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  1. Early enough for somebody else to take a chance on him. I wish him well.
  2. McCaffrey. Given our success when splitting Coleman out wide, Ryan could strike gold with frequency if we added McCaffrey.
  3. He has a vested interest in finding something to light the fire under him. If he was on the other side of the transaction, he'd make the same call. God bless the young man. I hope he goes off this season and gets a good deal next season from us or somebody else. What I don't want is for him to win the 2021 Sam Baker Award, granted (along with a big contract) to a young man who showed glimpses of potential, failed to reach it due to injury for three years, balled his *** off in his contract year, and then proved he was always only the guy we saw in the first three years of his career.
  4. That remains the only game from last season that I watched in its entirety when replayed on NFL Network. Well, that and the Tampax Bay game in Raymond James, which was kind of a dog except for Debo's walkoff home run. But the San Francisco and New Orleans wins are the exact reason why I'm more excited by this team's potential than I am worried about its potential shortcomings.
  5. This would have been perfect if the glow from the egg was red. The only thing that really matters regarding the talent haul is whether the players we accumulated are better than those they replaced. I care less that they all play like first rounders than I do that they make the blocks, tackles and catches that the departed players missed.
  6. Other than the other Deion, has there been a Falcons defender who provided so many signature moments so early in his career?
  7. I stacked Brees and Thomas last season but it didn't help. I lost three starters in the first two weeks and in a league with a lot of teams, you're lucky to replace a starter who projects to 14.5 ppg with a backup who would be lucky to get 6. And when the bye weeks started, I was dropping 9 ppg guys to pick up players who scored less than 5 ppg. My season was over as soon as it started. I changed my name to John Wick's Dog in week 8. I was still lucky to score ~120 points some weeks but the teams I played would have three guys who scored 100 between them. It was a brutal season.
  8. We had a ridiculous 14 teams last year and the top 10 QBs were all snagged up halfway into round 4. I'm going to target my QB (whoever it may be) by round 3 this time.
  9. I get scooped for Julio by two or three picks every year. I try to get Ryan every year with no success; QBs always start running early in my league. Last year, some idjit drafted four starting QBs hoping to hamper other players and force trades. The only Bird I've ever had on a FF team was Ridley last season.
  10. I found this to be an interesting take. The speaker didn't even mention Todd Gurley. But if you tend to be a homer when you draft your fantasy squads, this might be the year for you.
  11. Interesting point. We've had them in the past but there seem to be few, if any right now. Mount Rushmore would probably be Rison, Deion, Jam and DeAngelo Hall. Maybe Roddy could replace one of them. Of course there were a few (Laurent Robinson, Peerless Price) who had ego but no game to back it up.
  12. Opinions are like bung holes. My farts smell like a donut shop, by the way.
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