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    I support the home team in every sport. I am a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan until my time is up.
  1. Who is the 5 star that 247 is talking about? Saying that Georgia has emerged as the favorite.
  2. i don't know Price personally but, I've seen enough of his interviews to get a pretty good idea on what type of guy he is. He likes smile a lot, when I saw his face before his announcement I immediately knew the word about him heading to USC was real. He look absolutely miserable and it was all over his face. No doubt in my mind he wanted to be a Dawg. A guy like Price should have been all smiles on his big day, he was anything but that.
  3. So this is true, I saw someone else say this and didn't necessarily believe it. Was it Finebaum's show?
  4. Does anyone know if D.Brown is a guy who might not qualify?
  5. Truly hilarious to read how UT fans are choosing to perceive 247's interview with Derrick Brown's mother. Some of them seem to believe she spent the darn near the entire interview trying to hide her love for the Vols. I honestly don't get that at all.
  6. Off topic for a minute, I know Maryland fans must in mourning after two of their top recruits flipped to tOSU. Jones and Haskins.
  7. I've had Fox Brothers twice, their smoked wings are delicious.
  8. Can someone post a list of who will be attending the gala? Thanks.
  9. I know I'm late but I'm just now seeing the comments made by Kyle Davis' father.... all I can say is WOW. I just hope the coaches have educated him on the truth. Does he think a spread offense will prepare his son for the NFL more than an NFL offense? LOL
  10. Mason has looked better in the games at the end of last season than any game this year. Today he looked like he's regressed.
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