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  1. She's actually listed first in the credits on IMDB. Of course, that won't be the case when the movie arrives but it's clear she'll have a sizable part to play. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9419884/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  2. Her reaction to this line (and the timing of it) was the single most emotional moment of the series IMO. She's a helluva actress but I think she sold that silent moment as well as anyone could.
  3. I think Feige pretty much put the nail in that coffin. He said some series might be set up for another season and others like WandaVision will lead directly to a feature film. Sounds like next week is going to be the wrap up.
  4. Just realized that there's one episode left and we haven't gotten a hint of the purported setup for the Doctor Strange sequel. If somebody watched it after episode 8, they'd be lost. I dig that they're not going to wrap it up next week, but there's a lot of ground that needs to be covered.
  5. Very few on these boards remember when Grambling vs Jackson State was on TV every year just like Ohio State vs Michigan, USC vs UCLA, Bama vs Auburn and Oklahoma vs Nebraska. I watched that game every season and there was a prestige that went along with fighting for tradition and your school. BTW: It's kind of sad that those rivalry games are really just games now. I love being able to select from 12 games every Saturday but when ABC and CBS were the only outlets for NCAA football, rivalries were something special.
  6. It's going to be in select movie theaters and studios try to force movies to be ~90 minutes so they can get more showings on opening weekends. WIth only 20% of theaters open and with only a quarter of seats available, a 4-hour movie is going to lose millions, even with whatever HBO is paying.
  7. This might take a week for me to watch.
  8. It should be funny to hear people who make $300,000 behind a desk suggest that somebody digging a dtich should be happy doing it for $7.25 an hour. But it's not. People say Don't hate the player, hate the game but it's the only game to be played and the rules don't change. Ever.
  9. It's an important law. To be honest, I was more than willing to deal with 15 slackards since it meant that 10 or so who really needed it got the time to handle their conditions. It wouldn't have been so bad if the abusers weren't so blatant about it. The funny part of it was that when they applied for it, they would ask me what they needed the paperwork to note in order to abuse it to the fullest (my words, not theirs) and I was required by HR to tell them.
  10. This is exactly why I can't see us ever moving far from fossil fuels. How will corporations profit from charging cars? I suppose they'll charge us for how long we'll plug in or something. In my state (Ohio), they raised gas taxes by a few cents per gallon last year. To make up for the "unfair" advantage, they added $50 to the annual registration of a hybrid and $100 to register an electric vehicle. And before that, they limited the number of Tesla dealerships to three for the entire state. Some would blow the world up if they can't rip it off.
  11. Man, my old warehouse lost any hope of real success once the union figured out how to use FMLA as an easy way to get out of work. I was in charge of attendance for the whole workforce and I had to pounce when one of the employees used an hour more than he/she was allowed. One guy would just walk away from his workstation once or twice a week without telling his supervisor and would find me and just mutter "FMLA" before punching out and going home*. Their bosses would be p_ssed at me because I handled all of the paperwork and tracking. A few workers got written up or fired when they screwe
  12. Yeah. I read years ago that somebody genetically altered grain that could grow in the desert with minimal water and other seeds that can be planted once for perennial growth. Poor people could sustainably grow food in some of the worst climates in the world. But it was decided that it makes no sense to either feed the world or to market seeds that can only be sold once. And after the Haitian earthquakes, the government politely requested people stop donating food and resources because free access to vital supplies was tanking the local economy. Apparently, warehouses full of food rotted t
  13. Yep. The MCEU is an accident. No way they knew that Iron Man would be a mega-hit until test audiences loved it. I'd like to know if the Nick Fury mid-credit tease was added after they realized they struck gold.
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