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  1. Toto, I've feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. The worker/employee dynamic is shifting. Good.
  2. I was a warehouse safety manager and conducted all training in our facility (about 100 people, including admin). People are dumb AF. It used to hack me off when we'd have a power outage and all of a sudden my forklift operators (who had dragged their butts all shift to stretch the work so we wouldn't give them more) would turn on their lights and decide that it was suddenly fun to drive in the dark. I swear, if you didn't believe that the dead could come to life, just be in a warehouse when the lights go out. I had a good yell game though, and they usually hit the brakes within 30 seconds of the first guy being warned with a write-up. Idiots. 🤬
  3. I guess you don't need to have character in order to be one.
  4. We watched those videos in class. That was 43 years ago(!). They're nothing compared to the warehouse forklift training videos.
  5. What is it with kickers hitting uprights on field goals and PATs this year? I had to have seen eight of them between college and the NFL. I think it's happened every single weekend.
  6. When we got the Super Station in my city, I became a casual fan of the Hawks. Loved the teams with Nique, Danny Roundfield, Tom McMillan, Scott Hastings, Eddie Johnson, Rory Sparrow, Tree Rollins and John Drew. They teamed Skip up with Fred Hickman (before his addiction problems) and they always seemed like an odd coupling. Different generations stood out for me. Skip was somewhat laid back and Fred was rather formal in his presentation, even as a color guy. But that combo was a great one for years.
  7. I think you get two points for that.
  8. The college slate is a massive bummer on the heels of last week's great action. Athens will be center of attention.
  9. Great information. Unfortunately, the people who "want to do their own research" will skip past 100 Google search results from scientific sources that explain the pandemic in statistical terms to click on the first discredited former research scientist who swears that the virus is not that serious and mitigation efforts are unnecessary. I've pointed this out to them in other forums and asked why they only post info from questionable sources with spurious information that "confirms" what they wanted to believe. It's insane. One day, a reporter's going to ask one of them, when and how they plan to do their "research".
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