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  1. I also think Quinn can fully turn over the offense to DK and focus on the defense. And I'd expect DK could hang around for awhile if successful.
  2. I'm actually excited to see the collaboration between Ryan and DK since they both reunite with different experiences. Fix the line and this offense will hum, period.
  3. Gonna be a lazy reader and skip to the reply button. I disagree. I think Quinn lost his feeling for the game this year, as most coaches do as they leave the coordinator position to head coach. I think this will give Quinn a chance to get the feel of the game back, and not over think decisions. Plus we gain a really good DC.
  4. It's a tough situation. I'm a little puzzled by how the coaching staff handled Fields in games this year. I do hate losing him. But Fromm is also special, in a different way. Not a direct comparison, but I think he has Tom Brady like leadership and smarts. And there is the one fact that Fields couldn't beat out Fromm and it wasn't even close.
  5. Well said. I'm excited about the game too. I've missed this game for so long. Feels so right, that UGA is playing for SEC titles again. I love what Kirby and co have done with this program.
  6. Well, officially time for UGA to turn their attention to the SECCG. I'm pumped. I feel like UGA is starting to peak. I'm not scared of Bama. I have no facts to back this up, but I think Kirby has had this game circled all season.
  7. So really dumb conspiracy theory, is Kirby playing the long game with Fields? We see Fields come in and run either a QB draw or read option. While both are effective, is he setting up Bama to be unprepared for some new packages they could possibly run with Fields? Like some PA deep passes, etc. I don't think UGA has to resort to tricks to win, but every little advantage helps. Maybe Kirby thinks he can steal 6 points or more? Ugh...I know it sounds dumb. Just thinking out loud. LOL
  8. I think Gurley has great vision. It's one of the things that makes him elite
  9. You're not making a good point here. He was their offense.
  10. It's wanting Gurley at 8 if X, Y and Z are gone.
  11. Thats a very deceiving number. Saints and Tampa inflate the offensive numbers. When they played playoff calibers teams...or avg teams really, they struggled most of the time.
  12. Just comparing the talent, the athlete. Yeah, he wasn't. He should have been. And when Green Bay drafted him, it didn't make sense to the fans at that time. Look, drafting Gurley doesn't make Falcons worse. So I'm all for it. Call me stupid, uniformed, an idiot. Don't matter to me. I've watched the kid. Watched every game. He is special and fills a need for our team. His talent is comparable to Adrian Peterson. I'm all for that.
  13. Not every fan waste time on a forum like us. 😝I'm friends with many Dolphin fans in ATL. They all talk about getying Gurley. One of these guys the other day was showing me a Twitter feed from team best writer. It was about Gurley.....
  14. That's not fair. Guys like Gurley, Luck, Rogers.... Come around every 5-10 years
  15. I like Beasley, a lot (Even though he couldn't touch Gurley in their last 2 match ups). Every thing I hear is Gregory is off Falcons board. And yeah, I think Ray is a reach. People are so keyed in on defense and rightfully so, but offensive was great either. Can't always beat up on Saints and Tampa. I'm cool with Scherff too. Just get BPA. Whatever they deem that is.