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  1. Great story. But nobody is protesting against the vast majority of cops who do their jobs well. Pretty sure it would seem odd to most to suggest that nothing be done about a doctor who killed a patient after he sutured forceps into his abdomen since there are plenty of accounts of doctors who are professional and conduct themselves at the highest standards. But bad doctors have to face state review boards when something happens and if found to have done their jobs poorly, they lose their licenses. The original point of this thread was not to smear police officers or the practice of policing. Just to have accountability for when the system fails. But you know that.
  2. I agree. But as I have stated multiple times in this thread, issues with race may be exacerbated by poor policing but they are not the main issue. If there was a system of accountability, then racist cops would not thrive in the ranks because their activities would receive attention and they'd be shipped out our charged. The message must focus more on accountability then race because we will never be a country that treats all citizens equally. With that said, there are blatant disparities in the medical, educational, occupational and financial systems, just like they exist in the legal system. I've resigned myself to the knowledge that I'll be long dead before America is a country that believes in equal treatment, whether under law or because it is a core value. Right now, it's neither.
  3. Barron? If I recall correctly, he's Melania's son, right?
  4. Thank you. I agee with everything that you wrote. Everybody is not cut out for every job. It flies in the face of law enforcement when unfit LEOs are given license to perform their jobs poorly with the knowledge that their brothers-in-blue are going to look the other way. I have zero sympathy for someone who is killed in the commission of a crime. With that being said, chasing a suspect for a petty crime and shooting him in the back is wrong. I sometimes tell folks that I no longer believe in "good" cops because a cop who tries to do the right thing when the perpetrator is a fellow cop is actually a former cop, not a good one. There are cops and bad cops. We need to empower those who hold their fellow officers to the same standard to which they hold the public. With that being said, there are groups of LEOs (like St. Louis' Ethical Society of Police) who actually do try to clean up their departments, so it's unfair to paint them all with the same brush.
  5. Ummm... That's the definition of "electable" Bruh. The concern is that someone may be popular with Dem voters (including independents and moderate Dems), less so with everybody else. So the debate is about who is electable in November.
  6. Absolutely incorrect. People have a right to expect the cops to do the right thing. A working definition for "news" is media coverage of unusual events. With that being said, the accounts of inappropriate behavior by cops does not reflect how hundreds of thousands of them do their jobs every day. The only thing that people like me ask is that there be an accounting for when things go wrong. Several posters have checked some of the articles I've posted and when it's shown that the cops were in the right, they've let me know and I've acknowledged it. Mistakes happen, in the performance of the job or in how it has been reported and I am fully aware of that. I've known cops and other LEOs and don't see them to be monsters. I've been very close to many. I'm more worried that the incident of PTSD is a cause as to why cops have a higher suicide rate than other occupations. They also have a higher rate of substance and spousal abuse. Common sense would seem to indicate that if they have a higher number of manifested mental health problems, it's because of the job. It's shocking that nobody ties these symptoms into dangerous public interactions while on the job. Covering up for them doesn't help anyone. The problem that I have is that every occupation has a failure rate. Cops are human beings and like all of us, they make mistakes; often with tragic consequences. Law enforcement seems to be the only job that does not evaluate failure to institute best practices and give the public confidence that corrections have been made. Instead of trying to make sure it doesn't happen again, LEOs rally around cops who have the most agregious incidents, even to the point that they will run a cop off the force if he testifies against his brother-in-blue. This is not rocket science. It's all about making sure that if a cop steps over the line, he's not protected at the expense of either the public trust in policing or the public dole in the form of settlements. If I need help, I will call the cops and expect them to treat me professionally. I'm not sure what you expect but I certainly hope you get their best.
  7. My first favorite player was Paul Warfield. Would say Jimmy Brown but he retired when I was 3 years old, so he was mainly my favorite because he was my Pops' favorite player. Oh, and because of the Dirty Dozen, which still chokes me up at the end.
  8. Great tackle with a bad approach by Rico.
  9. Free might not be the Free we fell in love with ever again. Lost a step and his vision isn't as good as it was. He also doesn't run the same.