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  1. We will NEVER be independent of oil because we fabricate too many synthetics. LOL We might could live off the oil we have here if the oil compaines and the automakers would just sell it to us instead of looking to drive demand up by selling their products to the highest bidders overseas.
  2. While I agree with the above that we no longer have as significant of an influence on oil prices as we once did, we are also the only nation in the world using over 20 Million bbls a day. We are still the world's largest consumers of oil. The EU uses a little more than half the oil the US does and we still blow them away.
  3. I guess that means you don't drive a car then? The people I know are paying almost 50% more just to get around these days compared to a couple of years ago. I don't know that I would say things are horrible though.
  4. You can't say Porno on theater billboards and marquees. You just can't! lol My old movie theater was right across the street from a big church.
  5. And the banks did this according to who's direction? W.
  6. Here is another post I made about a month ago that also hit the nail on the head in terms of the OCS issue | | Speculators Supply/Demand Weak U.S. Dollar Nigerian militants OPEC Offshore Drilling Ban Take your pick fellas. Ultimately, the reason oil is going up is because the American economy is weak. The major Wall St. investment banks, energy firms, and government administrations are bidding up oil because energy commodities have more intrinsic value than anything else in the market. It's a derivative of "Reaganomics". Big Gov has run fiscal responsibility into the ground thanks to sub-prim
  7. With respect to the fact that oil prices are also partly a reflection of our weak currency and other nations who DEMAND payment for oil in a valuable currency, are GM and Ford gonna stop selling gasoline powered automobiles to India and China anytime soon?? Doubt it. Personally I see a decrease in U.S. Domestic gasoline consumption to be perhaps entirely offset by a record INCREASE in the number of automobiles I see our American automakers selling in other nations overseas. A SHIFT in demand flowing out of America and into foreign nations does not automatically mean the price of oil is goin
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