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  1. "There's a bunch of big name secondary guys that nobody wants that are still out there. Why aren't we signing them?" 😠
  2. As I mentioned in another thread, one of my biggest concerns is wide receiver depth. With Julio, Calvin and Gage, we had a solid WR1/WR2/WR3 combination. Ridley is going to be fine as WR1 and I trust Gage as WR2 but wonder if we're okay at WR3. Thank God we have Pitts' versatility to augment that depth. And Patterson, too. Coach is going to have a lot of options but also a lot of questions that need answers.
  3. The scene where he realized his actions would lead directly to Frigga's death was fantastic. WandaVision launched a homerun with "what is grief" scene, F&TWS had perhaps the best TV scene this decade with the psychiatrist session in episode 1 and true to form, Hiddleston's reaction to the consequences of his action was on par with anything that we'll see this year. I'm bought in already. WV was quirky and after it got a little stale, it stuck the landing and has me eager for where it's leading. F&TWS started out great, had a couple of great episodes and a couple of bad ones and
  4. Not just that, but the back of the end zone becomes another defender. Julio excels in space and it's hard to run past multiple defenders when you run out of it.
  5. From ESPN: How one word from Julio Jones helped Falcons receiver Russell Gage grow 6:00 AM ET Michael Rothstein ESPN Staff Writer FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- It was midway through the 2019 season, Russell Gage’s second in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons, when the advice from Julio Jones began making sense. Before that, Gage had a reception here or there, but he primarily played special teams. Then Gage got into the rotation, became part of the Falcons’ receiving corps, and Jones had a simple takeaway that has stuck since. Run. “That was his biggest thing,” Gage said. “S
  6. There's no way this train gets back on track. Especially since Merrick Barrland is more concerned about protecting the DoJ than he is making sure nobody follows in Trump and Sessions/Barr's footsteps.
  7. Coach provided an answer at about the 6:00 mark of yesterday's presser.
  8. That's not even a subject I'd waste brain cells debating. To be fair, for some reason, when I think about great Falcons coaches, this cartoon comes to mind: You have to really be looking for a fight if you want to debate great coaches in the ATL.
  9. I'm hoping you're right. Coaches are paid to figure things out and I'm sure L'il Arthur has a plan.
  10. I considered this. But you almost have to be rich to win state or federal office to begin with. There's some level of sadism involved in the calculus to do some of the things they do. And a helluva lot of attention whoring.
  11. LOL. Didn't see it. I'll delete it if it saves you on blood pressure medication.
  12. Michaels: Well, it looks like Matt Ryan's done for the night after a couple of series. He finishes with 8 completions on 10 throws for 130 yards and a touchdown. You know, a lot of people were wanting the Falcons to take a quarterback in the draft. Collinsworth: Yeah, while most think that Matt Ryan still has a couple of good years left they're going to be judged harshly if Justin Fields turns out to be an all-star. (A.J. McCarron fires a 25 yard pass to a receiver to put the Falcons in field goal position) Michaels: Young Justin Fields, who had an excellent night for the Bears
  13. They should make them part of the tie breaker formula. Doesn't have to be one of the first five or six factors but at least give them some weight.
  14. I know the purpose of a highlight reel is to make the player look better than he might seem if you watch a whole game but I'd be lying if I said that it didn't move a little when I watched some of those plays.
  15. "Some of the guys use them as paperweights" was one of my favorite lines. If that doesn't convince you that you aren't in Kansas anymore, I don't know what will.
  16. Seriously, I wonder why Abbott, DeSantis and most of the GQP Congress felt compelled to run for office if they didn't think that they were responsible for all of their constituents. How the **** did it become a badge of honor to be as deplorable as possible toward those who voted against you? Right, wrong or indifferent, shouldn't you want your policies to be effective enough to woo people who didn't trust your agenda? These MFs are intentionally effing up and then making it hard for people to hold you accountable by voting you out. This country needs an enema.
  17. That's concerning. Especially for the offensive and defensive lines. And even moreso because we're dealing with a new scheme everywhere. With no season-to-season continuity (and so many rookies) it's going to be hard to establish chemistry with minimal reps for the projected starters.
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