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  1. Our problem is that we don't have a road grader on the O-line and we lack a power back. If we could have sign Adrian Peterson, that would have been perfect. We can't hold leads because we can't generate push with the O-line and we have scat backs and no power backs after we get a lead. Of course our defense is undisciplined too. DQ needs to take over for the defensive plays (like he did last yr).
  2. They dont respect the Falcons. It's just that the Patriots lost too so they would be lenient this week.
  3. Then he's going to walk. He wants way more money than that.
  4. He was chirping about getting "paid" before the superbowl. I doubt he wants 8 mil a yr and I wouldn't even pay that amount. we already have Coleman and I would like to see our defense stay intact.
  5. DING DING we have a WINNER!!
  6. If he worked tirelessly and did his best, I'd have no problem with it. Dude couldn't even read a playbook and he wasn't professional. He doesn't represent Atlanta's values nor the Falcons. I say no, not even for a day.
  7. If we can afford him then pay him but if we have to sacrifice defense or another part of our offense, he has to go. I'm not a GM but I wouldn't offer more than 3-4 mil because the other top tier teams GB, Patriots, Seattle, etc don't have elite RB's. Then you look at AP and see he had to settle for the Aints, makes you wonder why no one else would give him money on elite teams.
  8. I'd let freeman go unless it was less than 4 mil a yr. There are many NFL teams who have won the SB without overpaying the RB, most notably the Patriots, Green Bay, Aints, etc.
  9. Didn't Freeman miss the block that cost us the superbowl? There are other RB's that can catch the ball out of the backfield. You can't spend that much on an RB and keep ALL the other pieces you need on Defense. Look at the Seahawks for reference. Also, look at the Patriots, they NEVER spend that much on an RB.
  10. So the Browns get a 2nd Rd pick for holding the money? Its actually pretty smart.
  11. I would rather cut Freeman and keep Trufant, Beasley, Neal and Debo intact.I would also like to have a road grader like Ron Leary (Dallas Cowboys OG) that will make the overall run game potent. Rather than paying an RB big money. You can't pay everyone.
  12. We can pick up another back in the draft. We NEED the money for defense. I feel we are already spending too much on the offense. I wish that Matt Ryan would accept less money like Brady so we can be better on Defense. Take back 7-8 mil from Ryan then save 7 mil from Freeman. At the very least we can keep all of the other parts, instead of going down like the Seahawks.
  13. Sanders never complained nor made stupid statements before the SB. Secondly, Sanders would have made that block too and lastly, the Lions didn't compete in a SB and needed a better defense.
  14. Deshaun Watson almost single handedly helped Clemson beat Nick Saban's Alabama defense. His throws were crisp and on point EVERY TIME. He reminds me a lot of Tom Brady the way he kept his cool and brought his team back. I know one thing, if Cleveland gets Myles Garett in the 1st and THEN they get Deshaun Watson in the 2nd round, they will soon have a bright future.
  15. I can't find info for the upcoming season!