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  1. So, who is Jar Jar Binks in this comparison? Maybe Rudy or Junior?
  2. The logistics are almost insurmountable. Even daily testing is insufficient because it's already too late when it identifies a carrier. By the time someone tests positive, it is entirely possible that several others have already been infected. What happens then? You're on extremely thin ice when a ball boy can bring down a $9 billion operation after shaking hands with an old friend at the grocery store.
  3. Mississippi is not China. China be like "You're gawd**** right, it's not!"
  4. I'm now convinced that it has invisible fingers and is going to reach out and touch all of us.
  5. Yah. I was 15 when the first series came out. So... "New". Especially by Comet TV standards.
  6. Fanless games? Half of our fan base will go on public assistance if they can't sell their tickets to fans of visiting teams late in the season.
  7. Yah, it's his Gray Old Deal.
  8. We failed our biggest test four years ago.