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  1. i just finished watching it on DVR. i liked it. i've always liked Noah Wyle and i'll watch anything with Sarah Carter in it.
  2. http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/insider/columns/story?columnist=joyner_kc&id=5950497 As high a profile as quarterbacks command in the NFL, it is a still a position where very good players can end up overlooked. History affords multiple examples of this. Ken Anderson, Cincinnati's superb quarterback from the 1970s and '80s, placed eighth in the league in passer rating in 1973 and led the league in that category in 1974. Neither of those were enough to get him Pro Bowl recognition. He didn't achieve that status until he repeated his league leading status in passer rating in 1975. Dan Fouts we
  3. Ross Tucker from ESPN gave his on his pod cast last week. he had: Offense: Ryan Turner White Clabo Mughelli Dahl Defense: Abraham Lofton
  4. i thought he did a good job the first game but this week i did think he was aweful. and man **** Stockton was a great announcer at one time but it is sad to listen to him now. he just gets everything wrong now.
  5. that's funny. we have been 3 bad teams so far too.
  6. no argument but Curtis Lofton played a great game too leading the defense and having 9 tackles, a sack, a TFL, an int and a pass defensed.
  7. i honestly thought before clicking on this thread that it was a joke thread making fun of the overreaction. oh well.
  8. probably because he is the best football writer around and his monday morning QB column gets arounf 2 million hits a week. pretty good reason to keep your job.
  9. i absolutely loved Today's special
  10. Holy Crap! i just did Core Synergistics for the first time. that made Plyometrics look easy!
  11. my back and my obliques were sore but nothing else got very sore for me. i was working out with heavy weights though 4 days a week before i started though.
  12. do you guys use weights or resistance bands?
  13. i just finished my first week. i really like it a lot. if i have a criticism though it would be not enough chest but that is just my love for doing chest work. I didn't think i was going to like tony after i watched the introduction video but he is great and keeps you motivated but isn't annoying at all like more fitness motivators are. (I'm looking at you Tony Little!)
  14. you think Dominique was better than Tim Duncan? i hope you don't really think that. Duncan is a top 10 all time player and the best power forward ever. there is no comparison. Garnett and Kidds over all game brought more to a team than Wilkins did. he was a great scorer but he did not play near the defense or team game that both Garnett and Kidd did and Wilkins did not make players around him better as both Garnett and Kidd do/did. they will both be considered better all around players when their career is done.
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