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  1. I actually got to throw few balls with Bobby when i was a kid when his mom or mother in law (i cant remember) lived in/near Sherwood Forrest in Rome, GA. My grandmother knew her. I actually got a little teary eyed when Bobby got a little upset during his press conference they showed on TBS. I'll miss you Bobby.
  2. Yep. I may not always agree with some of Bobby's decisions, but **** ill miss seeing him in the Braves dugout. Thanks Bobby.
  3. I was curious about what Jenkins ran compared to HD too. All I could find was his 40 (4.38) and his vertical (34"). So there you have it.
  4. I hear ya man. It sucks being surrounded by only Bucs. Every game i've went to in Tampa i've always been with a Saints fan (my best friend lol) or Bucs fans. It would be nice to sit with some fellow Falcon fans for once even i dont know any of yall i've lurked for years and years but i can't afford to go to a game this year unfortunately. BTW I live in Spring Hill but I lived around Rome, GA till I was around 19-20.
  5. This site is great it's helped me numerous times. Don't worry about this site joejoejoe it's legit. I had a similar problem with a rougue anti-virus and some maleware that i couldnt get rid of, and none of the anti-spyware programs would work. Like Super Anti-spyware, Malware bytes, Spybot S&D, Etc. In case they don't work for you i DL'ed these programs here's what i had to do... Go into safe mode DL and Run RKill (it stops processes that are known malware) DL and run CCleaner DL and run ComboFix (ONLY get it from the site 2tearsinabucket listed) The run your anti-spyware stuff. This wo
  6. I need one. I cant find one on my usual site. thanks
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