when the year starts. Hurts just had too much time and too much spacing. Any NFL QB will beat you when it's like that. On the flipside, on our offense we had very little time and very little spacing. That's probably my biggest surprise (spacing, not OL play).
  17. Agree. I'm watching mainly to see what the coaches are like. I know we have a bottom 10 type WR corps and likely OL. So it isn't going to be easy. But I'm hoping AS is a legit "scheme open" coach...I just really haven't seen it yet. You hope Pitts is a phenom and AS is a genius. But then you settle in and see what you actually have. 2nd half needs to look better. No excuse to have Ryan and Ridley and have 60 yards passing in a half. Ryan hardly ever goes for under 200.
  18. Definitely disappointed in the passing game. I knew the run would get schemed up some, but we're getting no WR open. OL obviously also a part of that. Hope Smith gets a bit more aggressive...
  19. Hall was sort of a weird pick. Wonder if he's shown them anything so far/what they think he can develop into. Hopefully he can grow a lot and be a solid slot.
  20. I've been a little confused by the FB/TE position. We have 2 different guys who aren't useful on passing situations at all. I think this might be a first year help to the OL as you mention. I'd hope later that any FB or TE can be deployed in the passing game as well as the run game, as that's what gives the flexibility and makes the defense think. I expected more of an H-back type and was very surprised when they got 2 guys that are tells.
  21. Remember when DL used to be tubbies? NFL is so crazy now with 280 lb guys running 4.7's at DL and 230 lb guys being WR.
  22. OL and secondary. If those two units play well, we have a chance to cover over some other areas. But I'm interested in pretty much every position group this year.
  23. A lot comes down to how our OL and corners play. If they play well, I'm optimistic. Guessing records is always hard because 5 games each year go by a bounce of the ball. I would expect them to be around top 10 in offense and top 20 in defense. If they're right at those numbers, we should be around a .500 team. I'd like to see top 5 in offense and top 15 in defense. We could easily be there if the OL and corners play better than expected. It would require good playcalling, good OL play, and the secondary really coming together. Looks like a .500 ish team to me, but there's certainly ways they could be much better. We'll see how big of a difference scheme and play calling can make on both sides.
  24. I'm excited for him. I really hope they give him tons of drills for contested catches. That's going to determine his fate. He needs to be the type that you know is going to palm the ball and come down with it (Evans, Nuk, etc.)
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