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  1. When the North Pole melts, **** will freeze over because all of that ice has to go somewhere.
  2. How can Datish be released???? I though the Madden players had him penciled in as an all pro starter.
  3. In the end the 2 dollar burger and the 190 dollar burger smell the same.
  4. What price must gasoline reach before the general public turns on the environmental whacos that are trying to destroy our economy????? hmmmmmmm
  5. Shoes are expensive, so walking is not an option.
  6. The Falcons made the right choice in taking Ryan over Dorsey. When you can draft a qb with the ability and potential of a Matt Ryan, the quarterback must be the choice because there are so few good ones available. Dorsey is the best Dt that I can remember seeing coming out of college but Ryan had to be the choice. Without a quality qb, the team has no chance of success.
  7. We have to win on the field. Respect must be earned.
  8. DJ is da future. I know because I read it here on dis board.
  9. Where have you been, Johhnybuc???? There has been no one here to stir the pot while you were gone. Oh wait, have you been in Leavenworth as YKW"s room mate???????
  10. A cpa hit compariso would have been an exponentially more accurate reflection of what these QBs are cosyting their teams than the way the AJC did this. Idespise the AJC.....I hate the fans let them get away with this stuff. This may be a carry over from the Editorial pages where they have always had blatantly false and misleading content. And the AJC ia at a loss to explain why they have declining readership and declining advertising. As more and more younger people get their news from the Internet the AJC will go the way of the dinosaurs.
  11. Oh please, mr. commissioner don't let the Met's leave town.
  12. Thank you for another great post, Gazoo. To paraphrase an old clique. You can sum up the Falcon fan base; you can please some of the fans some of the time you can never please some of the fans some times you can never please all of the fans all of the time
  13. I have actually seen several stories about that on tv. That is really some crazy stuff. That smiley face is scary.
  14. Yeah!! Back in the seventies, one chain was selling an ethanol blend and for some reason I started using it in my Olds Cutlass and it caused hundreds of dollars of damage.
  15. Move Duckett to quarterback. He is the same size as Daunte Culpepper.
  16. McClure is among the best in the league at calling out the line plays. There is definitely a lot more to being an effective center than just being large. Too many posters on this board have no clue about what they are saying about McClure being too small.
  17. The only edge Baker has over Alberts was experience. Baker was coming off a season full of injuries while Albert added a new wrinkle to his game by playing LT. Albert is the bigger and better athlete who's best football is ahead of him, Baker doesn't have ideal arm length and tested poorly at his pro day. Albert shined at the combine. If this was 2007, you'd have an argument. Present day, Albert projects to be a better LT than Baker does. I wouldn't be surprised if Baker ends up as a G, and Albert will still be the better player. Opinions are like azzholes. Everybody has one. Don't forget the
  18. I was going to post but after seeing those pictures, I have lost my appetite.
  19. Her handpicked supporters control the credentials committee. Therefore , she will be awarded the Florida and Michigan delegates which will put Hillary over the top. So, get over it people she has the nomination locked up.
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