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  1. In my opinion, the Falcon defense need two quality lb's. One to cover tight ends and one with great speed and the talent to rush the passer and or contain the running qb's.
  2. Use a 7th round pick if still available. Too much risk for an early round selection.
  3. I was here before there were mini mods and before Vick. Cannot remember when but around 2000. Lost my post counts in two migrations but post count does not matter, it is the content of the post that is important.
  4. Remember the fascination with Doug Johnson who could start for half the teams in the NFL.
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for the information. I will go 2D and wait for 3D without glasses
  6. Has anyone seen a Falcon's preason game on the new 3D technology? I need a new tv and have seen two set ups at retailers showing tv in 3D. There is a new 3D technology just out which converts 2D to 3D that looks great but pricey. The only reason that I would buy a 3D set would be to watch sports but have not seen any sports on 3D. Can some of you share your experience with football in 3D? Would appreciate your input.
  7. I need a new TV. I have looked at two 3D set ups at retailers showing 3D tv. My question is "has anyone seen a Falcon's preseason game in 3D"? My only reason for buying a 3D tv is to watch sports but I have not been able to see any sports in 3D. There is new technology just out that converts all 2D to 3D. It looks great but pricy. Can anyone please give some input from their personal experience?
  8. What the heck is up with the Falcons defense??? All other teams using cover two match up in the zone. Why do we leave big uncovered holes in the defense??? If the zone is not covering receivers, we should go to man to man. Sometimes man gives up a biggie instead of being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey but the outcome is the same.
  9. Quarterbacks based on wins. 1. Matt Ryan------------------13 in 2010
  10. Isn't it wonderful how much the Bear fans love their quarterback????????????????
  11. Great move. Julio may prove to be the missing piece. Remember, the best defense is a good offense. Julio can keep the offense on the field more, therefore, helping the defense stay rested and play better. This is a bold new Falcon regime. Kudoes
  12. I have no idea how long I have been on this board. I was here before there were mini mods. I lost all of my post counts over two migrations and did not try to get them back. Some people seem to think that the one with the more post counts is the most knowledgeable but my opinion is that it is the intelligence of the post that counts. I scan the board daily but quit posting because of the stupidity.
  13. I liked what Smitty had to say. He is a standup guy.
  14. I thought you were talking about where Grimes' left hand is placed!!!
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