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  1. I hope they keep many of Jack Kirby's touches in their look. It'd be great to see him get some of the love that Stan Lee enjoyed. Loved seeing this dude in Guardians of the Galaxy: And this guy from the first Thor movie: Both were extremely faithful to Kirby's pencils.
  2. Houston police are notorious. They had credibility problems with this officer previously but still gave him high marks in his yearly performance reviews. That's what happens when union members are the ones who keep each other in check. Who watches the Watchmen?
  3. Julio, Debo, Free and half of Matt Ryan are wondering what you're smoking if you think the team we fielded against Washington is indicative of who will suit up in two weeks.
  4. Cool. It's football season and time to check out anyway.
  5. Jane, get me off this crazy thing.
  6. We need never to hear Republicans bemoan jackbooted thugs ever again.
  7. He likes words and uses more than are sometimes necessary. Makes his stuff dry and sometimes requires more thought than I'm willing to apply.
  8. Submitted for your consideration.
  9. The Doomsday Clock is counting down to the Mass Extinction and nobody gives AF.
  10. I know... Gonna hold my breath every time he touches the ball. In my heart of hearts, I don't think we'll see him play 16 games this season.
  11. Not if Freeman is close to his old self. A healthy Free is really good.
  12. Gotta believe they're going to work it out. I know Disney is greedy AF but they're going to lose more in merchandising than they're demanding in box office.
  13. League-wide maximum 210 pounds for defensive linemen.
  14. I see two chonks. Which one is Mr. B?
  15. I think it got the "groundbreaking" tag hung on it when it broke but it hasn't proven to be as influential as it was anticipated. In contrast, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park were not just groundbreaking sci-fi, but they set standards in storytelling and execution that remain unmatched nearly two decades after their releases. Unlike The Matrix, those movies' premises and effects are riffed unapologetically to this day.
  16. Does anybody miss Tom Cotton?