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  1. Yeah, I miss having a scheme like that and schemed wide open receivers.
  2. Run D was utterly abysmal. OL couldn't protect or open up run lanes. I see no reason for the first...hopefully the 2nd clears up with time together to gel.
  3. Yep. That's the way I tend to look at things. Better yet, the NFL should just print them that way, and then I don't think anyone would care.
  4. This is why I wouldn't have kept Barner. Keep a promising DL, secondary or WR. Let Hardy fair catch punts. When one of the developing WRs or CBs gets comfortable fielding punts, let them. No reason to keep a roster spot just for that.
  5. Really would have another DE in there since we have very few DL signed next year. It's the area (DL in general) where a couple of developed players could make the biggest difference.
  6. Good start. Definitely need one more DE since so few DL are under contract next year. If we could develop a couple it would be radically helpful.
  7. Yeah, we won't even be keeping the best players for practice squad. We won't keep 3 WR because you need depth everywhere in case of injuries. We might keep extra DL though, since so few on the 53 are under contract for next year.
  8. Yeah. I just don't like having people late on the depth chart who are only going to play special teams. That's the place for young developing players who can play special teams in the meantime. I know Oz and Marcus didn't make it easy by flubbing everything.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't have carried the FB and wouldn't have carried a specialist when we don't really get yardage out of punt returns anyway. Especially since we kept Hardy...he can at least sure handedly catch it. Would have kept Hardy and let him handle punts until Oz or Blake (or someone) had gotten more used to returns. That would have enabled an extra DL, and WR or LB as you say.
  10. 6 RB is a mistake, otherwise looks good. Get rid of the FB and the special teamer and use two players w upside.
  11. The only reason at all to consider cutting a productive vet is because we have no guys signed next year. If two rookies were close to the same as a vet, you might take the rookies since they'll be here next year also. As it is, we need all the pass rush we can get, so we might just risk them being able to make it to the practice squad.
  12. The main concern with him is really just bullrush/getting overpowered. He does a good job recovering, and getting a 2nd stance, but on a bullrush that still puts you in the QBs lap. If he can learn to stand up to the bullrush, he should be very good.
  13. Yeah, w 4.7 speed and decent length arms, you'd think they ought to be able to teach him an outside rush and power rush at DE and that be enough to help.
  14. This isn't really any different cap wise than just having a 5 year contract and cutting the guy after year 1. The big difference is you don't have to cut him, so you're eligible for comp picks.
  15. We've spent draft picks on the OL and brought in mid tier FA...but is that enough to make it a top 10 unit? Or are we just ok there? We need to be good. Defense--where is the pass rush going to come from? Do our young guys develop in the secondary? We have a lot of ways to be good, but these things are going to have to come together to reach it.