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  1. This is crazy. They're going to get away with it.
  2. Well, now I definitely know **** from shinola. Cross one off of the bucket list.
  3. Keep talking about Pocahontas, Don. Some of those "economically anxious" MAGA voters are still economically anxious. If the Dems transition their message from the cities to the boondocks, even those who dance to dog whistles will sign on.
  4. Neither do most americans know s*** from shinola.
  5. Why are so many of y'all so mad a Kaep?
  6. Your 45th president: A man whose own Department of Justice successfully argued that he is legally full of ****. How's that for a state of emergency?
  7. + Time flies. The Bush twins were notorious party girls but Malia Obama drank a glass of Rose and the conservative world goes nuts. SMH.
  8. And just as many votes for the GOP.
  9. They honestly care more about Venezuelans than Puerto Ricans, don't they?