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  1. We probably need a vet corner. At safety they picked up two mid-tier guys and a second rounder. That's a lot for an offseason. At corner, we could use a mid tier vet, but they drafted two late rounders there so I'm curious what they're planning.
  2. Just work on those hands and intermediate route running all day long. If he gets those down, he can do something. But getting those down is work.
  3. The change of direction numbers are way better for Barrett. Big deal at that size. Other numbers are similar but the C O D ones I’d look at most. Hopefully they can get something out of him.
  4. Way rather a corner and a pass rusher. Though pickings are slim right about now
  5. Hopefully he's good to go for training camp so he can get the offense down and in rhythm. Take care of yourself young man.
  6. Agreed that's going to be a large factor. Probably not as large as OL or secondary, but a big one. I'd be fine if we had a 2nd round type WR or a known 800 yard guy to pair with Gage and then hopefully one of the other guys develops behind them.
  7. Not knowing how this season will go and what needs will pop up, currently I’d hope the board falls so we can get a defensive line playmaker in the first and a RB, WR and another defensive talent in the 2nd and 3rd. Let’s make hay with some early round not first round WR’s, while building our lines and D backfield.
  8. Yeah, the hit rate on TE's is dreadful. I guess it's if you could guarantee your TE is a 1000 yard guy, you'd do that because you can fairly easily find a receiver who can play at a high level. But none of it is guaranteed, which is always the deal. I'd just sort of like to understand their thought process and reasoning. I know matchup ability is part of it, but I'd think they weighed the ability to find a good WR in most drafts as a reason to prioritize TE over WR of similar ability. It's all navel gazing a bit, but that's the part of this I enjoy anyway.
  9. Well I leaned that way pre-draft but was also very high on Pitts. My question to you is...which do you find stronger over time (assuming we take the one we missed next year) Pitts + a late 1st round/early 2nd round receiver next year or Chase + a late 1st/early 2nd tight end ? My guess is they figured Tight ends are so hard to scout for/so hit and miss, that they could get their "sure thing" TE and still get a WR who is 75% of Chase somewhere between pick 15 and 45 in most drafts. Whereas they didn't think the reverse was true. How that plays out we'll have to see of cou
  10. That's not difficult to perceive. I like Pitts, and figured the pick was down to Chase or him. I just figure Chase is more likely to be a 1500 yard/year player than Pitts. So if you're just looking to replace yardage, you probably would have picked one of the top traditional WR's. I imagine they think Pitts skillset is rarer and they can find a good WR in the late 1st or 2nd to create a formidable offense.
  11. Yep. They won close games. But good teams would clearly shut our run game down, and we were so focused on the run game that we didn't have a great passing game without it. (Ryan could play, Roddy could play, but not a great passing system). They were a "play not to lose" team, and that works ok in the regular season.
  12. The Mike Smith Falcons were a team designed to not make mistakes, play very efficiently. The idea is you'll win the 8 games a year against inferior opponents and get 2 or 3 against superior ones who make mistakes. It's a good formula for getting into the playoffs but not for winning against winning teams. I'm hoping this current incarnation has the smart play of a Smith team combined with the dynamic playcalling of a Shanahan. That could win in both seasons.
  13. I was curious about this, because it seems like Chase is a 1300 yard type guy. Maybe they think there are 1000 yard receivers in the late 1st and 2nd every year, but very seldom a thousand yard TE. So they get the TE this year and the receiver next year.
  14. I don't expect him to be fire from day one, but I'd love it. Going to be interesting to see him vs Chase and the other receivers drafted in the top 10 now that we know the front office knew Julio was gone.
  15. We don't need a Julio to have a great offense here, but we might need a 2WR (big guy) so our top 3 is that guy Ridley and Gage. A 2 RB would help too. The good news is, it's very easy to get those guys in the next offseason. For this year, I wonder if they bring anyone else in at those positions. And if not, Hurst, Gage, etc are going to have to step up further and show they can be difference makers. And a couple lesser knowns are going to have to step up and be legit contributors. But if our run game is on track, and our passes look like our runs, then it'll all be a lot eas
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