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  1. Losing Dedmon is a downgrade but Bruno should lesson the blow. I wouldn't say we upgraded but we have a better long term prospect.
  2. I think Livingston can help Trey and Bayless can help space floor with Reddish to operate.
  3. I think Livingston can help Trey and Bayless can help too.
  4. Just read ajc article, looks like Spellman ballooned to 293lbs. THEN showed up fat to the Summer League. Next Parker is a low pay wait and see player.
  5. My point was that the players can opt out. Even if they pass bird rights,they aren't getting 1st rd unprotected picks. Most times you get 2nd rounders for bird rights.
  6. Next year and 2021 they won't have that many draft picks but 2022 and forward, it's a dream boat of picks. Keep in mind that Leonard and George still only have 2 years on their contract. The Clippers will go back to sucking and those draft picks will be WOW! edit: For the lazy, thats eight additional first-round draft picks from 2020 until 2026. Again most after the Clippers contracts are up!
  7. I don't get it. It might be a smart pickup but Spellman had upside. If parker had defense, it would be a different story.
  8. Staff: Omari, we need to control your "weight gain" Omari: Could I at least get one hoho a day? Staff: Time to get draft picks!
  9. Spellman had promise but when your overweight for the 2nd season in a row. Teams will think your not taking things seriuosly.
  10. Jaylen Adams had a -29 , shot 25% and 0 for 6 3pters. Jordan Sibert had a shooting percentage of 8.3. Spellman hit 2 out of 3 3pters and Hunter went for 1 of 3 3pters. Aain, it's obvious what was going on. BTW Adams had 1 assist in 31 min.
  11. However, it doesn't take a brian surgeon to see what happend. The PG's were overmatched and not by a little. They DARED them to shoot threes and were consistently getting beaten to the hoop. I understand its summer league but with that performance, You KNOW they won't make the team. Time to get some new guys a chance rather than sticking w/ trash.
  12. Hunter didn't get the ball much, so no rhythm. The PG's kept the ball 90% of the time and sucked. Spellman and Fernando didn't get the ball either and they looked solid. it's obvious that we r going to have 2 get vets PG's. Even when there was spacing, they still screwed the plays up. Had to be more than 15 turnovers. When they rolled under picks, it ruined the post play too. They have two days of rest. Get guys who show promise.
  13. They keep rolling under the picks and the pg's are just stepping behind the roller (way too close). There's a reason we r at 20%.
  14. Like I said, the pg's can't run the offense, with open threes they miss and the defenders are rolling under the picks. It would be better to let Hunter run the PR. He can hit open shots.