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  1. Agreed. This is really obvious, but let the new brass come in, analyze the roster and trust they know what's best for the team moving forward. It's really that simple.
  2. I agree. Bama is a good team. Their offense is legit. Sark called a good game for them (would have loved to see him run this offense for the Falcons, but Quinn messed that up). UGA has to figure out the QB situation. Plain and simple. The look on Kirby's face after the game was like "we'll learn from this and see ya in December".
  3. Kirby doesn't strike me as someone who is scared.
  4. Yeah..and the lead helps. Let's see what happens IF they play from behind against an elite offense.
  5. Haha. I agree man. I was on edge, couldn't relax. Then at the end of the game... I remembered this was a Kirby Smart coached team. Total domination. Get the lead, play defense and most importantly grind out the clock to keep the defense fresh and impose their will. I love it.
  6. And how could you? Being that close and losing it...that's tough. I haven't overcame it. Most of us haven't.
  7. What aggregates me is I feel like Mike Smith got fired for alot less than what Quinn is doing.
  8. I miss Mike Smith. It did fall apart on him at the end. He ran out of horses on the field. I blame TD just as much as him. And I do believe TD learned alot more about being GM from Pioli and co over the years. Smiths team felt different. They were disciplined and won a bunch of big games. We all know 2016 was Shanny. Outside of that year....I'd love to see what Smith could've done with a more knowledgeable TD.
  9. Another player Daijun Edwards reminded me of watching his film is Knowshon Moreno.
  10. Yes I'm an extreme Homer in this situation. I love what Fromm brought to this team. I will miss him. I also would love for him to learn from Matt Ryan for a few years then take over...although I realize the timing isn't right.
  11. I'm sorry, TD should have been fired with Sm ith. I've seen TD before Pioli and don't need to see him again after Pioli. He built the worst rosters known to man from 2011-2015. Then blamed Mike Smith. **** TD. Bye Felicia
  12. The Fromm hate kills me. He lost 75% of his offense pass catcher's. I will say, UGA needs to look for a new offensive coordinator. The Mark Richt offense is an old trick.
  13. I also think Quinn can fully turn over the offense to DK and focus on the defense. And I'd expect DK could hang around for awhile if successful.
  14. I'm actually excited to see the collaboration between Ryan and DK since they both reunite with different experiences. Fix the line and this offense will hum, period.
  15. Gonna be a lazy reader and skip to the reply button. I disagree. I think Quinn lost his feeling for the game this year, as most coaches do as they leave the coordinator position to head coach. I think this will give Quinn a chance to get the feel of the game back, and not over think decisions. Plus we gain a really good DC.
  16. It's a tough situation. I'm a little puzzled by how the coaching staff handled Fields in games this year. I do hate losing him. But Fromm is also special, in a different way. Not a direct comparison, but I think he has Tom Brady like leadership and smarts. And there is the one fact that Fields couldn't beat out Fromm and it wasn't even close.
  17. Well said. I'm excited about the game too. I've missed this game for so long. Feels so right, that UGA is playing for SEC titles again. I love what Kirby and co have done with this program.
  18. Well, officially time for UGA to turn their attention to the SECCG. I'm pumped. I feel like UGA is starting to peak. I'm not scared of Bama. I have no facts to back this up, but I think Kirby has had this game circled all season.
  19. So really dumb conspiracy theory, is Kirby playing the long game with Fields? We see Fields come in and run either a QB draw or read option. While both are effective, is he setting up Bama to be unprepared for some new packages they could possibly run with Fields? Like some PA deep passes, etc. I don't think UGA has to resort to tricks to win, but every little advantage helps. Maybe Kirby thinks he can steal 6 points or more? Ugh...I know it sounds dumb. Just thinking out loud. LOL
  20. Guys, settle down and believe. UGA can do it. The defense is legit. stop putting negative vibes in the universe. Lets goooo!!!
  21. This was a tough loss. I realize most people want to ***** and it's all doom and gloom. But it's not. I still believe in this team. Chaney's play calling got a little fustrating bit I don't blame him. In the end, Auburn was super motivated and just dominated UGA. The defense got wore out and Auburn took advantage. Auburn isn't as good as they looked and UGA isn't as bad. We, as fans, still have our playoff hopes ahead of us. I can only hope this will be a huge learning experience and expect they'll adjust.
  22. I think he proved from year 1 to year 2 that he can adapt. I want him to admit, more than anyone, they played bad situational football. But then I thought about the players. After a crushing defeat, what do you think motivates the team more? Telling the media it wasn't the players fault, we called bad plays..Or..Telling the media that the execution wasn't there in terms of the style of football they play? It's about motivation and he is a master of it 24/7.
  23. Chuck Smith said it best on the radio the other day. Quinn knows to coach his secondary to stay with the WRs. Don't pull off. Let the big guys up front handle Rogers and STAY WITH THE WRs! Man, I'm so pumped, nervous, excited, everything!
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