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  1. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/09/heres-democrats-can-destroy-brett-kavanaugh-even-makes-onto-supreme-court/
  2. That's the stain one gets from sucking an orange richard.
  3. It's not about the Catholic Church. Or the Mormon or Baptist or Church of England or church at all. It's not Christianity. But it is about religion, in a way. It's the ability of men become the worst versions of themselves and choose to do the wrong thing to cover up for their dudes when they know they've clearly done something wrong. Ask Urban Meyer. It doesn't matter if you are a "man of God" if you allow someone to do the Devil's work.
  4. It's not about principles for a lot of people. It's about what side the majority of "conservatives" fall on. I can't speak for Rocko and I'm not suggesting that he's that way, but a lot of folks base their moral viewpoints on what their political leaders decide is right.
  5. FYI: It takes a lot more than "just an accusation" to destroy a life. Companies have as much liability in improperly terminating an employee as they do letting him/her engage in inappropriate behavior in the work place. Every high profile example of someone losing his job due to #MeToo has been because investigations proved that the allegations are 100% true. The only cases where he said/she said have impacted careers are in situations where people like Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey have been accused, but even they admit to the behavior in the accusations. Besides their admissions, actors are essentially independent contractors and they have no protections against losses due to their own bad PR. Contracts typically the reasons that call for termination. If you don't have a contract, then you're considered to be an "at will" employee. In those cases, you can be fired for any reason as long as you weren't released based upon your inclusion in a protected class (race, nationality, gender, religion, etc.) It's a common misconception that men get fired for telling women that their dresses look nice or that they like the way they wore their hair that day. And finally, claims should have consequences if they are demonstrably false, not if they simply cannot be proven. Studies have shown that the cases of women accusing men of sexual assault or harassment are very rare. You don't want to discourage reporting, however because if five women allege that a college student roofied them, there may be no proof but the aggregation of claims may be enough to bring charges or to remove that student from the environment.
  6. Don't forget, a lot of parents don't want their kids to be the ones to bring down such a respected figure as their priest. I'm sure some of them blame the kids for it. People love their religious leaders more than their own children. That's so sick.
  7. This is why we take a knee.
  8. What kind of ****** up society would allow something like that to stand?
  9. Republicans have to know they're going to look like **** after this. Blue wave is going to be a tsunami.