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  1. Hope dude can put on some good weight now with an NFL caliber strength program. He's going to need it.
  2. They look like they play like a top 5-10 run blocking line, and a middle of the road pass blocking line, which jibes with a lot of these rankings. I always wonder how much quick release helps on the pass blocking. It seems like if we did slow developing plays, etc. we'd look more like the 20-25th best line than the 10th or 15th...but that's always hard to tell. If we can be an actual top 5 run blocking and top 10 pass blocking (come on Fusco) line this year we'll make some noise.
  3. I'm hoping that too. I just don't expect it. I think sometimes they bank on development they hope happens instead of what has already happened. But yeah, If Saubert becomes a legit Joker type, and Hall/Davis become a deep threat, then we're in great shape. It wouldn't be insane to see some development from 2nd and 3rd year players, I just don't know how much to expect from any of those guys. But we don't need great. We need a TE to come on legitimately...so Saubert stepping up is probably the biggest. But all we need from Hall/Davis is for one to be Aldrick Robinson level. Better would be great (like early Torrey Smith), but that would be enough to take pressure off.
  4. I'm hoping he takes the next step. I wanted a 1st or 2nd round TE, so I feel like Hooper is a much better TE2 option than TE1. But, I'm hoping he'll learn/take steps he hasn't. Would love for him to get B ball training and learn to box out. He's pretty good after the catch, but needs to make it. If he can post and use his size, and make a firm catch...he can be very useful. But that's hope/projection, not what he's shown. I still feel like this offense is a lot better with a true TE1.
  5. Don't know why Florio chose those points specifically. Racism is prevalent in the US, but don't know that it plays a role in this. Nor is it looking in another man's pockets. Nor is it taking the side of billionaires over millionaires (though that's prevalent in the US too...and millionaire's over working class). I care because the salary cap. That's it. If his getting more money didn't directly impact the team's ability to field the best team, I have zero care. But it does, so it's relevant to me. If the Owner or Coach make more money, it doesn't affect the cap, so I don't care (as it relates to me enjoying a sport). That said, it's not a big thing. I'd say things like this will make front offices not front load contracts...because Julio got his big money early, and now feels like he's not getting much...while if the contract was spread evenly, the Falcons would be paying no more overall, but Julio would be getting more at this point and there'd be nothing to hold out about.
  6. Yeah he doesn't have to be amazing. If he could be a little better than Tamme, that would help a lot. If he can be a true seam splitter who can body his way into catching contested passes...that'd be outstanding. I'm hoping Hooper steps up to being a good all around TE who can win those 8-12 yard passes, and Saubert can be the matchup problem who catches the 25 yarders. They both still have a long way to go to be there, but that's the goal.
  7. Think Ryan and the offense would be just fine without Julio if they'd built it that way. But they didn't. We'd need a legit TE, and 2 burner receivers to add to Sanu. In that case, our offense would do great...but we don't have those guys. Julio has been good enough that they could get by with "ok" guys at the other receiver spots. I don't love this holdout...I wish they had just spread his money more, because he got paid like 16 per, and if he were still getting that, he likely wouldn't be holding out. But people thinking our offense, as constructed, wouldn't suffer without Julio are not understanding what he does to the field, and not understanding how not strong out 2-6 receivers are (hopefully Ridley changes this).
  8. That makes sense. We mostly thought he'd be around 2M/ yr and were surprised when it was 4. But if it's 2 and only becomes 4 with big incentives...that's good for everybody.
  9. I know it's off topic, but I think Meier would have been a pretty good Finneran style/Big Slot receiver if he'd been able to avoid the injury bug. We didn't get to see enough of him to know, but I was excited about the tools he had. Injury is the big unknown in the NFL. You can spot someone's talent, but you can't really know if they're going to have great work habits and if they're going to stay relatively injury free.
  10. That play can't be covered, much less by a LB.
  11. That over the shoulder catch was actually really nice. A number of our receivers would have problems with that body turn at the end.
  12. I actually meant to say corners and LBs. We have the ability to press and take away the quick pass, and have Campbell and Debo take away the RBs. Our SS is pretty good (better than I gave him credit for) with RB and TE. But yeah, no FS roaming.
  13. The other aspect...in theory is...if QBs have to take short drops and get rid of the ball quickly, we have corners and safeties who can take that option away. We haven't had that combo before in the last 20 years.
  14. Nope. Corners and WRs are the only ones who you can 80% tell. The rest of the positions are so contact oriented. But I'd like to know if Ito is seeming to time the cut right with the line movement...getting the feel of they system, etc.
  15. Yeah...probably can't tell a lot about Senat, but I'd like to be hearing how Oliver and Ito are doing. And how Foye's speed looks on the defense.