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  1. Pistons wanted Teague, and Korver for Monroe? Wow. http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/17/report-pistons-asked-for-kyle-korver-and-jeff-teague-in-discussing-greg-monroe-trade-with-hawks/
  2. Teague is doubtful tonight with a strained hammy.
  3. I'm glad Muscala got some good minutes tonight. I been hoping for more playing time for him all season. I think if they give him a chance he can really contribute.
  4. Yeh I just thought "come one, go to mexcico or something". After all the bad s*** hes done, i was still hoping hed turn into Nero. I mean ex "gangter", turned good.
  5. Meh. It just did what fans expected. Everyone knew what was gonna happen when they seen his fathers bike. Then when he put the boots on (go out with your boots on), everyone knew he was dead. They pretty much tied togteher the guns, and ended it. The only thing that surprised me was CCH Pounder.
  6. Thanks. It was a tough choice between the many names...
  7. Well that was disappointing. Ending was predictable. It was ok i guess. Farewell SOA. (BTW the episode was online since 8:45)
  8. I recently seen Whiplash, which i thought was great. JK Simmons deserves an Oscar, he was amazing. Its a limited release though.
  9. Yeah, great episode. Best of the season. Loved the Tig/Venus scene. Sadly i think that scene means Tig wont survive. Atleast Abel finally outed that ***** though.
  10. Awesome this was the first thing that came to mind, i was getting disappointed. The i seen this post and the Pantera - Cowboys from ****. Plus the Beavis and Butthead gif.... enough said.
  11. Yeah peanut butter for me too. I go through a large jar a week. Also Totino's pizza, I buy the 4 pack for $4 every week. Makes me feel like a kid again everytime i eat one, fold it like a taco and go to town.
  12. Yeah i do this too sometimes. I lucked out a couple weekends ago and bought three video games for $11 (1 n64, 2 pS1). Sold them on craigslist for $170 within 3 days.
  13. Payne has a lung issue? http://www.mlive.com/spartans/index.ssf/2012/01/michigan_states_adreian_payne_1.html
  14. You think Rondo is staying in Boston? I dont.
  15. I dont. Would rather have took Harris, or Hood.
  16. You expect Payne to start? If we get a good deal for Sap, maybe. I see this as meaning Scott is gone more than Sap.
  17. I agree. If he is there though, i think theyll still take a SF. Im still hoping though.
  18. I really hope Harris makes it to 15 and we take him.
  19. Nbadraft.net Says in their extended mock, that they heard we made a "promise" to Saric. If that's true Ferry must be getting another pick, or going after a max player. He says hes only talked to the Hawks and Lakers. https://soundcloud.com/siriusxmnba/projected-lottery-pick-dario-saric-describes-who-his-game-resembles-when-he-will-be-in-the-nba
  20. I agree with wanting no part of Lance Stephenson. I wanted Asik early in the season, not anymore though. Especially for 15m and what could be for only a season. Plus i think one of the reasons Teague had such a good year was cause we didnt have that big like Asik crowding the lane. Well that and the new offense. Being in FL i didnt get to watch the Hawks as much as id like. So some of you guys probably know the team alot better than i do. Im too lazy right now to go over your whole offseason WOR, maybe later. I'll just say a couple things though. I really like Jordan Hill, but i think he will get offered 5 mill. from LA to stay and would choose them over us. I not sure i'd wanna give him much more than that to come here. I like Wesley Johnson as a backup. I dont think we upgrade the SF position this offseason, we roll with DMC as starter again. I really want Spencer Hawes. Bad. Im not as worried about Horf as some. I think something he was doing something in the gym that had to be the cause of those 2 injuries. I seen it mentioned somewhere (maybe here?), that he may have been working with too much weight instead of lifting less weight+more reps. Maybe im crazy but, id rather trade Millsap than Horf. I think Millsap is gone next season or offseason anyway. Did you guys see this http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/50661 ... Andrew (Philly) Which teams would potentially be looking to trade up into the top three? Would the Cavs, Bucks, or Sixers have any interest? Chad Ford (1:13 PM) Of the three, I think the Cavs are the most interested in trading the pick. The Bucks and Sixers are in a rebuild and highly value those picks they have. The Cavs are going to want a youngish veteran All-Star in return. Kevin Love is the obvious choice here. Joakim Noah. LaMarcus Aldridge. Al Horford. That's what it is going to take. Wonder what it would take to get Clevelands pick? Horf + 15th enough? IDK I dont think Smart makes it past the Lakers. Rather than trade Bebe or Dennis for the 8th pick i'd prefer to stay put and hope Harris, Young, or Stauskas make it to 15. If not go with Hood.
  21. Let me guess, you're early 20s? You'll be thankfull to be able to have his hair when you're in your late 40s.
  22. I really wanna get a TE and RB in the fourth. Storm Johnson, and Reggie Jordan (big reach i know). I really like them both though, and think Jordan can develop into a really good starter.
  23. Well we know they tried to get back into the first round. I think we will trade for another 3rd rounder though.
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