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  1. I wish we had sustained success. I wish we had a reputation for being a perennial powerhouse. But we're not that, so I have a long list of other things that I'm thankful for because the low times have made the high times that much better. So here's a list of things (in no particular order and certainly not limited to) that I'm thankful for: Watching William Andrews go from being uheralded draft pick and part of a projected two man tandem with Lynn Cain to being my favorite Falcons player ever. Watching him churn was a singular pleasure for a long-time fan. Watching Bart keep us in
  2. Was it Bleacher Report who gave my guy a D- grade a couple of weeks ago?
  3. This thread is sad. We're living in a live action dystopian nightmare where World War Z and 1984 are equal parts of the plot. Thank God, there's a bit of A Face In The Crowd in there as well.
  4. Dude was successful in San Francisco and they still couldn't wait to get rid of him. Same thing happened in the NBA with Mark Jackson and Golden State. Harbaugh has proven to be a first rate clown show in multiple stops. When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.
  5. Didn't know Alex Mack had that problem but it's good of Mr. Blank to help him out. Sounds a little expensive for speech therapy, though.
  6. Yeah, boy! Foye is playing almost every snap and next to Grady is looking the most like an impact player on D. And he's improving.
  7. Because Dirk sucks bawls. If we had an offense that was capable of running more than 2 plays (Gurley right, Gurley left) in crunch time, maybe we could salt games away.
  8. A prevent defense is okay with three minutes left in a 15 point game. It kills me when we play well for 55 minutes and then decide not to trust the defense to play strong for the last five.
  9. It's less complicated than wondering why the defense sucks late in games. If we want to close out games, we need to score when we get the ball in the fourth quarter. Getting the ball with 5:00 remaining and a 6-point lead, running Gurley off guard against an eight man front three times in a row is as stupid as it is predictable right now. I'm not suggesting we pass the ball three times in a row and chance stopping the clock. But we need to run plays that have a chance of getting a first down. The defensive lapses are bad. The offensive lapses are worse because they lead to the D having to
  10. If that's true (and I'm not taking his word for it), he should have felt like he was wanted by the team that gave him a chance instead of moaning about it. Dude can't go two games without hurting himself and his butt was hurt that he wasn't extended. I have a hard time believing we turned down anything more than a 6th for him before he ruined his own market with his broken mind and broken body. God bless him if he goes somewhere and shows out. But if he does, it'll be because he suddenly healed. So also: Screw him if he goes somewhere and shows out because if he does, it'll be because he sudde
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