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  1. This is why they take a knee.
  2. Yep. And she reported one of Melania's compatriots received something like $26 million to plan the ball (or something like that). And when pressed, the inaugural committee insisted that a full audit was completed showing everything was appropriate, even though they never told who conducted the audit or released it to the press. Of course, if an audit was conducted, any criminal investigation would be very short, wouldn't it?
  3. That minefield you mentioned has bombs that were laid over the course of 300+ years. A lot of people think that we live in a "PC culture" and lament that things that used to be okay to say are now verboten. What amazes me about this line of thinking is that the things that are "now" deemed objectionable have always been objectionable to the people complaining about them. There are places in this country where a black man could have lost his life if he suggested that something a white man found funny was inappropriate and shouldn't be repeated. For example: "Why is it all of a sudden offensive to tell a black guy 'you're out of your cotton picking mind? I said it all of the time when I was a kid." I can't speak for white people, but that phrase is and has always been ignorant, disrespectful and dismissive of the connotations made when describing cotton picking. The thing is, I don't think most black people have hissy fits over people saying things like that but they do have them when someone is told that the phrase is offensive and the response is basically "tough **** if you don't like how I talk". Communication breaks down. Whether you think somebody is making too much of it is not the point. It's not about you, so why not try to show respect? If you can't, don't gripe when you get disrespect in return. And I'm hearing guys who are mad at #MeToo. They say that they can't compliment a woman at work about her perfume or her dress anymore. If your idea of a "compliment" is to tell her that you wish your girlfriend's dress/cologne got you as hot as her's, then it's out of bounds. I spent years explaining where the line is and still had to conduct investigations over idiots who couldn't find something better to do than to talk dirty to women at work. Here's a hint: If you think that she looks so good that you need to stare, be an adult and look at something else anyway. And keep your opinions to yourself.
  4. Pandering to his audience? Trump? Nah.
  5. There is a hole in the exterior wall of my condo. It's facing my next-door neighbor's patio. My neighbor rents that unit in violation of our rules & regs but nobody's ever done anything about it. Some sort of critters have been scurrying behind our wall and when the condo association called a pest control company to handle the problem, the renter next door threatened to shoot the guy who showed up if they ever set foot on "her" patio again. The same neighbor lost her mind last Summer and removed her boyfriend's license plates at 2:00 AM and threw them over the hill behind our parking lot. Her boyfriend then stole the plates off of my truck, which was parked next to his car. The next time he came to visit her, I went out and took my plates back so he stole the rear tag off the van of some old guy who lives down the way. All of this was caught on video. My neighbors >>>>>>>>> your neighbors for suckage. Can't wait to get out of this place.
  6. There's also a great chance Spanky eats his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches with ketchup on them.
  7. The Trump Administration =
  8. How does it work when all three contestants finish in the hole? I guess nobody plays Final Jeopardy but does the least loser return for the next show?
  9. I said that I WOULD. If I then ate myself, I couldn't continue to educate you guys. So for now, I have to resist. BTW: You're welcome.
  10. This dude is toast. Burnt, unbuttered white bread toast.
  11. I would take baths in Buffalo sauce if I wasn't then obligated to eat myself.