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  1. I think he proved from year 1 to year 2 that he can adapt. I want him to admit, more than anyone, they played bad situational football. But then I thought about the players. After a crushing defeat, what do you think motivates the team more? Telling the media it wasn't the players fault, we called bad plays..Or..Telling the media that the execution wasn't there in terms of the style of football they play? It's about motivation and he is a master of it 24/7.
  2. Chuck Smith said it best on the radio the other day. Quinn knows to coach his secondary to stay with the WRs. Don't pull off. Let the big guys up front handle Rogers and STAY WITH THE WRs! Man, I'm so pumped, nervous, excited, everything!
  3. Don't let him consistently slide out of the pocket. He likes doing that while buying time for WRs to adjust their route then just zips it in there. He seems to like those throwing angles better too.
  4. I was there. Lot of former Falcons that played in the Dome. Off top of my head: Vick M. Jenkins Brian Finneran Dunn Turner Crumpler Keith Brooking Jerry Glanville June Jones T. Mathis Roddy White Ray Buchanan I'm sure there we're a few more I can't think of. Was really awesome. At the end Vick, Jenkins and Finneran walked off field shoulder to shoulder. Brought back good memories.
  5. I don't understand what people expected. Letting CMR go wasn't about winning the NC, SEC or even 10 games this year. It was about elevating the program further than CMR could. That takes time. It's about long term success. Way to early to say UGA made a mistake. Kirby doesn't have a magic wand. Give it time folks, then make your arguments. New coaching staff, new schemes, new true freshman QB, depleted roster. It sucks, so bad, but lows like this will make us enjoy the highs so much more in the coming years. Also like to note the 2001,2006, 2010 and 2013 years. New coaches and/or new QBs (except 2013). And some bad, bad losses those years. Three of which, CMR was fully entrenched within the program.
  6. I remember the game last year, walking around with kids on Halloween night with anger and knowing there had to be a change. I believe Dawgs can win. This season is so up and down. We just have to be patient and let this new culture sink in. Lets hope it starts next Sat. Not the end of world of it doesn't happen though. I think it will.
  7. I think Gurley has great vision. It's one of the things that makes him elite
  8. You're not making a good point here. He was their offense.
  9. It's wanting Gurley at 8 if X, Y and Z are gone.
  10. Thats a very deceiving number. Saints and Tampa inflate the offensive numbers. When they played playoff calibers teams...or avg teams really, they struggled most of the time.
  11. Just comparing the talent, the athlete. Yeah, he wasn't. He should have been. And when Green Bay drafted him, it didn't make sense to the fans at that time. Look, drafting Gurley doesn't make Falcons worse. So I'm all for it. Call me stupid, uniformed, an idiot. Don't matter to me. I've watched the kid. Watched every game. He is special and fills a need for our team. His talent is comparable to Adrian Peterson. I'm all for that.
  12. Not every fan waste time on a forum like us. 😝I'm friends with many Dolphin fans in ATL. They all talk about getying Gurley. One of these guys the other day was showing me a Twitter feed from team best writer. It was about Gurley.....
  13. That's not fair. Guys like Gurley, Luck, Rogers.... Come around every 5-10 years
  14. I like Beasley, a lot (Even though he couldn't touch Gurley in their last 2 match ups). Every thing I hear is Gregory is off Falcons board. And yeah, I think Ray is a reach. People are so keyed in on defense and rightfully so, but offensive was great either. Can't always beat up on Saints and Tampa. I'm cool with Scherff too. Just get BPA. Whatever they deem that is.