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  1. "When the Falcons lost their Pro Bowl RB on the 2nd play of the game, and their Star receiver showed to be gimpy, I knew they were in trouble." But they weren't, and they spanked that ***. Who knows if this is what they'll become. The Falcons are so inconsistent this year...but they played a pretty good game and had their own substantial injuries. Interested to see that Seattle game.
  2. Vic is not a constant pressure type guy. He's a guy who can spy QBs, and be a looping speed rusher. I'd expect him to be an 8-10 sack guy yearly who can also do a lot more for you. We do need a tall/long power guy who is getting in the QBs face nearly every play even if he's not making the sack...we don't have much of that (at least not developed yet), but Vic's skillset is very useful.
  3. This is also why they need to modify the cap to give relief when a player gets injured. Sure, if you make a bad decision and a guy turns out to not be good, that's on you. But if you tie up a player for 6 years, and they have a career ending injury game 2...you shouldn't be hamstrung for 6 years. Having a cap relief clause (Player still gets paid, but team doesn't have to count it toward cap) would give both the team and player more incentive to actually protect the players once they're hurt, instead of trying to get them back out there.
  4. Yeah, we have 3 games with 17 points, that if we'd just had 24 would have been wins. We'd be 7-1 in that case. This team has to be able to put up 24, or else the whole thing doesn't work.
  5. I actually have no idea how this game is going to go...or the next 3. The Falcons have the talent to hang 30 on every team they play...but they haven't been doing it. Without boneheaded mistakes, most of these games are 30-17 kind of games, but we've been boneheading it up. This next 3 game stretch will tell a lot of the tale of this season. Playing contenders, let's see how we do. If the Falcons right the ship a little, this should be a 27-17 game.
  6. Yeah, that D is what I thought (and hoped) this one would be this year. There was reason to think we'd play like we did in the playoffs, and better, since the young guys would have another year. This team with a devastating pass rush would be something.
  7. This sounds like more Mularkey style/identity offense. Which often leaves you in 3rd and longs. Lets worry about creating space for our players, whether WR, TE or RB. That's where they're best, and where we're not doing a good job.
  8. That Hooper throw is just a standard NFL throw. You don't consider it risky because it's the kind of window you always have over the middle of the field. Usually the TE/WR grabs that ball and goes down to his knees and the safety is never involved. The next INT was 100% on Ryan. We have a weird combo this year in which Ryan isn't playing very well (mostly on overthrows and some misreads) but the bulk of INTs are on the WRs. For us to be a great team, though, Ryan has to be pretty flawless. We're not good enough to have him not play very well and us win.
  9. This was not unpredictable, which is why I had TE and RG high on offseason needs. Figured we'd take one in FA, one early in the draft. You don't take chances on the side that was holding your whole team together. I think we'll look better here at the end of the year, but a legit other TE would make 2 and 3 TE sets better, and would provide WR depth for when our big guys get hurt. And a guy who provides a pocket is one of the biggest deals to this offense.
  10. Great info Tandy. Looks like teams make it back to the SB within 4 years about 1/2 the time, showing that they likely remain relevant for awhile. It's, as you said, about getting in the playoffs. Then you just need 3 or 4 good games in a row.
  11. This also goes to drafting, as it always does. If Hill were looking like a great RB, Saubert were a deep threat TE, and Riley were a worldbeater at LB...then the train keeps rolling. It shows how important it is to hit on a couple of those picks (which may still turn out) in order to keep everything moving. They'll need WR, TE, S help sooner than later, and can always use line help...so the draft and develop is going to have to be successful year in and year out.
  12. Those offensive stats don't mean much since 1/2 the teams haven't finished their 4th game yet.
  13. They need to teach Takk the one arm rush. With the style of player he is, he could really dominate if he can angle and get the bull rush with one arm, leaving his other to let him move to whichever side he needs. The OL can't get hooked into him as much if he can get that going. Interested to see what they do with him.
  14. Yeah, Riley has been unimpressive so far. If you're a small fast LB, you may get trucked occasionally...but you have to be a good open field guy...that's the point of giving up size for speed, good coverage and good open field. Sure hope he gets better.
  15. I think this is overplayed due to a couple fluke plays. There are 3 INTs the last 2 games off WR tips. Ryan does need to improve his intermediate to deep ball as he is a touch off. And that makes a big difference to the offense. But right now he's playing like a 1INT per game QB, not a 3INT per game QB.