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  1. Laws are for weaklings.
  2. It's common practice. The cop who killed Tamir Rice was allowed to quit from a rural police department when he violated their rules. Since he technically quit and wasn't fired, he was eligible to be hired by the Cleveland Police Department. Police officers and teachers are often permitted to resign rather than have to explain a termination so they can get jobs elsewhere. Another systemic problem for which nobody seems to want to find a fix.
  3. Maybe. That's why cops can shoot you for having your hands in your pocket without repercussion. Curiously, they can also shoot you if they tell you to take your hands out of your pocket and you comply. Again, I believe cops should be professional and not have knee jerk reactions that typical untrained people might have. There are tens of thousands of people arrested every day without incident. When there are incidents, most of them are justified. But the fact that cops in California recently arrested a cop killer after he barricaded himself and exchanged gun fire with them tells me that good policing finds a way to do the job. Now, news is leaking out that Antwon Rose's killer's separation from the University of Pittsburgh police was precipitated by his beating of a suspect and lying about it in his report. The suspect was coincidentally the son of a school chancellor, which makes me wonder if that affected the adjudication of the case.
  4. Off-season sucks balls. Now even Jesus got jokes.
  5. I'm just now having a Twitter conversation with a guy excusing the shooting. He tweeted: To which I followed up: I know better than to argue with people on Twitter.
  6. Hope for a government that works for the people is extinct. Two parties worked when a socially moderate/fiscally conservative could work with a socially liberal/fiscally moderate Democrat to get something, anything done. There used to be two parties but infinite variations of philosophy. Now, there's only left and right. The majority party can't do it by themselves and they're too dug in to care about doing right by us. Keep in mind, when the country grew to more than 100 million or so people, there was no longer any semblance of representative government on a national level. With more than 400 congressmen, it's not possible, especially when each party sees the other as literally the enemy of the country. It's too much and too little all at once. You'd think that the threat of an authoritarian president would galvanize our "leaders" to fix what's broken. What's become of us?