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  1. Trey Young looked good. Collins looked horrible, Cam Reddish looked lost. They were crashing the boards all night too. We have a long ways to go.
  2. I got my Trey Young jersey from fansedge for like 60 bucks. The prices near the stadium are very high. I think online is the way to go.
  3. Cam Deandre John and Trae looked good and Len too but the rest looked overmatched. I hope that Huerter, Crabbe and Evan Turner can make this team respectable. BTW the officiating was horrible.
  4. This is what happens when you put all of your money in the offense.
  5. jake fromm by a country mile.
  6. YOU sit down. This is not the time to beat your chest.
  7. I always doubted his arm, running ability and the throw a receiver open but not his cognitive ability. Now I question EVERYTHING about him. Time to draft a Qb next yr.
  8. My biggest worries is that MR is not properly reading the defenses and still throwing boneheaded picks. I also think we needed an OC that could tailor the offense to what MR does best instead of the West Coast Offense.
  9. If it were me, I would trade Julio and Matt Ryan for 1-3 rd picks and start building an Oline, to top 5 at least. Then I'd get Andrew Thomas/Albert Okwuegbunam/Swift/Coe and next year, Jake From. That way, we would have an Oline and an Rb waiting for From. Any of the three from the trades, if possible or two. We can do this at the end of the season.
  10. Being blown out 28-0 until the vikings play prevent is better?
  11. I get it. I've said this for YEARS. You get the online and dline right FIRST. Then you can evaluate everything else. We NEED a real running game with a BIG back, not scatbacks and to get a running game we need a good OLINE. Once you get the play action passing going, you can do very well. I don't like Matt Ryan but you have to have an OLINE and a complimentary running game before you do anything else.
  12. Losing Dedmon is a downgrade but Bruno should lesson the blow. I wouldn't say we upgraded but we have a better long term prospect.
  13. I think Livingston can help Trey and Bayless can help space floor with Reddish to operate.
  14. I think Livingston can help Trey and Bayless can help too.
  15. Just read ajc article, looks like Spellman ballooned to 293lbs. THEN showed up fat to the Summer League. Next Parker is a low pay wait and see player.